Who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Iron Man?

The closest comparison I can think of is, many years ago in a comic, Iron Man went up against Prince Namor, the Submariner. The Submariner's strength level is equivalent to that of Wonder Woman (Namor has battled the Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer, and the Fantastic Four to stalemates). In the aforementioned battle, Namor tossed Iron Man around like a rag doll and ripped apart his armor like a sardine can. I picture Wonder Woman doing the same thing to Iron Man. And WW has weapons Namor doesn’t have, namely her indestructible bracelets, tiara, shield and armor (all forged by Hephaestus), and her magical sword and lasso. Her sword alone, which can cut Kryptonians, would slice through Iron Man’s armor like it was made of aluminum foil.

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  1. Iron Man is my favorite Avenger, Wonder Woman is my all time favorite Superhero. But that is not the point. In a fight? WOW!!!!! Really? Wonder Woman would curbstomp Tony in seconds.

  2. I’m pretty sure that Diana would throw him around like a rag doll and rip of his armor whenever she no longer felt like fighting. I mean yeah, Iron Man has taken on the Hulk, but Thor also broke his suit in a couple of seconds as well too… he’s just out of his league on this one.

    He might last a little bit longer in the Hulk buster armor, possibly…

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