Who are some of the greatest geniuses in physics from MIT?

My personal favorite is Richard Feynman. He did undergraduate physics at M.I.T. and wanted to stay for graduate school but his Professors told him to go somewhere else to get a different perspective. He went to Princeton for his Ph.D. (Incidentally, they told me the same thing and sent me to the University of Chicago). Feynman was a Nobel prize winner and an indespensible member of the Manhattan Project. He once spent an entire summer learning Spanish in preparation for a sabbatical year in the South American country of Brasil, only to find out when he arrived that they speak Portuguese in Brasil… He was a very funny life-loving fellow. He used to like to go to a strip joint in a seedy neighborhood of Pasadena while he was teaching at Caltech. He said that looking at something equally beautiful but different helped him focus on complex problems… The city wanted to shut down the place and Feynman went to the court proceedings to argue in favor of letting them keep their doors open. He pleaded that the place served an important function for “certain members of the community including various neér -do-wells, misfits, drug dealers, petty criminals …, and one physics Professor.”…

What are some notable uses of unreliable narrator in film and literature?

One of my favorite recent tales is the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. The story focuses on three people sitting around and the one telling his life story.

Now, he seemingly makes it clear that he wants to tell the unvarnished truth of his life, but it is mentioned over and over again that he is a consummate performer. His greatest talent is his ability to lie and be believed. Add to this the fact that he literally is a different person, and you have a man who shouldn't be literally believed.

However, I would also argue that the truthfulness of Kote’s story is unimportant. As is a recurring theme of the books, specifics are less important than the general feeling of reality. Knowing a Name is unimportant when compared with what your goals are in using it. All of Kvothe’s successes are unimportant when viewed through the lens of his failures.

And Kote knows this. That's why he is where he is and does what he does. He is trying to tie up all his failures in one great success, and to do that, he needs the great debunker and Bast to move where he believes they need to be. To move them correctly, he tells his story.

Is salt dangerous to cats?

Salt in excessive quantities can be a problem to your cat. According to the Journal for Nutrition, an average-sized cat should be getting no less than 21 milligrams of salt in a day and not more than 42 milligrams. Most cat foods have their salt content in this range but it's best you keep a track. Look out for hidden salts as well – anything “sodium” on the ingredient label is broadly categorised as a salt. Also, dry food usually contains more salt than wet or canned food, which is why the former lasts longer when left out.

Toxicity resulting from excessive salt intake can be a huge problem. So if your feline baby is on a healthy cat food diet, his/her sodium needs are already being met. Adding excess salt may lead to salt poisoning which is when the electrolyte balance is disturbed. This condition depending on the degree to which it has set in, can be fatal. So stay from adding excess salt over and above what is already present in the cat food, is what I'd recommend.

Do cats have their own philosophies?

Interesting question with so many creative answers. I’ll do my best to add a different perspective.

What is a philosophy? I would truncate the wikipedia as, it’s a learned and practiced system of world views regarding existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. [1]

So, learned and adapted behaviors while living with humans doesn’t qualify as a philosophy and neither does clowder culture.

Cats function primarily on instinct, or innate behaviors. This is a behavior that is a fixed action pattern and the opposite of a philosophy. Prey Drive is an example of instinct. Some cats are more inclined to pounce than others but it’s not within their control to choose a “pacifist” philosophy. Regardless of hunger, cats are incapable of turning off the kill switch.

This isn’t to say that predators can’t live in harmony with prey animals in captivity. However, these “unlikely friends” should never be left alone without supervision. There are many instances of sudden and unexpected friend on friend violence/murder.

As we evolve as species, who’s to say that cats won’t one day be the masters of their own free will? Maybe some of the tenets of Felinism would be:

  • It’s meow or never
  • Never pass a circle without sitting in the center
  • Open door policy – when your on one side, try to get to the other
  • Bestow your butthole unto a human’s face often, they love to gather your poop, bless them with many turds.
  • The meaning of life lives within bags, leave no bag unturned
  • Meditate often on the blank wall. Let the world fade away
  • Feet is the mind killer – attack at will
  • You must share the hunting tradition with lesser beings, show them your bounty, leave your kills in sacred places such as the bed.
  • Minimalism is the path to righteousness – knock down all heretics and Choctchskies which may lay in your path
  • Eat 10–20 small meals a day
  • He who blinks first, loses
  • Nap like nobody’s watching


[1] Philosophy – Wikipedia

What's the Trump strategy for dealing with North Korea?

My opinion?

He wants to obliterate them, but he has been told that is a bad idea.

He has been told that the best solution is to let China deal with it.

He lacks adequate influence to convince China that they need to militarily intervene.

Basically, bluster, boast, and hope.

My Take:

His best move is to keep working on China, maybe instruct Spec Ops or CIA to run propaganda campaigns to sow general fear amongst the Chinese populace as to the stability of and threat posed by NK.

The reality is NK is likely going to continue until they have conducted a live test of a nuclear armed ICBM. They have no need or desire to use it aggressively, but once they have it then they are on “equal” footing with the other nuclear powers, and no longer at threat of invasion for risk of nuclear retaliation. If we dislike this regime that much, we either need to move fast and limit casualties to allies as much as possible before they have such capability, or convince China they MUST act so that casualties are not absorbed by us or our allies.

How to promote my intelligence

If so few people are taking notice of your brilliance that you need to advertise your intelligence. Then youre almost certainly (like 99.999999 in 100 cases) not all that smart, ortherwise people would notice on their own

Why is the USA so far behind in health care?

The USA is highly advanced in medical research. So the newest techniques are available in the USA, if you can afford them.

However, it’s remarkably poor at health care delivery, considering how rich it is. A nation as wealthy as the USA should have no trouble providing universal health care.

The reason that it doesn’t is that it uses a capitalist free-market approach to health care, which produces bizarre distortions not found in other parts of the world. Most people in the UK have no health insurance because they don’t need it; health care is paid for in their taxes and provided directly by the government. Therefore, there is no middleman scooping up cash for something that has nothing to do with actually treating people. The American system is like having to pay every time you leave your house because someone else owns the road, rather than having the state build the roads with tax money.

The middlemen have spent an enormous amount of money lobbying legislatures and promoting lies about universal health care, in order to ensure that they may continue to feather their own nests. This cartoon illustrates the idea:

How come they don't make talk shows for men?

They do, its called news shows and ESPN. Shows like the Five and most ESPN shows are targeted to men and presented in formats that interest a large demographic of men.

If the talk show was in the format of the View or Opra then men would not watch them for the most part.

Note that most talk shows squarely targeted to women are more chatty, even gossipy in style. Not all women like this but a large enough demo does to make it attractive to advertisers. Just as not all men watch news editorial shows or ESPN but both draw enough to make it worthwhile for advertisers.

If enough men would watch it they would build it. Contrent creators are experts about demographics, psychological profiling and viewing habits. They create content for the masses as the goal is to make advertising dollars based on the largest segment of views who have income to spend.