What is the best IoT platform?

Best Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Platforms

You might be a developer, a startup co-founder, or a business manager, and wondering how you can benefit from coming revolution of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

At the moment, the internet is run mainly by humans. The majority of communication, messages, and data is happening between people, through desktops, laptops, and smartphones. This is changing. A whole new category of devices is starting to take over the internet. These devices aren’t run by people and don’t send messages to people either. They are machines that talk to other machines, and they’ve been given the simple name ‘Things’.

Some examples of ‘Things’ include

  • Temperature sensors,
  • Traffic sensors
  • Flow rate sensors
  • Energy usage monitors

And there are more. Samsung recently stated that by 2020, 100% of its products would be Internet enabled. That even includes things like washing machines!


As these devices

What is the difference between direct current and alternating current?

Imagine a waterfall with a water wheel. If the water is flowing down the waterfall, it’s easy to see how it turns the wheel and the wheel can do useful work (like grinding grain). Now imagine that periodically, the water stops in place, flows *backwards* (up the waterfall), then changes direction again and keeps repeating. The wheel will now turn a bit in one direction, then the other, then back in the original direction, over and over. The wheel’s still moving and the wheel can still do useful work.

The normal, water-flows-down direction is DC. The water switching directions scenario is AC. So why AC, with its seemingly pointless complexity? The biggest advantage of AC is induction, and unfortunately the water analogy breaks down here.

Induction is caused by the fact that a changing electric field creates a magnetic field, and that a changing magnetic field creates an electric field. The key is changing. If y

What are Ink'd in earphones?

They are a brand of earbuds made by Skullcandy, mainly for design praising. I’ve never heard them in person but I’ve seen them and they look decent.

This is what one of the versions looks like.

Can air conditioners work on DC without using an inverter or charge controller? How?

Only if it is designed to use DC motors and controls. Since AC units are designed to operate on A.C., it would have to be designed and built from scratch. Do you want to run it from batteries, like perhaps from solar power? The only DC Air conditioners I am aware of are those used in campers and similar mobile equipment, and while the fans run on DC, I believe they use a compressor mounted on the vehicle’s motor. A compressor running on D.C. would draw a huge amount of electrical power.

What is the point of the FBI spreading rumors about someone who may or may not have committed a crime? Why not just interrogate the individual?

It is part of the harassment to ‘soften’ the person up. They go to relatives, neighbors, employer, and ask questions about you. Of course those who are asked assume you have done something horrible wrong. When they serve a search warrant, which are issued by friendly magistrates, it is done at two in the morning and with plenty of agents, when they can catch you without clothes on and are disjointed from sleep. When it comes time to arrest, and they know you will bond out the same day, they make a big production of having a lot of agents present and arresting you at work, which often results in you losing your job and ability to pay for counsel. It is all psychological on their part

Do not forget the notorious “Perp Walk,” when high profile arrestees, still legally totally innocent, are arrested and cuffed, and paraded for the media’s cameras who have been notified of the arrest beforehand. “Look, mommy, on TV there is our neighbor Mr. Jones with handcuffs and police officers. Did he do something bad? He must have, sonny, why else would they arrest him. I do not want you playing with his kids anymore.”

Are disabled people more likely to be depressed?

They probably are with circumstances keeping in mind. Disabled people are often stranded alone and keep fighting alone against the bias that is shown towards them by the society. They are often mocked and criticized harshly by fellow mates and other people. Even though they get reservations and bonus services in many aspects such as job and travel but they still lack social and government support which doesn’t help matters.

However depression cannot be solely linked to disabled people, a normal healthy human being has equal chances to face and succumb to depression while there are many famous people with disabilities who inspire and proof that disabled can also achieve most things in life. It’s all about one’s perspective and self esteem that allows depression to breed or not.

The degree of depression also depends upon the severeness of one’s disability as small and intellectual disabilities don’t present that many obstacles while physical ones often do. Disabled people can’t be officially linked to depression but are more often than not dealt a rough hand by both life and people.

What is the mechanism behind ham radio communication? What is the learning curve of this technology? How many pieces of equipment do you need? I live on an island that contends regularly with hurricanes.

HAM Radio or Amateur Radio relies on communication using the radio waves. Communication using the radio waves is also done by more “professional” operators like the Signal corps of the Armed Forces, Mercantile Marine etc. Communication using radio waves is also known as “wireless communication”.

Every amateur radio operator has to get a license (issued by the government agency of the country) and is also assigned a unique call sign. In order to get the license an exam/assessment is conducted. These examinations generally have two parts i)basic electronics ii)Morse code. The learning curve would depend on the knowledge already held by the person in the field of electronics. A person who has good education/knowledge on the subject of electronics would find the examination quite easy to clear. Morse code requires some practice, as this is generally not taught at an academic levels (in schools & colleges etc.).

The core of the Amateur Radio Station is a wireless transmitter & receiver. These days both these pieces of equipment are made into one; known as a transceiver. The transceiver would require an antenna to send out and receive the signals. A transceiver, power source (SMPS/ battery/Diesel Gen-Set) and an antenna would be the bare minimum equipment required to establish a working amateur radio station.

Will uploading 100 YouTube videos exponentially increase my chances of growing/getting noticed?

It depends on the content and quality of what you’re uploading.

If you upload 100 videos of you sitting on your couch watching television, probably not.

If you upload 100 videos of you talking about your life and giving your perspective on current events, it will depend on how interesting/intelligent/attractive you are.

If you upload 100 videos of your comedy sketches/music videos, it will depend on how funny/talented you are.

If you upload 100 How To or unboxing videos… then, for better or worse, yes, you will probably get noticed…

And if you just quietly whisper everything and tap things softly in all your videos, you’ll get a nice ASMR following, too.