Can I fit a CNG kit in a Grand i10?

Yes of course you can .

CNG is the best alternative for clean fuel and it's also pocket friendly. Getting your car equipped with CNG can be done in 2 ways :-

  1. Through a CNG kit seller which will charge you around 35k to 40k but then your warranty on electrical components of the car will be over .
  2. Through Hyundai Authorized Dealer . They will charge you more (around 65k) but you'll get satisfaction that the CNG kit is 100% genuine and approved by the government and it would not affect your warranty of the car .

If you want to go with option 1 then make sure that it's not a chinese non approved kit and don't make any compromise with the quality of the kit .

You can expect mileage of around 120kms for a complete cylinder refill which will cost around Rs 250 here in New Delhi

One Reply to “Can I fit a CNG kit in a Grand i10?”

  1. Yes you can fit CNG kit from outside dealers to Grandi10, but not advisable as this will completely void the engine warranty of the car.

    Only advisable, if the car comes with comapny fitted CNG which is trustworthy and more reliable and safer.

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