What is the cheapest essay writing service?

What do students loathe most of all about the educational process? The answer is not their teachers, writing assignments or final exams. The most frustrating thing for them is to spend a lot of time on coping with an assignment and get a bad grade for it. You feel like all that time was spent in vain and there is nothing you can do about it. But there is. Making mistakes is an essential part of learning. However, there is no need in getting a low score to learn something new. A affordable essay writing service platform can help students learn the new material and guarantee the desired grade. You get a flawless paper and learn the writing techniques of the experienced writers.

My picks for the top five legit the cheapest essay writing services include those features and more – EssayBox, 99papers, Paperhelp and AdmissionEssay in the US and EssayFactory in Australia and UK. But which one is the right one for you? Read my essay writing service reviews and my guide to choosing the best service for everything you need to know about how to choose the best writing companies.

Why Use Writing Companies?

A college, university or high school student may choose to use an essay writing service for many reasons:

  • It could be that they just don’t have the time needed to complete an assignment for their master’s degree alongside studying for an exam.
  • It could be that they know their teacher likes a certain citation system, for example, APA and they aren’t proficient in it.
  • They might not be able to write fast enough to hit a deadline that they’ve put off.
  • They might need to keep up a good grade average to ensure they get into the school of their choice.
  • They could have realized their deadline is today and they have no way of doing the assignment in a way that would guarantee they would graduate with honors.
  • They might need an outstanding piece of writing to get a scholarship for their senior year.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, these are just some examples of the most popular reasons students turn to writing services. Any reason anyone used a writing service for is a valid reason. In short, the service exists, so if you want to use it to get a top essay, that’s reason enough.

Where to Find the Best Essays

After carrying out hundreds of essay writing service reviews I’ve seen everything from essay writing service scams through to the best research paper writing service. And I want to share that knowledge with you.

My five recommendations for the best essay writing service are EssayBox, 99papers, Paperhelp and AdmissionEssay in the US and EssayFactory in Australia and UK.

Why? Because after much research, I feel that, depending on your location, one of these services will be the best website to write your essay.

What Will These Writing Services Offer You?

Good writing services, such as the ones I discussed above will be able to help you with any aspect of your assignments.

They will be able to offer you a top quality essay in any of the following subjects as a minimum, although some services also offer more out of the box subjects too:

  • Legal subjects
  • Marketing subjects
  • Law based subjects
  • English based subjects (language and literature)
  • Ethics including medical and nursing ethics and human rights
  • Business based subjects including business finance, business economics, and MBA
  • History subjects
  • Civil service subjects
  • Psychology subjects

I have also found when I review writing sites, that the services who consistently receive the best custom writing reviews perform a large range of different writing services including:

Essay Writing

  • Persuasive essays
  • Definition essays
  • Reflective essays
  • Analytical essays
  • Argumentative essays
  • Cause and effect essays
  • Discursive essays
  • Expository essays
  • Tok essays
  • EPG essays
  • Capstone essays
  • Extended essays

Paper Writing

  • Term papers
  • Research papers

Creative Writing

  • Narrative style
  • Descriptive style
  • Dialogue

Advanced Graduate Writing

  • Dissertation – generating a question and writing the dissertation including correct citations in APA, MLA or Chicago style
  • Thesis generating, evaluating research and writing including a full bibliography

Other Services

  • Mathematical and scientific calculations
  • Data analysis and application of results
  • Admissions services
  • Editing and proofreading services
  • CV/Resume writing
  • Copywriting
  • Rewriting

On top of the services offered, the best paper writing service will always ensure your essays are correctly formatted. All that should be left you to do is print the essay on good quality white paper.

The best assignment service sites will also be fully aware that sometimes, students put off papers, or forget about them completely until they realize the need to hand them in asap. On a good service for writing, you should be offered these deadline options as a minimum:

  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours
  • 5 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 8 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 24 hours

For times when you need your paper now, the ordering process should be simple enough that you can communicate your needs in 500 words to 1,000 words, or around 3 paragraphs.

An ethical site that doesn’t want to scam you should also offer longer deadline options where your price will be much cheaper. These should include:

  • One week
  • Ten days
  • Two weeks
  • One month

If you notice a site doesn’t offer those options, or the price for a longer deadline isn’t noticeably cheaper, this can often be a warning sign and is the best way to check for a scam site.

How to Choose the Best Writing Service for You

There are several factors to consider here:

Which country are you studying in?

Make sure you choose a service that mentions your country specifically, as the curriculums and marking systems can differ greatly from country to country. Even the best custom writing isn’t going to get you top marks if it’s written in a style unsuitable for your curriculum.

Your budget

Try to find a site that offers good deals and offers rather than rock-bottom prices. If the prices are well below the industry standard, it stands to reason that you won’t receive the best writing help.

The writers

A good essay reviewer will always check the hiring process of the site checks writers’ credentials and tests their writing skills – and you should too. It’s essential that the service you choose knows for sure they are only hiring the best essay writers. This means that they’re academically qualified, able to write a well-structured essay and know how to research from reputable sources.

Check the Writing Samples Available

Always make sure you check out the review my essay section of any writing service website you are considering using. Any reputable writing service will have no issue with displaying example essays from their writers which should be easy and free to access. If these aren’t present, then you should consider an alternate service.

Also, check the quality of the sample essay:

  • Is it written in correct English? Many cheaper sites use writers who aren’t native English speakers and it shows in badly worded essays with bad grammar and poor phrasing.
  • Is the essay well researched?
  • Is it researched from reputable sources and are the citations correct?
  • Do the facts check out?
  • Is the essay suitably sophisticated for the academic level its written at?

Check Customer Testimonials Both On and Off the Site

The first place to check is the review section of the actual site. Are the reviews good on the whole?

If you find that every review is a five-star review, this can raise alarm bells as the reviews could be fake (this isn’t always the case, but I have found that it can be). If you are suspicious of the reviews, use a search engine such as Google and search for off-site reviews which are more impartial.


If this is your first time thinking of using a writing service, you are sure to have questions. Here are some of the things I get asked the most:

How Do I Know if A Site is Legit?

Check out my guide (above) to choosing the right site for you including tips to make sure the site is legit.

How do Your Reviews Work?

I check every aspect of the sites I review including writing samples, the hiring process of the writers and customer feedback both on and off the site. From this, I determine whether or not the service is reliable and well put together. I then check pricing and the support systems to ensure I only recommend good services.

You Recommended a Site and I’m Not Sure About It. What Should I Do?

I make every effort to ensure our reviews are accurate and I am confident I would never recommend a site that is scamming customers. Having said that, if you don’t feel completely comfortable with anything on a site, then I would advise you to find a site that you feel more comfortable with. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, choosing a writing service is subjective and your dream writing won’t always be the same as someone else’s.

Where Do You Find Writing Services?

I constantly check search engines and industry newsletters to find any new writing sites that have started. I also follow up on any customer recommendations or requests to review sites I haven’t discovered yet.

Is Using a Writing Service Cheating?

No, although your professors might disagree if you hand it in as your own work. Using a writing service is the ideal way to get a well-written essay to use as a guideline to ensure the essays you write are hitting all of the key points and are at the relevant depth required for your academic grade. Having said that, many students do hand in the essays as their own and if you use a good service, the paper won’t be plagiarised and therefore, your professor won’t know it’s not your own work.

Is Using a Writing Service Legal?

Yes. You are basically employing a writer to write something on your behalf which is completely legal.


I hope my guide to the best writing services has helped you to know what a good writing service can offer and how to decide on the best writing service for you. Once you find a service you like, don’t forget to check my review of it.

My five recommendations for the best essay writing service are EssayBox, 99papers, Paperhelp and AdmissionEssay in the US and EssayFactory in Australia and UK.

Get expert essay writing help on your schedule from a trusted professional.

For some individuals, writing essays is one of the most difficult tasks on the planet. Trust us, we know what you mean – it’s our business to know. With so many roadblocks and commitments in life, it’s difficult to find the time to get the pace going (or even to start). Many people have to worry about their essay writing alongside commitments like family, work, friends and faith. If you’re stuck in this same situation and require a sample to get started, know that you’re not alone. Each month, thousands of customers from around the world come to 99papers with the same exact problem – the need for an essay writing service.

To help you save time and be more productive, we have designed a wide range of essay writing services that you can use as a resource for your own work. Our platform matches your order with a qualified freelance writer that is selectively hired, vetted and available at your disposal. The sections that follow will explain how our process works, some of the features and amenities you receive by being a customer, and the pricing model we utilize. You will also read what other customers who purchased sample work have said about using our essay preparation service.

Choosing 99papers as Your Essay Writing Service

As a consumer, you have hundreds of options at your disposal when it comes to buying things online. We understand that you want to make sure that you put your trust and faith into the right sample essay service on the first try. If you haven’t already, we recommend reading the various reviews (included at the bottom of the page) that customers have left us. Time and time again, customers highlight the main reasons why they choose us for their essay writing needs:

  • Professional and efficient
  • Great quality on all work provided
  • Friendly and helpful customer support staff
  • Flexible revision policy
  • Talented and responsive (American) writers

Let’s start by taking a look at how our process works.

How Our Essay Writing Services Work

Understanding how the 99papers essay ordering process works will make sure that you are both informed and aware of what’s going on at every step of the order. Luckily, it’s a simple process that doesn’t take up too much for your time and attention. Browse through the infographic below or scroll down further past the image to read a clear explanation of how ordering our essay writing services works.

Placing Your Essay Order (5 – 10 Minutes)

When you place your written essay order, you will have to include basic informationabout your sample. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Page count
  • Number of sources
  • Deadline
  • Topic
  • Spacing (single or double)
  • Citation style

We recommend including as much information about your order as possible. If you provide too few details, then the writer will not know what you are looking for. This commonly results in essay revision service requests that could have been easily avoided.

Next, you will be prompted to create a new account on our platform. You can either use your email address or quickly create an account using Facebook Connect. If you choose to create an account using the Facebook login feature, we won’t share your personal information or write on your wall. It’s only used for the purpose of a speedy account registration and login process. We encourage you to read our privacy policy to see what information we collect and share about you. We recommend creating a strong password that you store away safely.

Finally, you will be prompted to create a four-digit dial-in pin code. This code is a password that you have to use when engaging with our customer support representatives. Without the code, they will not be able to speak with you about your account (or your purchased essay service sample). We understand that using this passcode may be an inconvenience, but it’s a critical aspect of securing your account and keeping your information private. You can always view and edit your dial-in pin code in your account profile.

After confirming your order details, you will be prompted to process your payment. We accept all major cards and even support PayPal. Because your payment is handled off-site by one of our trusted payment vendors, we don’t actually see or store any of your sensitive payment details (such as full card numbers). It’s our way of ensuring that payment companies do what they do best (securing your payment details) and we do what we do best (quickly connect you with an essay writer).

Writer Assignment (10 Minutes – 2 Days)

Next, we will work on getting your order assigned to one of our world-class writers. This step in the sample ordering process can take anywhere from ten minutes to a few days, depending on your deadline and the writer type you selected when initially ordering one of our essay writing services. The table below explains the different advanced writer selection options that you have.

Writer Type – Options

Best Available. We will match your order with the best available writer for your topic and academic level.

Graduate. 20% Fee. When selecting a graduate writer, you are choosing to work with the top 10% of all writers in our talent pool. These essay writers are hand-picked by our writing division manager and selected based on their track record, previous accomplishments and other factors.

Requested Writer. 15% Fee. If you have worked with us before, you probably know that there is a page dedicated to showing you your past writers. If you have added any of them to your writer list, they will conveniently show up on the order form. If you select one of these writers, they will have a brief window of time to accept the order.

After your sample essay order has been assigned to one of our writers, they will begin working on it and let you know if they have any questions through the messaging system.

Internal Quality Check – Free With All Essay Services

Once the writer has completed your order, we conduct a very thorough round of internal quality checks before sending the order to you. Because 99paperstakes pride in having the best quality of sample essay writing available, we employ editors (24/7) to manually review and scan all orders. Below is a brief list of what our editors look for:

Spelling/grammar: We will make sure that your completed sample essay is free of spelling and grammar issues. We use the spell checker in Microsoft Word as well as other tools to make sure that everything makes sense.

Originality: We know how important it is for your custom work to be original and written just for you. That’s why we use an online service called Copyscape to see if there are any originality issues. If there are, we don’t send the order out and (depending on the case) assign a new writer to work on your order. We believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Organization and flow: The editor will carefully read over the sample essay and make sure that it is organized properly, focusing on the type of essay writing service you ordered and its nuances. In some cases, they will do an additional audience analysis to confirm that it’s written appropriately.

Citation Style: Finally, we check to make sure that the essay follows standard citation style guidelines (usually MLA for this document type). We use the latest version of the MLA handbook and rely on third party tools like BibMe to make sure they are formatted correctly. The 99papers MLA citation help section also provides helpful resources for getting this part done.

If all of these items are done correctly, we will proceed to the next step of sending the order out for your review. If, however, the editors found any issues then we send the order back to the sample essay writer with our feedback. You probably won’t hear anything about this sample editing process, but rest assured that it happens privately within the conversation between an editor and writer for your written essay order.

Delivery Confirmation and Customer Review

Once the order has been finalized by our editors, we approve the final version and send it to you. You will get an email notification with a link where you can log into the site and securely download it. From here, you will have an opportunity to review the sample for yourself and determine if it meets your essay writing guidelines and original instructions. The order will also include a dedicated cover page which includes some internal notes as well as the citation you can use when referencing it for your own work.

Essay Service Addons – Free Revisions

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your completed sample essay, you have the ability to request a free revision. Orders don’t always come out right on the first try, and we know that. That’s why you are able to request free essay revisions and receive them in three to seven days. Please take note of some important revision policy considerations:

  • We will only complete revisions based on your original instructions
  • We will not add new pages or sources
  • Urgent revisions (due in less than three days) may have a cost associated with it.

We strongly encourage you to read and review the entire 99papers revision policy to make sure you understand how this portion works. Finally, if the original writer cannot do a good job of editing the order, we will reassign it to a different writer who can complete it by your revision deadline. The same editorial quality check process is included with the essay revision service process as well.

Essay Writing Service Features

When you order sample essay writing services from Ultius and work with one of our writers, you get to enjoy a number of free features and benefits. For example, 99papers only hires and contracts writers that are native English speakers that graduated from accredited colleges and universities in the United States. To ensure this, we utilize an intense screening and vetting process when we hire new writers. We also offer free revisions to make sure that if we make a mistake we can get it right for you. No essay writing service is complete without a great support experience from friendly and courteous staff members. Finally, the writers from Ultius offer unmatched quality and originality when it comes to the final sample essay you receive.

With all of these features (as well as many others not mentioned here), it’s no wonder why Ultius is the trusted provider of content solutions for consumers around the world. Take an in-depth look at some of our features below.

American Essay Writers

If you have read about 99papers, you know that we are owned and operated in the United States. We don’t outsource our work overseas (or anywhere else) and internally hire and train local support team members. There are many benefits to having a native English speaking writer, but the primary one is that you know the person has a strong command of the English language. Our writers won’t have issues reading through your essay instructions and determining exactly what you want in your model. Finally, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of having to ‘overly’ communicate with your writer – they get it and know what to do the first time around.

Free Essay Revisions

As mentioned before, your written essay order comes with a robust revision policy to ensure that your model order is done right. If the writer makes mistakes or doesn’t follow your instructions, they will gladly fix it for you. In rare cases, your order may not use appropriate sources or the tone may not be the right one for the intended audience. Whatever the problem is with the model essay, we will work diligently to fix it for you. All we ask is that you submit your own tangible feedback so that we have a clear understanding of what we need to do.

24/7 World Class Customer Support Experience

99papers has a very clear two-part mission statement: conveniently connect you with a writer and give you great customer support. We take the support aspect of it just as seriously as we do the first part. Our support representatives are all (local) native English speakers that have been thoroughly trained and appraised to make sure that their level of service lives up to the company’s standards.

Most importantly, our representatives are available for you whenever you need them. If you have any questions about our essay writing services or the order you placed, you can contact us 24/7 through a number of channels. We offer all of these different support options because we want to live up to the magic word in our mission: convenience.

Unmatched Essay Quality and Originality

When you utilize our sample essay writing services and connect with a writer you are also committing to receiving a superior level of quality. For starters, we only hire the best writers on the planet. 99papers provides extensive training and ongoing support to make sure that our writers stay sharp and up to date on the latest trends in writing. We also utilize an editorial review process that focuses on ensuring that you get the highest quality content. Finally, we use tools like Copyscape to make sure that your work is 100% original. If you are still on the fence about our quality promises, check out our samples in our company blog. We have over 1,000 custom written samples that give you a glimpse into our commitment to great quality and adherence to writing standards.

Writing Services for Every Type of Essay

So many different types of essay writing services, so little time. You may not know, but there are literally hundreds of types of essays that you can purchase for your model. While there are so many different options to choose from, most customers are interested in a few main types. The most common types of essay services that customers order reflect standard, five paragraph essays aimed at convincing the reader of a specific viewpoint. We have them listed and briefly described for your convenience below.

Please also remember that if you don’t require a sample essay to reference for your own work, we also offer excellent essay editing and proofreading services. 99papers editors are extremely talented and can catch most mistakes or issues that you probably missed throughout the essay review process. Plus, editing services are much more affordable than custom sample writing. Consider working with one of our essay editors and have them proofread your work to ensure that it’s done properly.

Most Popular Essay Services

  • Standard EssayUsually five paragraphs (2-3 pages) with a standard format of introduction, body (evidence) and a conclusion.
  • Persuasive EssayFocuses on persuading readers to adopt specific viewpoint with the help of methods like logos, pathos, ethos.
  • Argumentative EssayArgues a very specific point (usually in response) and uses research to support the claim made in the thesis.
  • Creative EssayCombines your imagination with your writing. Incorporate your personal experiences into this format.

Other Essay Writing Services

  • Short Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Critical Essay
  • Informal Essay
  • Literary Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Comparative Essay
  • Narrative Essay
  • Reflective Essay

Related Essay Services

  • Essay Editing
  • Essay Proofreading
  • Essay Formatting

Pricing for Essay Writing Services

If you are interested in purchasing a sample, then you must be curious about how much our essay writing services cost. Pricing for these services depends on a few factors. Almost every order has a different price because it depends on a few key factors. However, the most important determinants of price are the academic level, page count and the deadline. The academic level is the overall level of competency the writer needs to have to complete your order.

For example, if you require essay editing services at a doctoral level, you would not want someone who only has training and experience at the undergraduate level to work on it. Second, the price depends on how many pages you need your essay to be. Since pricing is done on a per page basis, the more pages, the higher the cost. The deadline is also an important factor. How quickly you need the work done can seriously impact your overall cost. If you need something in less than a day it will be much more expensive than if you needed it in ten days. Finally, if you select a specific writer type to work with, the price can be higher.

Please see the pricing breakdown below or skip to the next section to see pricing for common orders as well as the general pricing table.

How is Pricing Determined?

Academic LevelHigh School – Doctoral

Deadline(3 hours – 30 days)

Writer TypeBest Available · Graduate · Requested

Now that you are familiar with how our pricing model works, let’s look at what other customers typically order. Below you will see a table we have compiled of our most common types of essays, their deadlines, page counts and prices. As you can see, the best value for your dollar is anything with a deadline of ten days or more. If you are ordering essay editing, then the price is even lower as editing and proofreading prices are much more affordable than custom sample writing. Please note that all common pricing values are only for the undergraduate deadline.

If you are wondering why our prices are higher than other websites you might be shopping around on, it’s because our writers are more qualified (and American) and we guarantee a high level of quality with our service. When using any essay writing service to attain a well-written model paper, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Ultius doesn’t boast about being the cheapest service, but we do boast about high quality and great support. You can hold us accountable for that. If we don’t deliver, we have a refund policy in place to make sure that you get your funds back.

Pricing for Common Essay Orders

  • Persuasive Essay7 Days · 3 Pages · $66.00
  • Argumentative Essay2 Days · 5 Pages · $172.50
  • Standard Essay3 Days · 3 Pages · $93.00
  • Essay Proofreading24 Hours · 4 Pages · $92.00
  • Standard Essay10 Days · 6 Pages · $129.00
  • Essay Editing7 Days · 4 Pages · $60.00

Prices are subject to change without notice and this table may not be updated immediately. Deadline restrictions to apply for orders due in less than eight (8) hours.

Customer Reviews

While the internet is full of options for online shoppers, we understand how important it is to securely spend your money on essay writing services that are trusted and reviewed by past customers. That’s why we are happy to showcase 99papers reviews from top review vendors. Our major review vendors are SiteJabber, the Better Business Bureau, Facebook reviews and Google. We know that these companies are trusted figures in the review space and that’s why we try our best to reply to each and every one of our online reviews. With over 600 total reviews and a cumulative rating of 4.8/5 stars (as of August 2016), you can be sure that Ultius is thoroughly reviewed. After all, we have been around since 2010.

Verified Reviews

It’s not enough to just post reviews and show them to customers. In today’s modern age, customers want to be sure that the reviews they are reading are accurate and genuine. That’s why 99papers has committed to only showing verified reviews on our website. That means that for every customer review we show you, it has a link to where the original review was posted on a third party site. This method of showcasing our essay writing service reviews ensures that you are reading what other people wrote on platforms where we cannot modify or remove content.

When it comes to reviews on the 99papers platform, our motto is simple: building consumer trust starts with verified reviews. Take a look at the review vendors we use and some sample reviews below.

19 Replies to “What is the cheapest essay writing service?”

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