What subject should I choose in class 11?

WELL,this is very tough to choose the subjects in 11th class.Since it is just one step for deciding future career it is very important to choose subjects http://judiciously.At this stage no teenager is in position to take decision at their own.They depend on others advice,their experience.But everyone has different opinion ,ideas ,field of interest ,favourite subjects etc.

  • FIELD OF INTEREST & FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Everyone has some favourite subject till 10th class which they enjoy to study ,but it is not possible to continue your interest in that subject due to unable to secure good marks in that http://subject.So while choosing your subject it is important to continue your interest in that subject irrespective of obtaining bad marks.
  • CHOICE OF BRANCH: It is very important to choose branch in 11th standard which will decide your field of professionalism. Most of us prefer science since it open many different types of field like engineering ,doctor, pharmacy,scientist etc. It required enough knowledge of science & maths.those who has keen interest in science & maths can opt science steam.Those who are interest in financial field can opt http://commerce.It has great scope in future for chartered accountant ,company secretary ,auditing etc.Those who has great taste for literature can opt for arts option.
  • SCOPE IN FUTURE: whatever you choose take note how you can move in taken steam in near future.Will it be useful for you or not? Can you make any progress in it both academically & financially in near future?will it make you comfortable to work in that field.
  • FINANCIAL CONDITION OF YOUR FAMILY:your family financial condition to support you to achieve your dream also play big role.You should have good information about your family condition If you choose doctor field ,can your family able to pay your fees & other expenditures for http://you.It has many alternative like scholarship ,bank loan ,but it is reality most of us unable to get admission in reputed college or interesting field or desirable branch due to financial problem.Many have to drop out from their college in between their study due to financial crisis.

Last but not least it is your passion which drive you to make your dream in reality .Your part of interest & hard work ,willingness to learn something (it is not possible to study of your part of interest or favourite subject in whole academic career ,you have to compromise at one time in your academic life),but NEVER NEVER NEVER LEAVE YOUR PASSION ,DREAM .& NOT FORGET IT EVERY SUBJECT IS BEST IN ITS OWN NATURE ,ONLY YOUR UPPER HAND OUR THAT SUBJECT MATTERS ,LEARNT ANY SUBJECT ,ANY BRANCH BUT GIVE YOUR 100% IN THAT.


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  1. We do not really know what we are interested in,at such a young age of 15 years!

    Students from states like Telangana and AP choose either MPC or BiPC after thier 10th class in their local board of intermediate affiliated colleges which do not offer PCMB option.So,they have had to decide whether they are going to be engineers or doctors at a tender age of 15 years itself based on their parents’ preferences.Some people are choosing MEC (mathematics,economics and commerce) due to the hype created by CA coaching institutes but are finding it very difficult to make it to or complete CA after their intermediate (+2) course.Very few of them complete it successfully,most of them get tired after some attempts and leave it.

    Many state boards &CBSE,ICSE offer science stream where you can choose PCMB which opens the door for all the courses that can be done after +2.Even if you have decided not to pursue either engineering or medicine after 2 years of your +2 course,you would not be losing on any other choices which might interest you then,like CA,ICWA,Economics,Hotel management,Accountancy etc

    .The advantage with choosing PCMB option is that you can do whatever you would like to do once you pass your +2 with PCMB. Whereas if you choose commerce or humanities stream,but find them uninteresting career options after 2 years,then you will have no eligibility to take admission into or appear for entrance examination of professional courses like engineering or medicine.

    Knowing one’s passion or interest at 15 years of age is very difficult.Studying with Science stream like PCMB will give you an additional time of 2 years to make up your mind.


    You will have all the choices left to you if you select PCMB even though you might have to work hard during those 2 years,but it is worth your time and effort.



  2. It really depends on various factor, some of which are:

    1. Your Interest Area i.e which subjects interest you the most. Like if you are into Scientific Studies go for Science. If you are interested in Economic Studies and Business go for Commerce. If you are interested in Political Science or you are interested in Human Behaviour Studies a.k.a Psychology go for Humanities/Arts.
    2. Your Score in Class 10th Boards, every school has set certain standards within which they allot the streams to different Students. It is a possibility that they give you a form telling you to choose your desired stream. But its UNCERTAIN whether they give you that Subject or not. Therefore, be very focused towards the ongoing Class 10th Boards.
    3. Last but Certainly not the least, Your Future Plans, this affects greatly on the decision you are taking. If you are willing to get into Medical field, Biology becomes necessary, similarly if you are willing to get into Chartered Accountant you need to have Accountancy as a Subject.

    Just glimpsing upon these points is not sufficient, talk to your parents as well. Cause they know you. As i will give a general advice because I don't know you. But they'll give an advice which is most suitable to you.

    Good Luck for your Future and for the Ongoing Board Exams as well


  3. it depends on your interest , if u will choose your according to your interest it will be beneficial to you. I know it is hard task for a 15 year old boy/girl but u get lot of time after your 10th standard examination. INTROSPECT and then choose. GOOD LUCK

  4. How should you choose?

    1. Based on your personal choice of future career

    Some people are gifted with a strong character and they know exactly what they want to do when they grow up. For them the choice is very clear. Some suggestions for streams based on career options are mentioned below.

    Science Stream – For all types of Engineering, For all streams in Medicine.

    Commerce Stream – For careers in accounting, finance, marketing, business and economics

    Humanities Stream – economics, education, media, politics etc.

    2. Based on choices your friends group

    This is not as funny as it sounds. If your friend is taking Science you may also want to take it. Friends can motivate and inspire you to study hard and do well. Friends are there with you in highs and low. You and your friends can go to the same college and help each other in making fine careers.

    The only catch here is that you may or may not really like the subjects or may not perform superbly well.

    3. Based on your personality

    This is ideally the best scenario. If you know what your real personality is and the career you will do well based that, you can choose the stream accordingly. You can take a personality test and then make your decision based on that. If you are an outgoing person and really like being around people, you may want to consider a career in sales or if you live in dreams and are artistic as well, a career in fine arts will be the best.

    I hope my answer help u.

    All the best\U0001f642

  5. It depends upon you , what you want to become in future…. According to that you should choose your subject.

    If you are good in science, or love to solve maths then you should select SCIENCE. Through this you can become a engineer, you can do BSc and become an proffeser.

    If want to do job in medical field you should select BIO. It gives you an opportunity to become doctor, nurce, pharmacist etc.

    If you are interested in commercial then select commerce. You can do MBA, BBA, B.Com, CA etc.

    And if you want to become a government officer choose Art. It is a easy subject and give a chance to prepare for IAS, UPSC, SSC exam.

    Every subject has its own important, you can't say that it is easy or hard, good or booring. You need knowledge of all subject to clear competitive exam and do higher studies…..

  6. This is the most common asked question by the students who study in rural areas mainly.
    Guys this question has one and only simple answer that you must choose your subjects yourself, bcz this is only you who can underatand your strength and weakness of the subjects.

    You can ask the people for subjects which are having more scope but firstly you should have the required knowledge in that perticular subject or you must be confident to understand and explain it.

    I would like to give you some hints for choosing your subject if you understand this.

    1.first of all i would like to say "Never follow other people" while choosing your subjects.

    2. Just take guidance in the sector you want to go.

    3. Get advised about the scope of the subjects you like the most.

    4. Choose the subjects you can study and u can understand.

    5. Dont choose the subjects which are boring to you or in which you are not interested.

    Apart from this there are other factors also but mentioned as above are the most common.

  7. Your choice should be in regard with ur passion. Realise ur interest and opt according to it. As far suggestions are concerned,ppl will suggest u from their perspective. How will they know about ur interest from a mere question.

    If u don't have idea about ur interest, contact ur close one like ur teacher. Remember ,ur science teacher will not advice u to take arts subject,unless he/she knows u.

    I had interest in science when i was in 11th standard but as i had my 12 board ,i found economics more interesting than other science subjects.even i had a deduction of 5%,which matters alot,i took admission in whatever college i got for economics hons. My parents and teachers told me that u were getting good colleges in North campus for science subjects,why did u go for economics? I told , i will write my future not u. U all are narrator , be like them.

    So don't be fool to give others a chance to decide ur career.take WISE decisions not WILD one. #ALLTHEBESTFORYOURFUTURE

  8. Choose according to your aim ,or what you like to be in your future ,whats your skill in which you can give your best.

    And if didn't able to decide what to take then better option for you is to take PCMB . Its because after completion of your class 12 there are many line or stream open for this .

    You can move forward in medical stream ,engineering ,you can go for NDA (all defence) if intrested, or you can join merchant navy,you can do BSC in any honours also, many management courses also, or computer based courses also .

    So its totally depend on you , what to take in class 11.

    Choose a better one and try something different . GOOD LUCK .

  9. Thanks dear for asking this question……….first of all I would like to suggest you that whenever you start your journey after matriculation then before starting the journey think for sometime about your life and it's goals…..for that we have to need to follow some rules which is given below as follows…

    1. First give the priority to your interest in that subject which gives you better feel during study.
    2. After that think for sometime that what would you want to become in your life accordingly chose your subject.
    3. Sometimes students choose their subjects According to obtained Mark's so don't do that because initially in hurry you will feel very happy but after 3 and 4 months you have to faced so many difficulties so be selective and consolidated during selection.
    4. If you don't find your solution then take help from senior and families but this process should be given secondary priorities.
    5. In last you can also take a subject which is favoured by medium kind of students.
    6. Most importantly after selecting your choice be honest and enthusiastic about your study.
    7. All the best dear…….
  10. I’ll able to answer this.

    First of all,you should know your interest.

    After 10th there are mainly 3 branches

    1.Science 2.Commerce 3.Arts

    If you love technical aspects,go for Science.

  11. That totally depends upon what your interest is and nobody has got anything to do with it. Although people can explain to you what do different subjects mean.

    1. Science – This is something that you have already been studying since class 6 almost so you must be clear with what the subject means
    2. Commerce – Here, you get to study about how you can handle a bussiness PROFESSIONALLY. Everything from managing time, work, accounts, profits, etc (of the business) is taught here. The subject of economics is slightly not related to business at this level (class 11) , but is very much related when you study further. Most importantly, commerce includes, ACCOUNTANCY, BUSSINESS STUDIES, ECONOMICS, ENGLISH, +1 subject of your choice (MATHS, IP OR COMPUTERS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION)
    3. Humanities – This includes literature, past, and politics. If you are interested in knowing about history, politics or if there is an artist within you, then you must opt for humanities. Although, for humanities you must gather some more knowledge before opting.
  12. Depends on your interest guys! U know what, it's just a myth that Commerce stream is easier than Science. If you are interested in either of the streams, listen to your heart and ignore the others. In fact, Commerce stream offers a lot more carriers than in Science. I as a Commerce student myself assure that it ain't easy anyway. So, choose your subjects very wisely including the Sixth subject. These subjects will decide your future!

  13. It’s highly dependant on your Interest and capabilities . I recommend to choose the stream that you are interested in . Otherwise , you are gonna waste a lot more , other than time . However , There are few things that you should keep in mind before you choose your stream . If you are weak in Mathematics , I strongly recommend commerce stream . And science stream , if otherwise . All the best for your Exams !

  14. I finished my 12th. If you are not sure about science, JUST DON'T TAKE IT. Just because everyone says it's good doesn't really make it good. I was forced to take science and now regret it. I always wanted to do economics and now, I am stuck with preparing for engineering entrance exams whereas all the commerce students enjoy(way more than us).

    Also, engineering has less pay than most of the commerce degrees. Now, I technically wasted four years of my life behind engineering, not being able to learn what I wanted.

    So, take what YOU REALLY WANT TO. Don't take something because everyone is saying/forcing you to do so. They probably have no idea.

    Take it from a teenager and trust me, I've done my research.

    All the best.

  15. Hey there,

    This is a very subjective question because it depends on what subject interests do you have!! And what future ambitions. Arts, commerce or science all the three have their own benefits and flaws. The important thing you have to know is that don't choose anything just because some topper advice's you!! Everyone is unique and everyone has different way to study and understand. The main or the things which have been dominant in India with the science stream are Medicine and engineering but there are many other options too!! Commerce has CA has a option for many students and CS is another thing that is fast catching up. With arts people go into literature or related fields. Don’t fall for misconceptions like one stream is easier or tougher than the other!! So think about it, do a little research and then choose subjects.

    Good luck!!

  16. It's totally depends upon your choice, of the profession you want to be the part of.

    Science with Bio if you want to be Doctor.

    Science with Maths if you want to persue engineering or Defence Services.

    Commerce if you want to be CA of be part of Fianancil Insitution.


    Arts if you want to join Civil Services or Historian or Lecturer etc.

    Now, if you are not sure abou about which profession you want to be, just go for Science with Mathematics.

    So, that even if you change your mind after 12th you can move to Commerce or Arts accordingly.

  17. What color should i wear? Red, yellow or green? Confused what to answer me?

    That's exactly how i feel. Without knowing what you truly like, there is no answer to this question. Take a peice of paper, make columns, predict your future in all these streams, write down your predictions. By the time you'll be done writing you'll realise what you truly want.

  18. Commerce , Science — pcm pcb


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  19. There are streams and then there are various subjects in the three streams. There are generally 5 subjects in all. Some schools may have 6.English is compulsory for all three.

    1)science →compulsory subjects -phy and Chem, option between math and bio.. And a 5th subject (choice in this depends on what school offers like physical education or comp sc etc)

    2)commerce→compulsory subjects- accountancy, business studies, economics

    Optional- maths/commercial arts /pe etc.

    3) humanities →history/sociology,political science(compulsory), economics, psychology, maths, pe etc.

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