What will be happening at the Quora World Meetup? What kind of discussions, questions, or debates usually happen at events like this?

There has never been a Quora World Meetup before, so we’ll have to see—and understand that since this will be a loose aggregation of dozens of separate, independent events, there will be no single answer.

That said, we can look for cues to the two previous types of Quora Meetups that have been held over the years:

In the beginning, Quora sponsored a few open Meetups, inviting many early members. Because the vast majority of users are primarily readers (lurkers) rather than writers (contributors), and because there were no such things as “Quora celebrities”, the resulting events were somewhat disjointed and unsatisfying. They ended up being large rooms full of people who didn't know each other, and had nothing in common. For readers expecting to be entertained or enlightened as they are online, there was little going on. For the few active writers, there was little in common with the readers. After a couple of these misfires, Quora ended them and rethought what to do.

Around this time (about five years ago) Quora created the Top Writers program, and resuscitated the Meetup idea, but only for TWs. This time it was a resounding success, because (a) everyone was a proactive contributor, and (b) thanks to TW “celebrity status” everyone ‘knew’—or at least had heard of—each other. As a result, the semi-annual TW Meetups have become a high point of the year for many people.

With the new experiment in the simultaneous World Meetups, everyone is hoping that the outcome will bring together the best of both previous versions.

To that end—at least in our local QWM here in New York—we’re going to try some innovative experiments to help bridge the writer/reader divide, as well as try to set things up so that it won’t necessarily be overwhelming for the less ‘gregarious’ members…who might otherwise find a large cocktail party a bit over-stimulating. If we come up with some [hopefully] good ideas, we’ll post them in our related Quora question to provide seed suggestions to other meet ups.

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  1. For A2A

    I'm curious, too, so I had started following this question, then received an A2A so I researched a bit.

    I searched Quora, & Google, for ‘How was your experience Quora meetup’ and some similar variations of this question, & got a bunch of results about different Quora meetups around the world.

    It seems like every meetup at every location is different.

    I highly recommend doing the searches yourself & reading the responses & articles. They're quite interesting.

  2. I’ve never been to a Quora meetup but I’ve been to some for Twitter in the past.

    The nature of the event will vary from place to place, but they will be primarily social in nature. I’d expect a group of people gathering with some food and drink chatting and getting to know one another.

    The blog suggested that they meet someplace free, like in a public park. I expect some groups may also choose to meet in bars or coffeehouses, particularly if they live somewhere cold.

    The fact that they are all from Quora will give everyone something in common—which should make it easier for strangers to get acquainted. In some locations you may meet people you’ve never heard of, while in others you may meet in person someone you’ve been following for years. It’s pretty cool to meet people in person whom you’ve only known online.

    I’ve generally found that these types of events are less socially challenging than other networking style events. Having the common bond of Quora will really make a difference. It gives everyone something to talk about, but you don’t need to come prepared to chat about any particular topic. The people there will have a variety of interests. The meetups should be fun.

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