Is it healthy for a person to have exactly zero number of friends, while that person talks to almost all the colleagues?

Depends. If the person has their close social network filled with family, sure, perfectly healthly.

I’m sure there are plenty of other situations where this could also be perfectly healthy, a significant other fills their social need, the person finds social interaction exhausting and colleagues give them exactly level of interaction they need to fill thier ‘qouta' etc.

If the person isn't filling thier social needs it could also be unhealthy.

We are social creatures and all have social needs, but the levels may vary.

I personally find most social interaction exhausting. I practice alot on colleagues because I find value in it, and, well, it is convenient place to practice. But it is by far the most exhausting part of my day most days. But I also have a huge support network of family, including guys that grew up with me who I consider family. So not having a network of friends leaves no void in my life. And lets face it, for me, family fills this role much more naturally (for my situation) because I can spend long times out of contact, ‘recharging', and it still feels like we are as close as ever.

Is there a way to program full Android applications (graphics and sound) on an Android device?

yes their is way to make android application on android also ..


Sketchware is like WordPress for apps.

Main Features:
– Step-by-step tutorials you can follow to learn different programming concepts
– Block programming similar to Scratch from MIT
– Visual Drag & Drop Integrated development environment (IDE)
– Automatically translated source code (Java and XML)
– Compile and build install files on your phone (APK file)
– Fully Compatible with Androd Studio

Sketchware is a Scratch-like block programming based integrated development environment (IDE) for developing mobile Android apps.

It's okay if you do not know anything about developing Android apps. Sketchware is an IDE that uses block language like Scratch, an innovative programming language invented by MIT that transforms the complex language of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks.

Scratch is such a simple language, even little children can learn to develop. Sketchware translates Scratch into Java and XML source codes, so there is no limit on what you can develop.

Sketchware provides tutorials you can follow to become an expert at Scratch block programming and Android app development. Each example contains programming concepts you can understand by completing the project.

Visually design and develop apps, then simply run your app with a single click to build and install directly on your Android device. The projects are fully compatible with Android Studio, an IDE used on a PC, so you can export your finished project and continue working on Android Studio, or your favorite editor. Also, if you create an account, you can also share your project to our server, where we safely store for you.

Required Permissions:

– WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is required to save and run projects.

– GET_ACCOUNTS : This permission is required to login with Google Account.

Disclaimer: This app was developed independently of the MIT Scratch Team, which produces the Scratch programming language and online community. The Scratch name and Scratch cat are trademarks of MIT.

Download And Install This Application ..

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sorce – playstore

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Can I survive in Osaka, Japan, with a salary of 400,000 yen per month?

I live in Umeda, which is more or less the center of Osaka.

House rent for a 25 sqm. size house is around 70k (you can get a 40 sqm. house in this price if you go around 20 mnts by train towards suburbs) and 3 meals taken outside cost me around 3,000 yen per day. (though I cook Indian food at home and save while relishing home cooked food).

Transportation is costly, but if you are coming for employment, most companies bear for your traveling expense. Otherwise, you can estimate it to be around 10,000 yen a month, again depending on your traveling routine.

So, if you spend a little wisely, 200,000 JPY should be enough for monthly expenditure.

In my case, I spend around 120,000 a month since my house rent is paid 80% by my company and also the Indian food that I mentioned above.

Osaka is a lovely place, if you want, you can save a lot. Most of my Westerners and Asian friends survive by spending less than 100,000 a month.


What is the importance of mutual respect in a relationship?

Mutual respect is very important in a relationship because:

  1. It helps one not to stoop very low in order to protect a relationship.
  2. It helps to remain compassionate, committed, truthful and honest.
  3. Even when difference of opinion exist, issues are hotly debated, hatred towards a person is not developed.
  4. Helps one not to resort to abuse for the fear of losing the relationship.

Would a Muslim and Christian marriage last?

People wear all kinds of labels that have no basis in reality and no effect on how they live their lives. So it is in religion. If the couple's respective families were not devout, a marriage between a Christian and Muslim label wearer might have as much hope of lasting as any secular marriage in the USA; because their religion doesn't mean anything to them anyway. But if one or both are orthodox, the marriage won't likely last or be miserable if it does. Christian doctrine is antithetical to Islam. There us no possible compromise without abandonment if one religion or the other. Religious values are the deepest and most entrenched of any values, morals, or ethics. To marry outside of one's sincere religion is setting oneself for a life of conflict and pain.

What is the most important thing while writing an essay?



The first step in writing an essay is to be sure that you should have clearly understood what the essay topic exactly means or demands from you. Suppose, you are asked to write an essay on " a cricket match you have recently enjoyed" but "the game of cricket" is completely different and if you write on the latter subject, you are on the wrong track.

Then thinking over the prescribed essay topic you should set some ideas or points according to the demands of your essay topic. As for an example i'm taking the above mentioned topic that is – A CRICKET MATCH YOU HAVE RECENTLY ENJOYED and for that you should think of how did you reach the stadium?, how much you were excited for that cricket match?, how much the persons or your friends with whom you went to enjoy the match were excited?,how was the stadium?,how was the reaction or excitement within the spectators for that match?,how did the match begin?,which team won the toss?, how was the players' performance?, who played well in that match?, how was your reaction or excitement with your favourite player? and how your favourite player performed in that match?centering round the star players how was the spectators' reaction?,how much satisfied you were in watching that match?,how did that match end?,how was the reaction of the winning team?, how was the presenting ceremony?,who came there as chief guests? etc……… these points you should set in your mind before writing.

The next important part is to arrange your ideas or points and here you should set which point will come first, which will be second,which will come in third position……….. this way you should logically set points and if you do so,your points or ideas will surely come in the correct order.

Now you have to develop every point into separate paragraphs. Here you should be aware of the fact that is every paragraph should deal with only one particular point or idea as in one your one particular paragraph if you put the reaction of the spectators, in that particular one you should explain only the reaction of the spectators and nothing else and when you will go to the next paragraph, the reaction of the spectators should not be there rather than something new points should be in the next paragraph and there you have to develop that particular point only. This way you have to proceed.

Don't use the same point or same idea again and again.

The final step is revision and it's also essential.

********Here one more important thing is the main body of your essay should have the proper link with your introduction and conclusion and whatever your conclusion is but that should be positive and in your conclusion you can even add your personal views too and one more important thing is your introduction too should be in such a way that whenever an examinerwill pay its eyes on your introduction, that introduction as if creats an interest within itself to read your presentation from starting to the end with proper interest. in short to say " YOUR INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION SHOULD BE INTERESTING AS WELL AS POSITIVE TOO."

"Essay writing is an art. How you are starting,how you are explaining and even how you are finishing always make a great value in essay writing and if you want to be strong in these three, practice is the only key to be a master in essay writing and the more you will think of your essay topics,the more new ideas you will gain and this will help you to write an essay completely from different angle and if you do so perfectly, your essay can be classy for that prescribed topic and these are also key factors to present a particular topic within word limits perfectly according to the demands of your essay topic"

Thank you.

What is something you do every day that you wish could be done easier?

Honestly, working out and studying.
If I can get bigger faster and learn faster, that would be amazing.
I do currently learn pretty quickly because I have studied how to learn vs what to learn, but to learn even faster would be super cool.
My main goal for working out is to become someone who can help in any situation.
I have an innate fear that I will not be fast enough or strong enough when the time comes.
So I am always trying to make myself all around better for that moment.

So those are the two things I wish were easier.