What is the meaning in the lyrics in Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz)?

Mostly it appears to be a stream of consciousness meaningless collection of words, but if I had to try and give it meaning I’d say it’s about getting stoned. I feel that it compares the heightened sensations of smoking cannabis compared to the dullness of the narrator’s life.

There’s several lines that make me think this.

I’d suggest that the idea of ‘sunshine in a bag’ is a bag of weed.

Picture you gettin' down in a picture tube
Like you lit the fuse, suggests lighting something.

Gun smokin' righteous with one toke, is a play on a smoking gun, and smoking and taking a toke on a joint.

Is it bad to have balsamic vinegar daily?

In moderation, no! We find that “good” and great balsamic vinegar is best used to complement other foods, particularly salads, vegetables and cheeses.

A good quality IGP certified balsamic vinegar is a great way to accentuate the flavor of many foods. That is why it is often featured at most Italian restaurants – with extra virgin olive oil.

Found below is a link to YouTube Video which explains what to look for in buying balsamic vinegar:

How common is stone throwing against police and ambulances in Muslim countries?

Indonesia is a country with the biggest muslim population in the world. I don’t know the exact numbers, but more than 50% of Indonesians are muslim. But that doesn’t mean Indonesia is a muslim country.

Stone throwing against police and ambulance is not common at all. If that happens, the problem is not related with being muslim or not. It’s more like there’s a big mass demonstration and some riots happen. Last year, there was a big mass demonstration that involved thousands of muslim in Indonesia, no stone throwing against the police, though there’s a small riot in the end of the demonstration.

Anyway, police in Indonesia has bad reputation and generally are not respected by the people. But that doesn’t mean we throw stone to them.

What are the best crowdfund websites for a startup at the idea stage?

For a crowdfunding campaign to be succesful, you need to be able to offer someone who invests in your idea something in return for their generosity. Crowdfunding typically doesn’t work with equity, so instead you usually send rewards. And that’s where the snag is: at the idea stage, you don’t have a physical product or service to offer yet, which means few people will be willing to invest in your idea.

You need to develop your idea further before you try to convince people to invest in it. In fact, you need to develop your business plan whether you’re creating a startup or a small business. (see The Difference Between A Startup and a Small Business) It’s the only way to convince potential investors you actually know what you’re doing.

I’ve backed more than 100 crowdfunding projects, so I feel I have developed a sort of sixth sense for bullshit and unfortunately I see a lot of it:

  • People who want to send a heavy product to backers all around the world, without even spending an hour to figure out what that might cost.
  • People who claim they can make a triple A video game in their attic with a team of 3 people within 6 months.

You need to show people you know what you’re doing if you ever want to convince them to fund your startup.

How would it have changed the fate of the Marauders if Sirius's deadly prank on Snape would have succeeded?

James: Contrary to some James hater’s claim that he was “saving his own skin”, James would not have gotten in trouble at all, because he WAS NOT involved in the prank. So no matter what happened, he would not have faced any consequences.

Sirius: If Snape was dead, he wouldn’t have been able tell anyone of Sirius’ role. The only way Sirius would have gotten into trouble is if James or Remus ratted Sirius out. I don’t think James and Remus would have ratted him out. Hence, he might not have gotten in trouble either.

But there is a small chance that their guilty conscience might have made them tell on Sirius or make Sirius surrender (But a very small chance). There’s also a chance that Sirius himself grows a guilty conscience and confesses up, especially if Remus got in trouble. In this case, Sirius could have faced repercussions like expulsion and Azkaban. But then again, he didn’t commit direct murder. It’s more of a case of negligent homicide. Sirius was still underage too, so I’m not sure of how much repercussions he would face if his role in the prank got out. If Lily said that Snape had suspected Lupin was a werewolf prior to going down there, there might be even lesser repercussions on Sirius.

Another repercussion is James and Remus possibly cutting off from Sirius in anger, though they might have patched up with him eventually (maybe only after years).

Remus: Poor Remus would have felt so guilty all his life. He would probably have been expelled. At worse, he could have been executed. Sirius confessing his role in the deed would do little to get Remus off trouble.

But then again, James and Sirius might have tried to hide his body to avoid getting Remus in trouble and try to frame the crime as something else. Maybe Dumbledore might have covered up for Sirius and Remus.

James and Lily’s future would depend on the circumstances. Maybe she wouldn’t, since he really wasn’t involved. But if she knew Sirius was involved, she would not associate with James unless he cut off from Sirius. So this might be a conflict for James if he still wanted Sirius in his life.

If things were still aligned for James and Lily to get together and have Harry, they would not have had to hide from Voldemort with no Snape to reveal the prophesy. But the fate of the wizarding world with Voldy still being in power would have been at stake.

What are the scams done by Arvind Kejriwal?

Arvind Kejriwal is a big scammer few of his scams are listed below:

  1. Improve the education system of Delhi.
  2. Improve the health care of Delhi.
  3. Water supply and power situation improvement.
  4. Corruption free administration.
  5. Pro people policies.

How to end my association with a 'friend group' containing clingy, rude, and generally annoying people? I realized they were very fake recently and I can't take them seriously anymore. How would I do this without being hurtful

Question: how do I end my association with a “ friend group” containining clongy, rude, and generally annoying people? I realized they were very fake recently an I can’t take them seriously anymore. How would I do this without being hurtful?

Answer: no need to insult people. Just stop initiating communication with the group ( anyone in The group)

  1. When they call you, do not pick up; a few hours later, maybe at the end of the day, send a text:” sorry I missed your call, very busy, what's up?”
  2. when they text you, again, be polite, but short: “yes/ no / maybe. Hey sorry to cut you short, but I am super busy this entire week, talk next week, OK?” And do NOT call or text back, let them call or text you back.
  3. when they invite you to go out with the group for a drink after work, or what ever, just tell them : “ thank you for inviting me, I really appreciate it but I cannot make it because I have already made other plans for Friday afternoon/ Saturday morning / Sunday brunch/ the long weekend / whatever it is…”

And you are very busy with yourself and the new more compatible friends. And you do have other plans: your plans are to be anywhere, but NOwhere near them! so you see, you tell the truth, and are polite.

After 3–4 refusals, I belive they will stop asking you to join them, since you are always busy at work, with your family, or have previous plans that cannot be changed… slowly it will die on its own. IJust make sure you do not initiate contact again…it may take more than3–4 times..they may ask “ what is going on? All you need to say, is the truth” just very busy, stuff happens, had to take care off, my family, not comfort talking about it now…actually I am in the middle of something, can we please continue later?”

That is it. Good luck! Have fun, life is too short! Be happy!

Would Majin buu have been able to reach his potential if Hercule let Goku train him for the World Tournament?

Sadly, Majin Buu has reached his potential. You can tell because his ass went into an unwakeable sleep after his own training.

NOW could he have gotten much stronger going and Training with Goku in the Spirit room for a year? OF COURSE. I’d Like to think that anybody who trains with any of the Saiyans or Piccolo would get exponentially better. I know what I said seems contradictory, but think about this: How many times has it seemed like Someone has reached their limit and then Bam! get a Whole lot stronger? Not that many, I know… But I think given the same amount of time, Buu (I don’t think he’s maijin anymore) would’ve gotten stronger than he did if he trained with goku.