In your final year of your undergraduate engineering degree, what decision did you make that shaped your life as it is now?

It was all about getting that degree. My decision was get the degree come hell or high water. Only about 10–15% of the people that started out to be engineers succeeded. Odds weren’t with me as I had to work part time to make ends meet, and thus competed on curves with students that didn’t have to worry about financial things.

Getting the degree opened career doors that I couldn’t possibly know exists (unless interning/co-op was part of my degree effort – it wasn’t). This is the important part of this answer – I didn’t have a career plan laid out because I didn’t have a clue where I’d end up working. I figured once I get a few years into my career, I’d then be smart enough to shape where I’d want to go in life.

And that’s pretty much how it worked out…

What is the best way to produce low-volume custom t-shirts?

A2A: “What is the best way to produce low-volume custom t-shirts?”

It really depends on what you mean by ‘low volume’. It’s all relative to your budget and is entirely subjective.

For example, our company currently works with 53 ethical-verified manufacturers across Southeast Asia. The smallest of these manufacturers begin their MOQs (minimum order quantities) anywhere from 30 to 50 pieces per style, per colour, per artwork. According to industry averages, this is quite low.

It’s also important to note that MOQ calculations are comprised of 3 parts. MOQs are expressed as “X-number of pieces per style of garment, per colour of fabric, per artwork/design”.

  1. Style: Manufacturers expect you to produce their MOQ for each different style of garment. What’s a style? A crew-neck t-shirt is a different style than a v-neck t-shirt. A bikini is a different style than a dress. Also, each different artwork even on the same style of garment, is considered a different style. If you 2 prints you want to make, let’s say a smiley face and coconut, each of these prints means a different style.
  2. Colour: Manufacturers expect you to produce their MOQ for each different colour of fabric you choose. So if your MOQ is 50 pieces per style, per colour, per artwork, and you have 3 different colours for your t-shirts, then you need to produce 50 x Colour 1 + 50 x Colour 2 + 50 x Colour 3.
  3. Artwork: Manufactruers expect you to produce their MOQ for each different artwork you have, whether it’s printed or embroidered or sequined etc.
  4. Additionally: There are certain factors that can impact your MOQ calculations. If you choose a fabric colour that isn’t available in stock colours, and it needs to be dyed, then your MOQ is likely to go up. For example, with Cotton, if we need to dye it a specific colour, your MOQ goes from 50m of fabric to 100m of fabric. 100m produced more t-shirts than 50m; hence your MOQ just went up. Same can be said about different printing methods such as screen printing vs digital.

**This is true of our network of manufacturers but other manufacturers may not have this type of policy.

In an effort to save myself from repeating what is already there, have a look at this link from our website. It describes how MOQs are calculated.

Link to how MOQs are calculated and how to learn about MOQs.

If you feel what I’ve written is within your expectations, then feel free to have a look at our company.

We ethically produce for 1,700+ client brands per year across our entire network of manufacturers. We may be a good fit for you, no pun intended.

Maybe start by having a look around our website and our very comprehensive FAQs page. Then browse our production activity via our Instagram page. I’ll leave the links for you at the bottom. If you have more questions, my name is Luh.

Good luck with your production! 🙂


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Who was the audience for Dante's Inferno?

The original poetic masterpiece “The Divine Comedy” that included the theee volumes of “Inferno, Purgitory and Paradise” were written in and around the early 14th century and one would have to assume that only educated and knowledgeable, literate, liturgical people could have read and understood the travels through the nether worlds and the niuenses entailed in the references mentioned by Dante himself as he ventured with the poet Virgil through the mazes of moral dilemmas.

It was Dante who poetically invented the notion of purgatory, the seven deadly sins and the nine levels of persecution that was hell itself.

In short, Dante’s Inferno did become one of the most sought after tomes of the 19th century, second only to the Bible. Pared with Purgatory and Paradise all volumes became the most common reading room books during the Victorian era. The popularity was partially due to Gustav Dore’s spectacular and sometimes titilating etchings that gave a lasting visual context in which to understand the enormity of the spiritual realms that had not had substance beforehand.

How can extreme stress affect your health?

Everyone wears stress differently. Personally, stress causes headaches and restlessness, which can lead to weakness from lack of eating and tiredness from the lack of sleep. I know someone who, when stresed, breaks out in panic attacks and loses hair. Another individual crys and loses focus on more immediately needs like nutrition and family.

Too much stress has negative effects like the ones above. Though, stress in moderate amounts is not bad. Without it most people wouldn’t be prompted to do anything, it helps people grow.

A fair warning though, I believe that much of the stress people experience are made by themselves, by putting more value of tasks or events than they actually deserve. So in a way, most of the problems we have are problems we create.

(Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors) 🙂

What if AI robotics replace all developers? Do the IT and CSE people have a chance to survive in the IT industry?

  1. I thing so…. But it could happen after 50 years or so… is true Robots have been replaced in many sectors for example automobile , defence and so on..But for IT field or computer field ,we cannot imagine for ahead decade of years …i am not a councilor ..But it is my dream to pursue robotics for mtech ..And I have research a lots of things in the field of robots .. it's origin to infinite ………may this short advice help u ……thank you

How hard is engineering at Monash Malaysia?

Probably no different to Monash Clayton since the course should be exactly the same. It’s been a while since I studied though, but it was difficult. You need to ensure you keep up with the course every week, every day really. If you think you can cruise during the first two weeks of every semester you are mistaken. It’s a hard degree. A bad lecturer can make all the difference between passing and failing. The study routine takes time to get used to. Do not underestimate the difficulties surrounding this.

Why do we read history?

Roosevelt once said “The more you know about past the better you are prepared for the future”.

In simple words, History is the study about the past.

As knowing about your ancestors makes you more clear about your family similarly knowledge about your past civilization, world, your country etc makes you more aware about them.

Only History can make you realise about the present world order and its current geo politics.

History leads you from your past to the Future.

Lastly,In words of Shashi tharoor ji , If you don’t know from where you have come from, how would you appreciate where we are going.

Is TDS applicable for dividend income from shares? If so, how does it work?

Dividend is tax-free in the hands of the shareholder provided he or she is an Indian resident or Non-Resident of India (NRI) and the company is a domestic one. Hence, the concept of tax deduction at source (TDS) is not applicable. Dividend income of over ₹10,00,000/- in a single financial year attracts a surcharge of 10% payable by the shareholder while filing for ITR[1].

However, if the dividends are received from a foreign company, then it is taxable at regular income tax rates as per the slabs. [2]It will be taxed under the heading “Income from Other Sources.” [3]

Hope this was useful.

Co-Founder & CEO, Fyers – Your Next-Generation Online Stockbroker


[1] All about Dividend Distribution Tax @ 15% to be paid by Companies

[2] Zero Tax on Dividends received from Indian Company/ Mutual Fund

[3] dividend, dividend received from foreign company, dividend received from indian company,

Which is better for modern Indian history, Bipan Chandra or Spectrum?

Every book is best in it’s own ways be it spectrum or Bipin Chandra. So let’s classify this discussion.


Spectrum by Rajiv Ahir is nothing but a simplified & lucid version of Bipin Chandra’s India’s struggle for Independence. Bipin Chandra’s narration in paragraph wise may make a person uncomfortable in some occasions. As spectrum’s narration is mostly point wise, it definitely has an upper hand over Bipin Chandra for readers. So for prelims, Spectrum + few tribal uprisings from Bipin Chandra(which are not covered in spectrum) is enough.


Though spectrum covers enough, it lags some content comparing Bipin Chandra. While spectrum is a presentation, Bipin chandra is an analysis. Usually mains questions are analytical & critical. So Bipin Chandra is highly recommended for GS 1(spectrum should not be left either).


If you are a student who opt history as the optional paper, then you should read Bipin Chandra, Spectrum along with SHEKHAR BANDOPADHYAY or SUMIT SARKAR + other sources are mostly preferred.

Can a JEE dropper be an IITian?


JEE droppers are only given a maximum of 2 attempts and hence, it is important that they make each of their attempts count & go through the syllabus , Important topics thoroughly.

Very often, even really bright students who are academically excellent fail to make it in the 1st attempt itself & that is really saying something.

If IIT’s accept only the best , then how come a lot of the best are left behind ?

This has a lot of simple yet very common reasons. This could be because the JEE aspirant didnt manage to cover entire syllabus & understand all the topics by the time of JEE.

Change your mindset:

First & foremost, dont think of this one year as a gap year, as many people refer to it. Dont let other & yourself call a dropper or a repeater.

With Virtual coaching classes & Online Video lectures, Test Series it will be easy for you.

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