How hard is it to get U.S citizenship/ Green Card if you are majoring in accounting?

When I read your question, I am confused by how getting a green card or citizenship is related to getting a degree in accounting.  If you go to US Citizenship and Immigration Services Online, it gives you all the requirements to apply for a green card and/or citizenship.  None of the requirements that I saw required you to create a balance sheet or income statement.  However, if you are going for an accounting degree (and passing with reasonably good grades), then you are obviously intelligent and would have an easier time of following the instructions and paying attention to the details to get one or the other.  Citizenship requires that a person pass a test that covers the basics of various aspects of America, so as a college student, you should know how to study and how to take tests, so that would probably be an advantage compared to someone without that level of education.

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