Supernatural (TV series): Which character on SPN would you want to have his/her own spin-off?

CROWLEY! Duh! I mean he's sassy, he's entertaining and he's the flipping king of hell! 😀
I love how complicated his character gets especially in season 9 and 10. Plus he was a laugh!
He's a good bad guy. 😀
His spin off could be based on how he became the king of hell from a mere crossroads demon. With flashbacks about his past, his idiot son and his witch of a mother. Also how he controlled and organized hell and tried pulling one over the Winchesters!

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  1. Charlie and Dorothy's Adventures in Oz: Charlie Bradbury and Dorothy Gale travel throughout Oz, defeating wicked witches, befriending good witches, trying to restore peace, and learning about magic. I would love it if Oz were depicted more like it is in Gregory Maguire's Wicked Years series than in the original Frank L. Baum books.

    Sioux Falls: Ever notice how an inordinate amount of crap seems to fall onto Sioux Falls. It's almost like having the Winchesters call a town home curses the ground. Luckily, the town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has Jody Mills. The show would give us more of her character and her grappling with the supernatural world in a consistent, small-town context, because of all the weird things that seem to be drawn there even after the Winchesters no longer call it their home. We would get to see her deal more with her sense of loss over her family, and the way she navigates the moral lines of dealing with monsters differently than the Winchesters. I think it'd also be cool if Alex (from "Alex Annie Alexis Ann") were the second protagonist, and her emotional journey of recovering from her life with the vampires while still embroiled in supernatural goings-on was a big part of the story.

    Men of Letters: Centering around Josie Sands, the first woman to ever get close to becoming a woman of letters. It would start with her introduction to the supernatural world, and go into her backstory (why doesn't she have any family?) and show how she met Henry, her struggle to be accepted amongst the MoL, and her triumphs along the way. The show could also delve deeper into that whole mythology, showing not only more of the supernatural world but also more of the Winchester family history. I'd love to see Henry and Josie struggle with the boundaries of being Men of Letters…Henry as the by-the-book scholar and Josie as the one who doesn't understand why they're willing to sit back and let the uninformed hunters do all the dirty work when they could be doing so much more than just keeping records. Of course…it would inevitably end in either tragedy or implied tragedy, considering what we know happened to her.

    Though after that horrible first attempt at a pilot, I would basically take anything that:

    • actually keeps with the established rules and tone of the Supernatural 'verse instead of turning it into SPN: Gossip Girl (not that there's anything wrong with Gossip Girl, but it's vastly different from SPN).
    • doesn't center around yet another woobie manchild protag who gets into the life for revenge/answers/whatever after the Woman He Loves is summarily killed off in the first episode.
    • continually acknowledges and maintains a connection with the goings-on in Supernatural, for as long as the show goes on (i.e. having big situations in Sam and Dean's storyline actually shown to affect the goings-on in the spin-off and vice-versa, unlike say…Torchwood: Children of Earth and Miracle Day).
    • further explores the moral gray areas that Sam and Dean continually either skirt around or roll right over without really addressing half the time, even showing another side to the way the Winchesters do things, or how the decisions they make have far-reaching negative consequences for the world at large…in a way that doesn't excuse them in the end
  2. If the CW greenlit a spin-off with Charlie Bradbury as the main character — holy crap. Sign me up RIGHT now. In fact, I'd love to see a spin-off where Charlie and Castiel were the main characters. They've spent a grand total of about two minutes together on screen, but off-camera, they're already great friends. Plus, I started "shipping" Cas and Charlie three years ago, right after she was introduced. I know, I know, she's a lesbian — but when you think about it, Cas doesn't really have a gender. Yeah, he's in a male VESSEL, but I think Charlie might be able to "work around" that issue. Or it could go the way I play her in a twitter role-playing account: totally with the girls, but makes an exception for angels. And even if there's no romance between them, they could still make a fantastic BroSisTP.

    I'd also watch a spin-off centered around Jody Mills. She smart, strong, courageous, and pretty damn nice to look at.

    I dunno if a spin-off about Benny would work. Between Vampire Diaries and Originals, CW's already got a lot of vamps on their hands.

    I think Crowley could TOTALLY star in his own spin-off, hands down.

    If we can reach into the "even if they're dead or 'dead'" category, then I propose Cas be joined by Gabriel and Balthazar and — I dunno, save the world a whole lot. (Never mind that Cas/Gabriel is another one of my favorite ships…)

    But above all others I put the name I've already mentioned: Castiel. He's my favorite character. And I would LOVE to explore bits and pieces of his life from before he met the Winchesters. So if Misha's up for it? LET'S DO THIS THING.

  3. So many good ideas, you are all right. It would be awesome to have a supernatural spin off. Why doesn't it have one yet ?

    Chicago plotline was so interesting but it needs to be developped. It was the introduction of a new hunter like Jody Mills and Garth. Yeah, Garth is werewolf but he's the happiest character on the show so i don't want a spin off with him. Because the writers have a tendency to make our favorite characters die, or worse. I don't want them to kill Garth, this little ball of rainbow.

    Charlie's aventures in Oz would be so much fun. I mean, they made her come back and they shortly sumed up everything that happened : that's too few information ! They let us hanging and now she's not coming back to Oz. Say it, tell it, show it to us ! How Badass-Charlie ended the war in Emerald City ? What happened to Dorothy ? Tell us !

    Of course, John Winchester hunting stories would be great ! We would get see more young Dean and young Sam, their christmas, their birthdays, their first hunts, all of it with brotherly bonding !

    Then there's the idea of a Castiel spin off. Well it could be nice, with feathers and black eyes. But Castiel is too much of a main character. Him gone, the Winchesters won't be the same in the show so I think he needs to stay with them.

    No, the spin off should be about Crowley. He's a great character played by a talented actor (everybody is, right ?). Hell is a big part of Supernatural and we should know more about it. Like other famous demons. The same can be said about Purgatory but the Leviathans are a pain in the ass and compared to demons that come from human souls. So yeah, would be good to see some crossroads demons.

    Speaking about Hell, Michael and Lucifer are in the cage. Some biblical history version Supernatural with Caïn and Abel and Chuck as God, the story of the brothers' bloodline. And of course the mark of Caïn and Lucifer's betrayal explained in details. But what I would be really looking for in a Lucifer's spin off is some brother time with Gabriel. And Adam because we need Adam.

    These are the spin offs I want to see. Seriously, they need to make one. At least a Ghostfacers webserie !

  4. Hands down,Charlie.
    She performed extremely well.
    Also,she ,her character brings in a whole new feel,which is quite intriguing.
    I would watch that spin off only for her charm.

  5. I liked the Bloodlines episode. I'm partial to things set in Chicago, but I felt like the five monster families was a great starting point and the whole episode felt like a repilot or an experiment in spinoff ideas.

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