Which platform is best for an Ecommerce website?

It’s hard to say for sure which platform is the best *for you* if we don’t know what are your needs and budget.

But I can say for sure that payever is the simplest eCommerce platform on the market and the only fully functional SaaS (Software as a Service) that is completely free.

The German company is also offering multiple management and marketing apps to help you attract customers and grow your business:

– Communication App, to help you stay in touch with customers;
– Contacts App, to keep track of your customers
– Marketing app, to send offers to your customers
– Facebook app, to let you add a Store Tab to your Facebook Page and sell directly on the social network
– Ads App, to help you promote products on social media with a single click
– Multiple payment gateways, including offline POS, so your customers can pay easier

All you have to do in order to start selling *today* is to register an account on payever website and follow a few easy and quick steps to set up your store.

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  1. Hello!

    Yes, there are a lot of different options nowadays. It depends on your goals and needs. I just want to introduce very useful multifunctional solution, pretty integrated one.

    I am talking about UserEngage.io marketing automation platform. The biggest advantage of UserEngage is that covers everything under one roof.

    It has a plenty of integrations useful for E-commerce website:

    Basically, UserEngage.io is a marketing automation platform, that includes main ingredients for the effective potion for customers’ engagement:

    • data collecting (the analytical approach, user tracking to identify what your users like mostly on your website, to learn their preferences)
    • live chat (for the fast communication, lead nurturing)
    • actions ( tool, which helps to to show your users a particular message based on their activity on the website and the information gathered or for making the email campaigns, drip marketing campaigns, newsletters, send chat messages and sms).
    • NEW! own CRM inside the app! With Deals, Activity and Companies. Check it out here: UserEngage.io Now it is under testing, however very soon it will be implemented to the app.

    And here is the link to the page for E-commerce: UserEngage.io

  2. At present, There are 2 major platforms for ecommerce website development, Shopify and magento . In it, magento is the most commonly used ecommerce platform, claiming 14% of the top million sites versus 6% for Shopify.

    Major advantages for magento ecommerce development are

    1)Custom theme Implementation

    Every online buying commercial enterprise is special and specific. With Magento, there are tons of CSS customization alternatives equipped to apply for web design. With a specialized Magento theme developing team each business can build their own customized theme for online sale

    2)Mobile and SEO optimization

    Magento is understood for keeping up with cell internet design requirements and supplying superior SEO solutions at the identical time. Mobile visitors expect to have a extremely good experience while touchdown on a positive internet site. If that website satisfies them absolutely, chances are that they will preserve surfing round that web page. However, if a internet site isn’t cell friendly, it'll disturb the high quality user experience, for that reason, end result to a traveller leaving the website completely. A website’s search engine optimization score does affect the quantity of hits a website will acquire. In regards to search engine optimization, Magento is up to date with the modern search engine marketing ranking factors. It provides high-quality URL structure and meta-implementation alternatives required for search engine optimization. Magento additionally includes analytics for tracking net traffic. This is one of the most prominent functions of Magento.

    3)Multiple Store Management

    With magento, running and managing online business 24-7 has become stress-free. Before magento, managing multiple stores from single administrative panel was inconvenient. Now with magento, each store can be setup in single admin panel with its unique product catalogue.

    4)Payment and shipping integration

    By allowing 3rd party integrations, Magento gives an online store bigger space for custom integrations. This is one of the most crucial benefits of Magento eCommerce platform that makes it the best choice. Every online store has something different to offer. Magento allows every store to be customized to its own preferences. The 3rd party integrations include major web applications and payment gateways.

    For more information please click here

    5)Inbuild mobile app API

    Last but not least, Magento is mobile friendly too. The mobile apps of magento allows store integration across multiple devices to work efficiently on Smartphones, Notebook, iPad etc.

    Magento is a well built platform in all the terms either it is security or stability. Many e-commerce web development companies have adopted this open source platform open hearty.

    For detailed information on magento platform, Please visit etailersouq ( ecommerce development company in dubai )

  3. I suggest two steps which let you focus on sales instead of technology:

    • Shopify (product) for your initial, easy to perform, low-customization, micro-business implementations. Relatively short time to launch, not a lot of effort that goes into it. Downside: higher cost per transaction sometimes going into double digits which doesn't hurt you when you don't have a lot of customers.
    • Spree (e-commerce platform) for the expansion stage of your business when you know what you want and have several customization requirements.  You can count on our (Ruby on Rails & Spree Commerce Developers) expert advice in that area

    I would recommend using open-source Spree Commerce for the following reasons:

    1. FLEXIBILITY & DEVELOPMENT SPEED: Spree is written in Ruby on Rails (web framework), highly customizable and well supported by the community (several useful extensions). With Spree you can release an MVP faster than with any other framework.
    2. CUSTOM LOOK: On the front-end you can use Bootstrap (CSS Framework) which is a template / theme framework which let's you create your custom Mobile-ready, Responsive Web Design
    3. FACEBOOK-LIKE UI: On the front-end we also use React (JavaScript library), which is created, supported and used by Facebook for a facebook-like user experience.
    4. SEO SUPPORT: Relevant, Meaningful URLs, On Page Keyword Targeting, Clean Content thanks to Twitter Bootstrap, a responsive CSS framework search-enginge-friendly, On Site Performance Optimization Minimizing HTTP requests for better search engine crawler behavior
    5. UNLIMITED SKUs: Spree can be optimized and cached in multiple layers to sustain millions of SKUs. We've built a marketplace with 3 million SKUs which handled 15.000 requests per minute in load testing / DDoS simulation.
    6. CUSTOM PROMOTIONS: Promotions within Spree are used to provide discounts to orders, as well as to add potential additional items at no extra cost. Promotions can be activated in three different ways: when a user adds a product to their cart, enters a coupon code during the checkout process or visits a page within the Spree store
    7. CUSTOM REPORTS: Spree has a sales reports module in the admin panel. You can also use additional extensions to create custom reports that fit your more complex requirements.
    8. EXTERNAL ANALYTICS: Spree easily integrates with Google Analytics, Mixpanel and other analytics tools.

    Hope it helps.

  4. Hi there,

    Since you must have already given a shot to the most popular ones, I would like you to explore a newly launched Website Builder + Ecommerce cart- "GOSHLY"

    Have a look at this video to know what Goshly is all about

    With Goshly you get:

    -Stunning responsive themes

    -Dedicated ecommerce dashboard
    -Multiple Tax settings
    -Affiliate referrals

    -Real time shipping rates & much more

    Moreover, Goshly offers a 14 day free trial so you can first explore the full functionality of the tool before going ahead with the subscription.

  5. The best e-commerce development platform are magento and prestashop. I have already explained the benefits of using this platform you can read that here

    Before pitching into any platform you should consider these six important factors,

    1. Is it developer friendly?
    2. Secure and multiple payment gateway integration service.
    3. Tools that can be integrated.
    4. SEO friendly platform.
    5. Mobile application services.
    6. Availability of themes and modules.

    Hope this helps !

  6. Last half a decade has bought a great development in the E-commerce sector and made the current time a perfect one to make an E-commerce website launch. Naming a particular E-commerce platform the best one for your E-commerce launch is not an easy task.
    What may be the best for one may not be the same for the next as the requirements vary for every Online Store. But if we take a review of all the features and services offered at this time, then, I must vouch for Ratoon: Create an Online Store, Ecommerce Website, Webstore with Ratoon. What vindicates my recommendation and Ratoon as the best E-commerce platform for now are its services. Few of them are:

    1. Dedicated Accounts manager to keep a manage and upscale  your E-commerce website's performance.
    2. Secured .Net framework to launch your E-commerce Store.
    3. Complete Online Marketing Support to ensure higher visibility of your Online Store.
    4. Payment Gateway and Logistics Integration Support to empower the users with all facilities integrated.
    5. SEO and Web analytics support

    You may log on to http://www.ratoon.com/ for more insight.

  7. StoreHippo provides very good support for set up and I have used it for B2C as well as B2B ecommerce business of my clients. It is basically a DIY platform built on latest and the fastest technology stack- The M.E.A.N Stack which gears up your online business for mobile commerce as well with no additional cost.

    They also provide integrated logistics, payment gateways, analytics tool, marketing tools, mobile apps, customer engagement tools and other pre-integrated third party applications that allows to roll out online stores in minimal time with full fledged functionality. Their features and services are customizable and flexible and even suit the business that are beyond the scope of e-commerce.

    Apart from the regular benefits StoreHippo offers some unique advantages over other platforms:

    • Mobile ready platform that helps in getting omni channel traffic effortlessly
    • Mobile first Single Page Architecture that enhances user experience
    • Mobile friendly stores that give competitive edge to your business
    • Multi seller marketplace functionality that converts any online store into Amazon like marketplace
    • Extensive Customization to create brand identity
    • Extremely affordable yet feature rich plans that suit every budget
    • Advance features like device based themes, custom form builder, Multi-store, etc.

    I have been able to help my clients scale up their business in record time thanks to the advance and customer friendly platform of StoreHippo. I recommend to try their 14 day free trial store to explore the features and ease of use.

    Disclaimer : I am working as Business Development Executive with Storehippo.

  8. I have solution for you! I want to recommend you UserEngage.

    This marketing automation platform includes three most useful features for user engagement process:

    • data collecting ( the user’s analysis process)
    • live chat ( tool for customer support and CRM)
    • actions ( tool, which helps to show your users a particular message based on their activity on the website and the information gathered). A very useful thing! Doing like a puzzle you can create every action, concerning the lead, to be taken automatically.
  9. Webnexs is highly customizable and its basic features to use. It’s easy set up makes it perfect for small to medium businesses, and by 130+ themes, templates, you’ll be able to get your Ecommerce site to where you want it easily. It’s also available in 40 languages.


    It includes product listing, payments, catalog management, tax systems, shop customization, a user friendly back office, SEO and more. There are inbuilt tools to maximize conversion, helping customers to find their way around the site quickly, with a one page checkout to allow customers to make their purchase speedily

    Best Ecommerce Platform

  10. Ecommerce Software – Best Ecommerce Platform Made for You – Free Trial

    i would like suggest you shopify

    and also advice you to try free account for 15 day , try n test it then decide youself . shopify is best platform as per my experience ,

    for more query

    contact : skgnift@gmail.com whatapp 9560360064 ..

  11. Well, there are numerous eCommerce platforms are available like Magento, Prestashop, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Bigcommerce, opencart and there are designing software also available like template-toaster, webo, arty, dreamweaver etc.. You may choose any out of them. But, what matters is that what type of websit you want to createm, what functionalities you want to have into your websites, which CMS or software etc..

  12. Most popular platforms for eCommerce site are Magento and WooCommerce sharing market over 50%.

    Another are shopify, volusion and many more.

    Magento is one of the widely used open-source ecommerce platform for businesses which is ready to take full and complete benefits of an online store channel.

    You can hire magento developer and build your store.

  13. I would suggest you to go for magento development. Magento is the best platform for an ecommerce website. It provides various marketing tools and extensions that are useful to make a user friendly ecommerce website.

    Magento is an open source platform providing multi-store functionalities and security. It also offers an WYSIWYG (what you sere is what you get) editor which implies that you don’t require more technical knowledge to build an ecommerce website.

    Magento is considered as the best ecommerce platform because it provides custom integration and also provides user friendly environment.

  14. Best Multi-vendor E commerce Solution is Start Your Multi-Vendor E-commerce Store @ $250 with YoKart

    Please review this system features on the above URL …..

  15. There are many web development platforms available for Ecommerce but, I will suggest you Open source – Magento as it is rapidly becoming the foremost choice for eCommerce web sites. If you are looking for best ecommerce web devlopment services then i will suggest you The Brihaspati Infotech , as they offer their services for creating online web stores for clients that help in maximizing their online business sales.

  16. Inde Ecom Services is the best ecommerce solution which provide high-quality, cost-effective information technology business solutions and professional consulting services in order to   address the needs of our customers.
    For more information pls visit: http://www.inde3.co/
    Catch us on 9962683332 / 044 26210078
    For Queries Mail to hello@inde3.in

  17. I believe that Magento is the best platform for e-commerce. The main advantages of Magento are described in this article: Why Magento is Best eCommerce Platform .

  18. There are many options and lots of website builders available online, but it all depends On what your budget is really, as I always prefer Magento, I think its best for eCommerce web store design.

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