What is it like to be a data scientist at eBay?

Do you want to have data flow over you like a torrent?  Do you want more aspects of human interaction than even facebook or google at your fingertips?  Do you want to intimately know about data disclosure laws in Luxemburg?

It is truly awesome.  Not perfect, but there are a handful of places in the world that would make a data scientist happier than ebay.  Marketing, anti-fraud, capacity, infosec, etc. are all just *so big*.  The hardest part is actually selecting your problem and staying focused.

How do I piece things back together after recovery from deep existential depression?

Five Recommendations

First, invest in the platform for your life – your body. While your depression may never return, no one can rule out a physical component. You’re more likely to find life rewarding if you take care of yourself. Wear sunscreen. Exercise, etc.

Second, accept that most other people are practically another species. I commend (and share) your desire to embrace all the experience and emotion that life has to offer. That doesn’t transform us into “one of the gang”. Our experience remains one that other people just won’t get. Look at how many Quora questions aim to grasp the mere meaning of the word “existentialism” – what other concept has made so little sense to so many people? It will cause you heartache to deny this.

Third, find the source of your intellectual masochism. You already spent a decade in grey over a question without an answer, so why are you chasing another question that has no answer? I do that because I don’t want to accept the absurdity—the feeling that I’m being Punk'd in The Matrix, spinning invisible thread for a naked Emperor—and I don’t want to accept the freedom and responsibility that comes from having no rule book. But don’t take my reason, figure out your own.

Fourth, figure this out: do you really want to sing and dance, or do you feel like you could if you wanted to? If you just want to sing and dance, the Nike method will solve all your problems, and systematic will follow. But people that plainly want to sing and dance don’t usually worry about doing it systematically. More likely, you want to know something – to feel less unsure, more agile, more at home in your newly vibrant, but unfamiliar world. If you want something like that, or something harder to describe, try to figure out how to describe what your really want.

Fifth, and only take this recommendation if the preceding points made sense to you:

How do you change the head in a GIF image?

You can change head image very fast if you have photoshop CC version.

and you know how to use photoshop.

Basic skills of photoshop require to do that.

Step 3 — Open the video with Photoshop. To do this, just navigate to File > Import > Video Frames to Layers. Select the video file you want and Photoshop will open it as a series of still frames. You can choose to import the entire video from beginning to end, or use sliders to select a smaller portion of the clip. Limiting the frames will make the file smaller, but will also make the video more choppy.

Step 4 — Mess with the settings. You can adjust color balance and whatnot with Photoshop at this point if you’d like. When you have everything looking perfect, head to File > Save for Web. You’ll then be met with a window that looks something like this:

All of these settings can be tweaked to make your GIF smaller. Ideally, you’ll want to make it no larger than 1MB so that it won’t take ages to load on webpages. Play with all of these until you find a sweet spot.

  • Colors: This limits the number of colors used to create the image, so the higher the better. Only drop down to 128 or lower if you must, or if your GIF doesn’t have much color to begin with
  • Dither: Dithering scatters different colored pixels in an image to make it appear as though there are intermediate colors in images with a limited color palette. Higher settings will yield better looking images, but will also make the file larger
  • Lossy: Use this setting to apply an intentional drop in quality. A lower setting is better, but some loss of quality might be necessary to make your file small enough
  • Size: Changing the dimensions of your GIF can have a huge impact on the size of the file.
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Should we consider Modi as PM as Kejriwal said no for Lok-Shabha election and Congress is not promoting Rahul Gandhi ?

Any party or leader with a vision of future India and courage to implement the policies beneficial to the country and her people can be voted to power. Both Congress and BJP have their cadre, manifesto, experience with them.They have their shares of praise and criticism for their past deeds and misdeeds. AAP is a new formation, it is yet to take a regular shape. It is full of hope and fresh energy, but lags in matters of programs, policies, organization and experience. They have rightly decided to play a second fiddle this time. Congress,too, is playing it safe. So the choice is obvious.

What's better at cleaning tools? Rubbing Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide?

Both will kill microbes so it's a wash (no pun intended) in terms of disinfecting ability. 

In terms of ability to solvate grime, alcohol is the clear winner. Oil and dirt is much more soluble alcohol than a 2% solution if peroxide.  A 2% solution of peroxide will have about the same solvating ability of pure water (not very good for oil).

Generally speaking, I would reach for the alcohol.

How do you keep your in-ear headphones from falling out while running?

I suggest Jabra SPORT PULSE

The company introduced the Jabra Sport Pulse – the first wireless headset with built-in sensor to measure heart rate. Novelty can work in tandem with a headset Jabra Sport Life and has the support of the voice guidance, motivating during exercise (English, German and French), as well as technology Dolby Digital. Jabra Sport Pulse modules are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, and their design contribute to good anchorage in-ear headphones.

These earbuds have also been built with the outdoor athlete in mind. They are surprisingly durable, and have been designed to resist rain, dust, and the shock that comes with being dropped. Jabra knew that they had to make the Sport Pulse earbuds tough and dependable, and it shows in how well they are constructed.

Since these are wireless earbuds with a heart rate monitor attached, they also have a built-in rechargeable battery. That battery is good for about four hours of life before it needs to be recharged. That means you'll have to remember to plug in and charge yet another device if you want to use these regularly. For me, I can get about three normal workouts from these earbuds before I need to juice them up again. Optimally, I'd love to see the battery life at least doubled, but considering how small these headphones are there will need to be some significant breakthroughs in battery technology to make that happen anytime soon. For now, you'll have to recharge these headphones often, and keep your standard pair of wired earbuds close by just in case. Fortunately, the Sport Life app provides information about the current level of charge on the batteries, which is a good reminder of when it is time to plug them in.

Source: Best Headphones For Running 2017

When Marcus Luttrell sold the movie rights to Lone Survivor, did he retain any creative control?

I could not find anything on the Web that indicated whether or not he legally held creative control, but Peter Berg extensively used him and the SEALs he was able to bring to the production. Marcus was on set for a good chunk of the production and was giving instruction to the stuntmen portraying his fall down the mountain. Marcus also consulted on the production and had help from the SEAL teams.

Video: Behind the scenes of ‘Lone Survivor’ weapons training