How do you keep your in-ear headphones from falling out while running?

I suggest Jabra SPORT PULSE

The company introduced the Jabra Sport Pulse – the first wireless headset with built-in sensor to measure heart rate. Novelty can work in tandem with a headset Jabra Sport Life and has the support of the voice guidance, motivating during exercise (English, German and French), as well as technology Dolby Digital. Jabra Sport Pulse modules are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, and their design contribute to good anchorage in-ear headphones.

These earbuds have also been built with the outdoor athlete in mind. They are surprisingly durable, and have been designed to resist rain, dust, and the shock that comes with being dropped. Jabra knew that they had to make the Sport Pulse earbuds tough and dependable, and it shows in how well they are constructed.

Since these are wireless earbuds with a heart rate monitor attached, they also have a built-in rechargeable battery. That battery is good for about four hours of life before it needs to be recharged. That means you'll have to remember to plug in and charge yet another device if you want to use these regularly. For me, I can get about three normal workouts from these earbuds before I need to juice them up again. Optimally, I'd love to see the battery life at least doubled, but considering how small these headphones are there will need to be some significant breakthroughs in battery technology to make that happen anytime soon. For now, you'll have to recharge these headphones often, and keep your standard pair of wired earbuds close by just in case. Fortunately, the Sport Life app provides information about the current level of charge on the batteries, which is a good reminder of when it is time to plug them in.

Source: Best Headphones For Running 2017

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  1. Have you tried different Eartips and Stabilizers

    Sometimes it helps just changing the size you can get them from their website: Eartips Fit Kit, Black (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large eartips, 1 left stabilizer, 1 right stabilizer) – Spare Eartips and Stabilizers for BackBeat GO 2

    You can also get them from “other brands”

    Another possible idea would be to use some sort of a headband over them.

    Many of them come with built in earphones but you can find them with no headphones attached.

    Just an idea.

  2. Any in-ear earbud will stay in your ear while running if it fits properly. Just find some you like the sound with and go run. The only real “tricks” I do to ensure they stay in is using memory foam pads for them (the standard silicone ones that come with 90% of earbuds just feel icky to begin with. Plus the memory foam will not create suction on the ear if you push it in hard since air can leak through the foam to normalize the pressure. I usually use relatively cheap earbuds. If I lose them or they get wet, no biggie.

    On daily runs, I use an iPod shuffle that I clip it to my hat, bundle the cable up and hold it down with the Velcro strap of the headband adjustment for the hat. Running anything over 18 miles or so, particularly for a marathon or ultra, I'll clip the Shuffle to my Fuel Belt and run the earbud cable up my back and safety pin the “Y” of the cable to the back collar of my shirt. That leaves me free to easily take my hat off to pour some water on my head or turn my hat backwards from time to time as part of cooling off a bit.

    The Yurbuds are marketed to be THE buds that won't fall out but they are the only ones I actually have trouble keeping in (and I have two different pairs and, yes, I know how to properly insert and lock them in place). I'm just sticking with some cheap ones I love…some old Memorex buds EB110 that I think were discontinued a while back but you can still snag them on eBay for 10–15 bucks. For earbuds, they have very decent bass response.

    The memory foam pads can be bought on eBay very cheap (likely out of China) but you get something like 3–4 pairs for just a few bucks. They lock onto any earbuds I own.

    Hope this helps. Keep running!

  3. I love Running Headphones and I can use this type of headphones whether i will go to gym or even doing BOXING! Really! =)

    Tips on how to choose earbuds/headphones that doesn’t fall easily..

    1. choose a wireless headphones that has a rubbery backwire.
    2. be sure their branded! I hate those china manufactured headphones.. its cheap but it easily gets destroyed or damaged
    3. Be sure to ask the sales person on what type of headphones that doesn't fall easily

    My favorite headphones is Phaiser which is really affordable and flexible for any watery situations.. like if you are a person like my over 120kl… well you will really pour those sweat alot! But if you are a person that has the budget you might go for a bose Qc20 since it is a more popular brand than phaiser you will have the feel of “sound surround”

    keep in mind that everybody is different.. so its a preference choice of a human body that wants to be satisfied.. =)

    burn those fats!

  4. I use yurbuds. They're built specifically for athletes and address two common problems I had with other in-ear headphones: falling out, and water (sweat) resistance. The yurbuds twist into place in your ear and "lock" in. I have not had them fall out once over hours and hours of running both inside and outside. Another problem for me, and this was a bigger problem, is that the mic/control unit on most headphones isn't water resistant. As I would start perspiring, sweat would get in there and start making the controls go haywire; fast-forwarding, pausing, etc.. It's hard to find headphones that don't have those controls any more, so I tried covering those controls with tape on previous headphones. That didn't work. Just as I was about to try to cut the control off, and splice the wire back together, I came across the yurbuds, which specifically advertised that they were water resistant. Three years later, I'm still running with they yurbuds without ever having had them fall out or fast forward a song.



    This is both dangerous and boring.

    It’s dangerous because you can’t hear things like cars, bicyclists, dogs, other runners, etc. who all pose a danger to you (and vice versa) if you are running unawares.

    It is boring because you can’t hear the nature around you if you are running through a park or something similar and you can’t hear the conversations with other people you may be running with.

    Running with headphones is all around a bad idea, at least use a speaker instead.

  6. I completely agree with you, Sometime it’s very difficult for everyone How do you handle the ear buds when you are not enjoying music?

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  7. The best solution for this is for you to get a wireless earphones in that way you will not worry anymore about wires tangling and pulling out from your phone. I find these earpods Our Pods very helpful. They are truly wireless. The pack includes earhooks to keep them from falling out. Imagine running without worries while enjoying your favorite song. You might want to check them.

  8. A few ways to fix up your current set up.

    -Comply™ Foam Tips – Replacement Earphone Tips

    these little doodads really hold the earbuds in your ears much more tightly than the usual tips. Often, this tightness is enough to hold my earbuds in even during exercise.

    -Earbud ear hooks

    these are little adjustable hooks that hang on your ears and hold the earbud. I know monster earbuds often come with them and you can find replacement ones on ebay: ear hook earbuds , but itll be interesting to try to find ones that fit your headphones.

    Good luck! We all need good jams when we run.

  9. The best answer to this problem would be to purchase headphones that have the clips that attach to your ears. These headphones are produced specifically for working out/athletics and that’s why they often have “sports” headphone in the name. It is also helpful to get waterproof headphones if you're using them for running to protect from rain and sweat.

    It is even more helpful if you buy headphones that have bluetooth capability so they are not attached to a device by a cord. This can often get in the way of your mobility and often cause ear buds to get dislodged from ears. This is a perfect example of ear buds perfect for running and other physical activities

    Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Earphones

    These headphones, along with other very similar designs can be found at this link or Headphone HQ . These particular headphones only cost $24 on this site and can’t be beat for athletes at this price.

  10. I use Bose® – IE2 Earbud Headphones – Black, White, which hangs in my ear when I run. The earbuds stay on your ears,and it hardly falls out.

  11. I use Bose Freestyle, Indigo. Bose Freestyle Earbuds, Indigo – Wired: Home Audio & Theater

    These fit perfectly in your ears and the silicon earbud ensures it never falls off.

    They are also sweat resistant and can be used for running.

    I run once or twice a week and I have been using them for over an year without any issue.

  12. Well, I too wanted to make my contemporary earphone more secure as it often fall while running.

    And I came across this wonderful blog post that offered great solution for many such queries.

    Check it out, Never let the earphones trouble you again with these cool Earphone hacks.

  13. I recently bought Bose SoundSport Bluetooth headphones.

    They’re brilliant and are designed for people running. They don't fall and the sound quality as always with Bose is awesome.

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