If Russia and the US each freeze each other's foreign assets due to the Ukraine crisis, who loses more?

It may depend on how the assets are frozen.

There may be the option of selectively freezing the assets of the key players and decision makers responsible for violating international law.  This way, not all of Russia's assets would be frozen, just the assets of those responsible…which would hopefully encourage them to back down.

Other parts of the world connected with those assets would also take a bit of a hit.  However, we don't really know how Putin would respond, which assets around the world he would freeze, and how legal it would be for him to freeze them.

Exactly why is tummy sleeping a SIDS risk?

I had been working as a nurse over 10 years when this began. There were many studies done. I won't cite them here but the prevailing theory is not exactly that the babies suffocated but more that there is a decreased intake of oxygen and has a decreased release of carbon dioxide, possibly from rebreathing the same air in small pockets of the bed linen. What I do know is that I saw many fewer cases after the change began.

On a bright note. A baby who is sleeping on your chest is in a more upright position and not rebreathing.

So cuddle your baby and enjoy his naps in that close embrace and when you put him down, put him on his back.