Are there any spiritually enlightened people living today?

Other worldly edification is genuine. It is a condition of immaculate mindfulness that is free from the babbling mind and continually interfacing with the Infinite All-Loving All-Powerful Light from the God Source. One of the issues with discourses on illumination is the reality it is to some degree subtle to characterize.

There is a considerable measure of myths about what an enlightened individual resembles, and some of those thoughts hoist these individuals to super-human. While there are the individuals who have accomplished astounding capacities, edification is about cognizance and mindfulness significantly more than fulfillment of abilities or forces.

In the event that we perceive the characteristics of illumination with so much attributes as amazing quality, self-acknowledgment, brilliant light, profound peace, non-duality and the disintegration of needs, needs, longings, or repugnance’s, at that point we can state there are numerous who have achieved that.

Special case who has achieved that awareness is adequately mindful to know whether others have. It is not a matter of judgment or measurement. Anything the brain characterizes is not the response to this inquiry, and accordingly no measure of examination or correlation can land at precision in this issue. It involves acknowledgment and mindfulness and however the numbers might be little; it is far bigger than the individuals who have turned out to be other worldly legends.

They are propelled understudies – gifted specialists. They have surrendered to the wellspring of Grace inside themselves and end up plainly discharge vessels from which Heaven can communicate.

They are not Gods, Avatars or impeccable people. Understanding what edification is enables us to see them for what they genuinely are: go-between between the condition of physical partition and our characteristic otherworldly reality. Such individuals have awesome endowments to give. In any case, they stay individuals.

In what capacity would one be able to potentially judge and assess somebody's otherworldly commitments? We surely don't have the vantage point to pass such judgments. Moreover, even the littlest blessing or the most straightforward motion can be an extraordinary profound showing on the off chance that it originates from Spirit.

By and by, I wish to feature this charitable person who has propelled me to achieve further inside. My guru Rakesh Ranjan, has a yoga school in Goa, India, called the Rakesh Yoga School. I learned a great deal from him, and to learn more about his teachings visit the school or visit the website:

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  1. There are 1000s of them, but most of them live a common life like us and we can’t recognise them. I am providing the list of a few who are providing spiritual guide (online as well as offline) and whom I know.

    1. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev , Isha Foundation
    2. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (suggested by Archa Ghodge )
    3. Eckhart Tolle
    4. Sandeep Maheswari (CEO of Largest Collection of Indian Images and Videos) : SandeepMaheshwariSpirituality
    5. Prashant Tripathi (Advait) : Acharya Prashant
    6. Moojiji
    7. BK Shivani (Brahma Kumaris – Home) :
    8. Rupert Spira
    9. Mingyur Rinpoche
    10. Adyashanti

    Spiritually Enlightened people who have once lived, and whose teachings are available with us to enlighten us.

    1. Budha
    2. Swami Vivekananda
    3. Jiddu Krishnamurti
    4. Rumi
    5. Raman Maharshi
    6. Lao Tzu
    7. Astavakra
    8. Osho

    PS : will keep on updating as and when I will get to know.

  2. You are that person. Spirituality is a hogwash. Please watch videoes of U. G. Krishnamurti on YouTube. You can start with the video titled ‘You see nothing'. You will realize, you (as you are actually at present which is evident from the question you have asked and are dealing answer) are nothing but a thought. Until you come to this understanding, you will keep asking, searching, seeking miracles, looking for escape from pain, remain confuse…… . If you somehow be able to realise that you are nothing but a thought (like Arjuna who was asking so many questions to Krishna in Kurukshetra) which doesn't have any locus standi from hammering of U. G. or something else, you will stop searching for answers for such/similar stupid questions. Kabeer has said long long back – Jab main tha, tab Hari nahin tha; ab Hari hai main nahi (loosely translated :When I was present, God was absent; now God is present, I am absent).Here ‘I’ is thought and God is Truth (Source/That). Only 180 degree (unlearning/throwing out accumulated knowkedge of spirituality and seeing afresh) is required to hammer the thought ‘I'. Leave/delegate this dirty and painful work to U. G. Just watch his videoes. You may listen to his talk titled ‘ Are you Sure of That?’[1]


    [1] U.G. Krishnamurti – Are You Sure of That?

  3. Eckhart Tolle
    Page on – youtubelink
    Eckhart Tolle, born Ulrich Leonard Tölle on February 16, 1948) is a German-born resident of Canada, best known as the author of The Power of Now and A New Earth. In 2011, he was listed by the Watkins Review as the most spiritually influential person in the world. In 2008, a New York Times writer called Tolle "the most popular spiritual author in the United States".

    Tolle has said that he was depressed for much of his life until he underwent, at age 29, an "inner transformation". He then spent several years wandering and unemployed "in a state of deep bliss" before becoming a spiritual teacher. Later, he moved to North America where he began writing his first book, The Power of Now, which was published in 1997 and reached the New York Times Best Seller lists in 2000.
    Official Site – Spiritual Teachings and Tools For Personal Growth and Happiness

  4. As per my research after testing with different authentications, I found one guru he is Siddhaguru Sri Ramanananda Maharshi who lives in Hyderabad.I proudly say that he is my guru because he gives what you require based upon certain criteria.

    My Experience that I confirmed him as a Guru…

    It was in 2009, My father was suffering from Lung Cancer and I was Job less at that time, I was crying in Shirdi Sai Baba temple to get rid of that trouble. We have a lakh rupees which was not sufficient for the treatment. One of the devotees of Ramanananda Maharshi working in the temple gave me a book “Atma Darshana Anubhuthi” Telugu version authored by Ramanananda Maharshi to read. In that it was written as Maharshi experienced the Samadhi for 21 days. Some sort of peace have entered my mind after reading that book.But I was not completely convinced to accept him as my guru.

    When I was asleep I have seen a dream where Ramanananda Maharshi was in deep meditation sitting on a black stone, after some time he left and Lord Rudra and Shirdi Saibaba entered , Lord Rudra wrote some thing on the black stone (where Ramanananda Maharshi Meditated) and they left.

    As soon as they left , I saw the matter on the black stone and it is written by Lord Rudra as “ The one who rejoiced the bliss of Brahmananda (Self-realization) for 21 days. He is Ramanananda Maharshi”.

    After that, I had his darshan on July 25th 2010 at Shirdi ,I felt a state of ecstasy which I did not experience before . I decided that he is my guru.

    My father’s cancer problem is resolved and with his divine grace still working in Jain Irrigation Systems at Kondamadugu Village near Bibinagar, Hyderabad in Central Excise Department.

    I do not say to blindly follow my words. Test him by asking few questions

    When he got realized?

    What is his experience of Samadhi?

    Will he capable of bestowing you Samadhi?

  5. The answer to this question might require more thinking and reasoning regarding our concept of  "Enlightenment".

    Before that let us ask ourselves following Questions:-

    1. If a person is Enlightened why would he enter again into this dreadful realm of Human Beings?
    2. As we already saw from scriptures that these "Enlightened Beings" had to go through through some real hardships in their path for "Enlightenment".  Then why would they even care about You and Me or even any other Human. Assuming that they know we are fools and would not like to stay with us mere Mortals as they might be enjoying some really good stuffs out there(Enlightened Place).

    Following are the the types of Enlightened beings(Hinduism and Buddhism):-

    1. Another Concept aka  Concept of "BUDDHA" as well as "SIDDHA".  These two concepts of Hinduism challenges the concept of the so called "Enlightened Beings".
    2. "Buddha" according to Hinduism means the "Enlightened One" but here he also helps mere Mortals and fallen Creatures aka Humans and other fools to reach the path of Enlightenment just as they themselves did.(These Guys teach but they don't get indulged into this Realm)
    3. "Siddha" also means the "Enlightened One" but here instead of Teaching other mortals and Fools. These guys keep a Veil around themselves in order to fool others making sure that they are not identified. These Guys return back to this dreadful world in order to Complete some unfinished task.(These Guys don't teach directly but they do get indulged into this Realm for helping society.)

      Finally who is "Siddha" as well as "Buddha"?

      Well we humans call him "GOD".

      This guy has many different names by the way so lets not get into it.

    So my friend you might be sitting next to a "Enlightened Being".

    There is a Saying in Hinduism:- "Jane kiss roop me Narayana miljaaye".

    Translation:- "Who  knows in what form you may find (The Enlightened Siddha)".

    P.S:- There have been many Enlightened beings in past and  are here in present as well as  they would be there in the Future.

    You might also be the One Who knows?

    Hope this helps..

  6. It is sure that many people who are spiritually enlightened are living today. Ekhart Tolle and Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev are the names I can suggest you on the basis of their enlightenment experience which were almost same as the enlightenment experiece of  Osho and Jaddu Krishnmurti. All of them have experienced pain, depression, and loss of mind experience before the moment of enlightenment.

    Osho described his enlightenment in these Words"

    Near about twelve my eyes suddenly opened—I had not opened them. The sleep was broken by something else. I felt a great presence around me in the room. It was a very small room. I felt a throbbing life all around me, a great vibration—almost like a hurricane, a great storm of light, joy, ecstasy. I was drowning in it.

    It was so tremendously real that everything became unreal. The walls of the room became unreal, the house became unreal, my own body became unreal. Everything was unreal because now there was for the first time reality.

    That night for the first time I understood the meaning of the word maya. Not that I had not known the word before, not that I was not aware of the meaning of the word. As you are aware, I was also aware of the meaning—but I had never understood it before. How can you understand without experience?

    That night another reality opened its door, another dimension became available. Suddenly it was there, the other reality, the separate reality, the really real, or whatsoever you want to call it—call it god, call it truth, call it dhamma, call it tao, or whatsoever you will. It was nameless. But it was there—so opaque, so transparent, and yet so solid one could have touched it. It was almost suffocating me in that room. It was too much and I was not yet capable of absorbing it.

    A deep urge arose in me to rush out of the room, to go under the sky—it was suffocating me. It was too much! It will kill me! If I had remained a few moments more, it would have suffocated me—it looked like that."

    Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev describes his experience, "Till that moment in my life I always thought this is me and that's somebody else and something else. But for the first time I did not know which is me and which is not me. Suddenly, what was me was just all over the place. The very rock on which I was sitting, the air that I breathe, the very atmosphere around me, I had just exploded into everything. That sounds like utter insanity. This, I thought it lasted for ten to fifteen minutes but when I came back to my normal consciousness, it was about four-and-a-half-hours I was sitting there, fully conscious, eyes open, but time had just flipped."

    Ekhart Tolle says he experienced an "inner transformation".

    That night he awakened from his sleep, suffering from feelings of depression that were "almost unbearable," but then experienced a life-changing epiphany. Recounting the experience, Tolle says,

    I couldn’t live with myself any longer. And in this a question arose without an answer: who is the ‘I’ that cannot live with the self? What is the self? I felt drawn into a void! I didn’t know at the time that what really happened was the mind-made self, with its heaviness, its problems, that lives between the unsatisfying past and the fearful future, collapsed. It dissolved. The next morning I woke up and everything was so peaceful. The peace was there because there was no self. Just a sense of presence or “beingness,” just observing and watching.

  7. The current understanding of this term is a rebound from the west of an essentially eastern mysticism stage.

    Under the 7 chakra system , your consciousness ( read level of intensity of experience of reality) evolves and you progressively start understanding what is being written in scriptures and spoken by saints.

    When your consciousness reaches ajna chakra, the forehead chakra you consciousness gets freed from tatvas (Earth, water, fire, air, space) and you experience light body and unity of all things , in tantra terminology it is said to be sadashiva, some traditions call those who live in this stage as paramhamsa, subtle worlds become available to you it is enlightenment as understood in the west, but journey doesn't stop there as your point of experience is still localised.

    Beyond this chakra there is sahastrahara…crown chakra here your experience becomes the whole universe inside your consciousness , beyond this is the eternal dark void out of which everything came and even beyond this is something we in hinduism refer to as mukti….liberation….those who achieve this while living are called jeevamuktas…it is the highest level possible.

    From this understanding, you may have some idea why those who evolve to such detach them selves from societies and become sanyasees, just imagine all your attachments to the society and then see this same situation when you experience everything is you only.

  8. hmm..sorry to be blunt but the reason you might be asking this question is either just out of curiosity or you also want to be enlightened. You could have come to the point directly.

    Anyway, atleast you have the seeking for the ultimate. Good.

    Enlightment as Jayesh Kumar put it is a mindset (again varies from person to person or say soul to soul).

    It is not the end. And as Shreyansh Dubey also points out there are many who are and who teach you, guide you through the path to enlightenment, they dont make business out of it, they do it for free.

    It does not mean once you are enlightened you will always remain there. You will have to always be conscious and strive to be in that state. For example: Ambani might be the richest man but trust me he has problems of his own. Even he will have sleepless nights atleast once. Similarly, when you reach enlightened stage doesn't mean you have conquered everything and can never go wrong henceforth.

    Eg: Even Buddha was tested for his mental purity. He had to face temptations of every sort. He had to face Mara. It was only then, and not till then, that he had illumination under the Bodhi tree in Gaya.

    Even Visvamitra and Parasara who were living on leaves, air and water who were enlightened were victims of lust, what should be the fate of worldly people?

    There are many saintly persons indeed, but they are interested only in their own deliverance. Not caring for the big cities and towns, they go to the Himalayas or the forest to meditate with vows of silence [mauna-vrata]. They are not interested in delivering others. These people are also enlightened because based on their previous karma they will not like to give big lectures, start ashrams, satsangs etc. They also know that this is what is wanted of them.

    Then there those who do not wish to be liberated alone, leaving aside all the poor fools and rascals. They wish to bring them back to shelter. They have real compassion and social service towards society.They are not selfish in enjoying their spiritual successes, unlike any materialistic person. They cannot tolerate the sufferings of humanity which is due to IGNORANCE of the self. Again this is based on their life experience, previous karmas.

    But we must be cautious and ALERT ,should not get carried and cheated away from BOGUS and UNAUTHORISED " gurus and sadhus".

    So, even if you get a list of the enlightened people now, it will be of not much help.

    So, in your case start searching and you will find the enligtened. Because the person enligtened to me might not be enlightened to you.

  9. I am the enlightened one.

    I can contact you without having physical communication with you.

    Just close your eyes,  be mindful of your awareness, let the thought come and go, be unattached with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and just watch them.

    Slowly distracted thoughts will settle down. peace will take over, and I will start to manifest in you.

    Realize me soon, if you can!!!

  10. I attended a K lecture in at his residence in Ojai in 1975. I was and am absorbed by his way of disarticulating common fallacies we have about things such as truth, experience and the nature of the self. Enlightenment, what does that mean? Words are abstract symbols for a description. So enlightenment may conjure up a different idea for each person. Baba states the self is not fixed so enlightenment is temporary. I think Baba may also say the self ceases to exist. Now is that a temporary condition? I don't remember K using the word enlightenment, but he described a state of total serenity and silence, where beauty and joy are natural states of being. Compassion and complete surrender to love come into being. It occurs as the outcome of the negation of the self through understanding how thought creates the self and the fragmented mind. He wrote/spoke that totally understanding the nature of the self set one free and that freedom was something new and outside of time. In self awareness without motive or judgment through meditation our true nature is revealed. It's kinda funny K was sort of anti-New Age in that his teachings were not about the 'ideal' true nature, but the stuck in the mud kind of true nature. The fragmented mind cannot rationalize what is true. It can only become aware of what is false within ourselves. In yoga it's taught to find your center. K taught the center is a delusion. There is no center.  It's sort of in reverse of what is commonly taught. Any attempt to strive for perfection only strengthens the self. How's that for zen.

  11. Yes, absolutely. Believe it or not (it makes no difference) you are looking out of enlightened eyes this very moment. Those that have come to realize what they are (to my recollection) are very rare, but not so rare as people believe and if it helps, they can see the enlightenment coming through you.

    Perhaps misunderstanding is in part because they (who are fully realized) are indistinguishable from anyone else…unless you ask them something only they can discern. Teachers professing spiritual teachings are sometimes mistakenly thought to be the norm. I'd offer few realized ever take up a teaching occupation and many people who do teach are not fully realized. Finally, it can be confusing because there are many ideas about enlightenment that have nothing to do with it.

    Hope that helps,


  12. Janat so bole nahi,
    Bole jaan na payee!
    Gunge ka gurd kya kare,
    Khat khat muskaye…!!

    Those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know.Just like a mute person eating sweet,u will only know his smile..

  13. This is a question I've asked on numerous occasions, along with asking how you can tell. There is also the fact that it is not clear, from perusing the literature, that every group means the same thing by "enlightenment". So, what do you mean by it? Having direct insight into the nature of mind and reality? Having magical powers? Omniscience? Buddhism teaches that the sorts of magical powers sometimes associated with "enlightened" beings are a distraction from achieving full awakening.

    From what I've read, in some traditions, one is not permitted to teach until one can be confirmed to have attained a minimum level of awakening. But based on this notion, there are plenty of people around the world who are awakened.

    Buddhism teaches that one shouldn't talk about their attainments, and it is notable that some folks, going against this teaching, talk about having achieved certain attainments, and then back-peddle on that claim after they achieve a bit more insight.

  14. Yes, I am a live example.I got enlightenment at the age of 23.5 yrs but remained silent over it as only an enlightened person could understand what I felt..I don't know how many others have experienced enlightenment and still surviving but from the you tube video of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on enlightenment , I can say that he is also enlightened if the experiences he has shared belong to his own. In my opinion, there is a stage after enlightenment too and 1.e. super-enlightenment..but one can pursue that only if one is fearless and not worried about the cycle of life and death…Only an enlightened person can understand what I mean…It is my personal advice that if you have not started this journey then please focus on other worldly things and the good Karma…Good Karma is certainly a strong pillar to achieve natural enlightenment..On the other hand trying to achieve enlightenment through shortcuts can sometimes even harm people…

  15. I cant know the reason for varying experiences of satori ,when reality is one and absolute.All religious scriptures display enlightenment experience in the same fashion and words.some say it as glimpse enlightenment ,not sustained.if it is glimpse enlightenment,then it should match to scriptural description.logically,there is no difference between cup water and the bucket water.

    20 years ago ,i got an amazing self experience in my sweet sleep as a glimpse for roughly 5 seconds.i dont know wheather it was satori,glimpse enlightenment or something else. Although,it was perfectly matching to scriptural description of enlightenment.

    First of all,I experienced myself standing upon a river bridge in the down valley,roughly 1 km walking distance down away from my home.i felt myself as fully open,having overjoy extended from my mental waves to my self which was dark in the past.means,joy and concious light was not limited to my mental waves.I turned my head down and gazed flowing was having same shape and form as naturally experienced by all, although it was nothing other than bridge and my fully concious self.bridge was also physically as usually seen, although nothing other than river,its water and my pure self;spiritually/conciously.then i turned my head to left side mountain Slope having had actually slided down due to heavy rain sometime ago,leaving a raw earthy gap of approx. 20 meter between both vegetation filled land patches .half the river had gone occluded due to that landslide.amazingly all vegetation on the denuded patch was live and intact.also, it looked same as it naturally appears physically, although nothing other than previous two and my fully concious self,spiritually.then i turned my head upward and gazed the sun.the same experience repeated.the mighty sun appeared to me usual as it appears brightest body in the sky to all people, although it did not appeared extra bright to me and thats brightness was equal to previous 4 ie. river water,mountain,bridge and my brightest pure Self .it also was nothing other than previous 4 bodies and my shampoo cleaned bright and pure self.

    it all happened quickly within a short period of 5–10 seconds.during this,i was totally filled up with limitless joy,brightness,wisdom,peace and Openness.i felt myself as king of the universe or say god like during this period.amazingly,i experienced everything ever possible, inside this short looking patch of time and night united together in an unknown fashion.amazing.everything united together.i simpy can say that it was highest level of our mind energy,ever possible.everything means every mental wave, appears tiny fraction of that,even appearantly limitless space and self was as an endless ocean of conciousness in which mental waves were as ocean and hate,both together.amazing.fearful to wicked and blessing to genuine one. on the next morning,i found myself as fully perfect,being having achieved everything,child like,tensionless,peaceful,joyful ,desireless,natural and so on,as written in the reputed spiritual scriptures.

    i had experienced it not arbitrarily ,but in line with scripture.i was actually in natural samadhi and it had gone matured as per patanjali yoga.

    for more information on this,practical patanjali yoga and keeping yoga practice continued,please join brilliano(The Emerging Sciences Foundation – Kundalini & Consciousness Research) blog,kundalini channel, and read all posts of Hridayesh(my profile name there) in chronological order , and discuss/chat with him.

    moreover,im living.zaa zaa zaa

    Added later on-

    Appeared as if my true home from which possibly exiled ever,but why and how?Appeared as too difficult to be achieved through physical efforts.Appeared as if my effortless true nature.Appeared as if purest,brightest and holiest.

  16. I feel if someone is enlightened or not..there is no way for another to verify it. We have an image of how an enlightened person would act or talk or behave etc. But that can be misleading. I can only test out what some teacher points out is true or not for myself , or get enlightened myself. Again one cannot prove to another whether he or she is enlightened.

    Also I doubt that enlightenment is a once and for all event or experience. Its an insight into the true nature of things which is from moment to moment. Even a so called enlightened person in a moment of unawareness could make a mistake or act irrationally.

    But this is just my feeling. I may be wrong.

  17. Hare Krishna!

    Thank you for giving me an opportunity for answering your question.

    YES!….there are many many possibilities of their living.

    Because self realized soul continue to live just for the benefit of the suffering humanity, just to enlighten them and help them to go "BACK TO HOME ,BACK TO GODHEAD".

    In Srimad Bhagavatam-7:9:44, there is an example of "PRAHALAD MAHARAJ",a pure devotee of lord who in his prayes says:

    präyeëa deva munayaù sva-vimukti-kämä

    maunaà caranti vijane na parärtha-niñöhäù

    naitän vihäya kåpaëän vimumukña eko

    nänyaà tvad asya çaraëaà bhramato 'nupaçye


    My dear Lord Narsimha deva, I see that there are many saintly persons indeed, but they are interested only in their own deliverance. Not caring for the big cities and towns, they go to the Himalayas or the forest to meditate with vows of silence [mauna-vrata]. They are not interested in delivering others. As for me, however, I do not wish to be liberated alone, leaving aside all these poor fools and rascals. I know that without Kåñëa consciousness, without taking shelter of Your lotus feet, one cannot be happy. Therefore I wish to bring them back to shelter at Your lotus feet.

    This is real compassion and social service that a pure devotees show towards society.They are not selfish in enjoying their spiritual successes, unlike any materialistic person, They cannot tolerate the sufferings of humanity which is due to IGNORANCE of the self. Therefore the pure devotees of the lord like Prahalad Maharaj help the society by TRAINING and PERFECTING them to qualify themselves to go "BACK TO HOME ,BACK TO GODHEAD".

    But we must be cautious and ALERT ,should not get carried and cheated away from BOGUS and UNAUTHORISED " gurus and sadhus".

    Hope this answers your question.

    You are most welcome for any further discussions.

    Thank you.

    Disclaimer: The Author makes an attempts to answer the questions based on ancient vedic texts.He do not have any personal intention of criticizing, blaming, insulting, any individual,organization,sects.,cult,religion,cast,creed,or nation etc.

  18. I have gained enlightenment at the age of 23.

    1.To attain peace in life. Stop thinking and stop thinking bad about people who hurt or try to harm you by words or deed so that you dont change your emotion. (Try making friends rather then making enemies)

    NEGATIVE Emotion like anger caused by hurt or jealousy etc can hurt onself body.

    2. The food we eat effects our body . Try having organic and clean good food rather then having junk food . ( Always cleanse your body ).

    3. Exercise or do yoga everyday early morning in the sun. It helps you clear negative energy and refill you with positive and Good energy.

    ————-Practice this 3 things everyday ——-and your life will change forever–

    Tips in daily life .

    Stop using factory made toothpaste with fluoride….use herbal or charcoal toothpaste without fluoride.

    Drink water from copper vessel and herbal tea is the best to drink.

    Drink more fresh juice .

    Eat Good organic food. N good fresh food.

    Think Good and think positive and think what you are saying before you speak because every word you speak has power .the positive words you use . Life gets better .

    Always compliment your friends and others make others feel happy and joyful.

    Say they look good today. Say it everyday to all ur loved ones and their life will change too. N tell them to also compliment about you.

    Important . Take care of urself and love urself more.

  19. Perhaps what you're looking for has been covered up with a thicket of rituals, long discourses, philosophy, BS about other lifetimes, etc.  Perhaps awakening (stream entry?) and full spiritual development and the act of living clearly in the moment are all different things.  Searching for full spiritual development, I think you will find a bunch of guru's with their own different ideas, methods and philosophies.  Some will say this is impossible and only for the Buddha.  The gurus may make things difficult to see for various reasons.  The guru's may spend way too much time on "how to live" because the true insights are brief.  Motivations for these reasons may include their own self interest, lack of understanding of how to actually help others (their path is not teachable), subconscious inclinations (philosophy) or actually in your self interest (truth is harsh).

    Buddha said we all had Buddha nature and taught that we could relieve suffering in this lifetime.  Perhaps the most important thing to focus on is the awakening itself to what you are (or are not), which seems to be the only real common ground people can agree on. True Meditation: Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness: Adyashanti: 9781591794677: Books

    Perhaps the most important thing after awakening is the "enlightenment is a the tip of a blade of grass" dissolution of what you are not in the current present moment.  Are you in accord with your realized true nature right this instant?

    You might check out some common themes in these answers.   Many answers seem to run along similar lines.  These answers seem to be derived from experience not philosophical reasoning.
    What is the nature of enlightenment?

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