How do female nerds usually spend their day?

1. Read, read read and then some more.
2. Worry about all the articles, magazines and books being published every month and feel guilty that there isn't enough time to read every single piece of work that's being written.
3. Get excited and bounce of walls when she hears something cool about stuff that she is interested in. ''I didn't know that!'' "This is amazing!"
4. Make sure she tells everyone she knows/meets about her recent discovery "Did you know that…?" "hey, guess what… "
5. Meticulously plan the entire day after her morning green tea (because hey, anti oxidants are the best thing that happened to mankind) and realize that her plan has monumentally failed in the evening because she was so caught up being so excited about the new thesis that she didn't look at the clock. Repeat the next day.
6. When somebody says "let's go shopping", the first words out of her mouth are "why?"
7. Knows she needs a haircut but hey, so many better things to do right now, why waste precious moments?

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