What are the best form builder services?

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In terms of finding a suitable alternative and excellent form builder, I have to put forward Typeform.

It’s a free, easy to use SaaS tool for building online fillable forms that work perfectly on every device. Typeform stands out here since the company focuses heavily on UX, and makes the forms as easy to fill in as possible. By asking questions one at a time, typeforms keep the respondent engaged, which in turn tends to result in a much higher completion rate!

You can use one of the pre-made templates to get your form started, or just begin from scratch and drag and drop the questions into place. There are templates for all sorts of forms that might come in handy – a survey template, a contact form, a job application form… the list goes on!

Once you’ve finished building your form, you can use the customiser tool to change the colours and images to create the look you want, or mirror the feel of your brand if you are creating a form for business purposes. You can then embed a questionnaire directly into a web page so that it either forms part of your website, or launches as a pop-up on the page. This article gives you astep-by-step guide for both methods: https://www.typeform.com/help/embed-a-typeform/

Oh… and in terms of using our own forms within the company, Typeform are pretty good at this too! Check out 21 Ways Typeform Uses Typeforms over on their Blog!

Hope this helps you out – just get in touch if you have any questions.

Beatrice Murray-Nag | Social Media at Typeform

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  1. Every form builder has its own strengths & weaknesses. Having used quite a few of them, here’s what I’d suggest for different situations.

    • For lead capture forms: Leadformly
    • For checkout / payment forms: Samcart, Cognito Forms
    • For survey forms: Google Forms, Typeform, Tellform
    • For internal forms (HR, employee interviews): Submittable
    • For basic contact forms: ContactForm7, GravityForms, Wufoo

    Here are some considerations to take into account when choosing a form builder:

    1. Do the forms have good UX? There are a lot of factors that affect form usability, ranging from how the form validates responses, to field alignment and how the form renders on mobile. I recently shared 58 form design best practices here – many well-known form builders violate these, which can result in less submissions / conversions for you. From my experience, the form builders listed above are among the better form builders from a UX perspective.
    2. How customisable are the form designs? Many form builders have good templates but make it very difficult to customise the templates to match your design / branding, so the form ends up sticking out like a sore thumb on your website. WithLeadformly, you can customise everything – it’s like having Photoshop for forms.

    3. Does it integrate with your CRM / tools? Before you start building a form, double check that the form builder integrates with the tools that you’re looking to send your submission data to. You don’t want to find out AFTER you’ve built a form that it doesn’t have the right integrations.

    4. Data security & privacy If you have customers / subscribers in Europe, you may legally need to use a form builder that stores submission data in the EU following last year’s update to the EU safe harbour laws. Also, given that your submission data is likely stored on the form builder’s servers, it may be wise to take security into account.

    5. Spam – Web forms are attractive targets for spammers. Most form builders try to prevent spam by adding ‘captchas’ to their forms. But research from Stanford Universityfound that forms with captchas result in up to 30% less submissions. At Leadformly we use a honey-pot method to block spam without affecting the user experience.

    To see a Leadformly form live in action, checkout Leadformly

    Disclosure: I’m the founder of Leadformly

  2. There must be numerous options available for the form builder software.But I would like to suggest for Free Form Builder.

    As we have very rich experience in eCommerce so we know very well the need of form builder software so we came up with the solution to provide the same in our help desk and using for our business as well.

    When we innovate software after experiencing the urgent need then we build it in a unique way, So the result is in front of you all UVdesk Form Builder is enough for the diverse purpose.

    Keep command in your hand and create and embed a custom form on any website or platform with Free Form Builder.

    “The reason behind suggesting Form builder of UVdesk is only to take caman in your hand. Need not to use several Form Builder Software for multiple purposes, this one is free and enough for all.”

    Build a form that suits the business requirements which is both fanciable and potent then Free Form builder is the exact choice for it.

    You can create forms within a few minutes. It’s simple you don't need to write CSS or HTML.it's pretty much easy to use because of the following facts:No coding required.Highly flexible.Secure.

    Why Form builder?

    Form Builder app allows the user to merge the default labels and custom label together and create a new form as per your requirement.

    The user can embed the code easily into the HTML codes of their website and then this app will work seamlessly.You can add as many labels in this Form Builder.The user can manage the forms easily.

    Basically, it is of two types- Embedded & Public URL. In Embedded, you will have two types – js Based & iFrame. Under "js Based & iFrame", the user will have to copy the codes and paste in the HTML codes of their website.

    For more details and query please connect us on support@uvdesk.com

  3. JotForm is the best online form builder, by far and away. It is the easiest to use, and the most powerful online forms tool.

    JotForm is the only full-featured form builder to offer a seamless mobile experience. All forms look great on every device, and you can build forms and work within your JotForm dashboard on every device.

    JotForm has the most advanced design functionality, and it’s easy to make your forms look great. Fonts, colors, images, logos- they can all match your website and company aesthetic.

    Check out JotForm’s themes, templates, and integrations. JotForm has dozens of integrations, more than 5x more than any competitor.

  4. We just published a post by Matthew Guay on the Zapier blog about just this question. We presented our list of 14 best forms by showcasing their unique strength. Here's what we came up with – "The 14 Best Online Form Builders for Every Task"

    • Google Forms for Free Forms
    • Wufoo for Robust Reports
    • JotForm for Fast Form-Making
    • Formstack for Professional Features
    • Typeform for a New Take on Forms
    • iFormBuilder for Mobile Forms
    • Adobe FormsCentral for PDF Lovers
    • Formsite for Billing Features
    • 123ContactForm for Collecting Contact Info
    • Formbakery for Simple, Self-Hosted Forms
    • Formdesk for Doing More with Your Database
    • FormAssembly for Pay-As-You-Go
    • Gravity Forms for WordPress
    • Formidable for WordPress

    Hope that helps!

  5. You are right that Foursquare could have easily built the form internally. However, collecting data with web forms is a rather common need for most applications and since the data is not intrinsically tied to the core of the product, it probably didn’t make much sense to invest manpower and rebuild the same thing.

    This is the same logic most companies use, they ask themselves – “Is building this internally the easiest & fastest way that will benefit us most?”. The answer to this dictates the direction such a company will take.

    On the topic of form builders, a lot of form builders are tailored for specific purposes and audiences which makes picking the so-called “best” question a decision largely influenced by personal preferences and needs. Each formbuilder is built for specific purposes.

    Take FormPlus, which aims to be the easiest to use tool to allow you collect data easily online and store it in your cloud storage (Google Drive & Dropbox).

    P.S – Here is the updated link to the initially mentioned page – National Brands – Foursquare for Business

    *Disclaimer – I work as the lead User Interface Developer at Form+*

    • JotForm · Form Builder
    • Formstack · Online Form Builder
    • Wufoo – Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage Database
    • EmailMeForm – Online Form Builder. Online Surveys, Web Forms
    • PhpForms – Form creator & processor solution since 2003
    • 123ContactForm – Free Html Contact Form Generator
    • Bizodo – Online Form Builder and Project Management Software
    • Form2Go – http://www.form2go.com/
    • FormSite – Online Form Builder. Create HTML Forms & Surveys.
    • FormLogix Online Form Builder
    • MachForm – http://www.appnitro.com/
    • Freedback – Quick & Easy Online Form Builder for HTML Forms
    • Typeform – Typeform | Discover a better way to ask questions online
  6. I work as a content marketer for EmailMeForm so I may be a bit bias, but our tool has helped me collect important user data for our research.

    Our online form builder is essential if you're looking for:
    – Web order & payment forms
    – Survey & market research
    – Basic form needs (contact, registration, etc)
    – Complex and web-integrated forms like the one below (we can do custom forms for you)

    The drag-and-drop interface enables me to create forms within minutes. I don't need to bug our developer to help me create it.

    As for creating long surveys, it's super easy because of the available survey-specific fields within the builder itself. You just pick the fields that you need and format them in your form and you're done.

    Some of our users would just embed the form or survey that they have created on their websites so they can reference it to their clients easily.

    If you want to find out more about our tool, you can visit our website.

  7. I will try to list as many solutions as possible, since there are many paid as well as free options to create online webforms .

    • Rebutton: If you want a total custom form and don't know much coding, you can simply submit your requirements to Rebutton team and they will develop and integrate the best possible form solution needed for your current business needs.
    • Gravity forms: check their website: Gravity Forms Contact Form Builder and Lead Data Management Plugin For WordPress . Its paid and membership is based on a yearly basis and has great support
    • Typeform: Its paid and has a monthly fee. Their monthly fee is almost same to gravity forms yearly fee.
    • Pirate forms: A completely free plugin with no paid upgrades.
    • Contact Form 7: This one also has a lot of popularity among WordPress Developers. Free to install it on as many sites as you want.
    • WPForms
    • Formidable Forms
    • Tellform: its an open source project.

    For a more detailed answer, kindly refer to Avinash tripathi’s answer to Are there any good alternatives to Typeform, preferably on WordPress?

    If you have any specific doubts or need help regarding Digital Forms with more features, feel free to message me here on Quora or send a mail to contact@rebutton.co

  8. I’m highly recommended Nexticy for iPad (https://itunes.apple.com/app/nexticy-forms-builder-for/id896683047). This app created by my friends and it’s awesome. Nexticy, an exciting app for iPad that allows you to create all sorts of forms, templates and documents of any complexity and design. Create forms, fill, receive responses from your colleagues or friends. The capabilities of the app are so huge that they allows you to use the app daily (e. g. shopping list, to-do lists, agendas etc.), or to create complex forms and templates in business, education, medicine, public management and more.

    The format of the Nexticy is suitable for making any type of form. In addition to the regular use of tables, table in the Nexticy app features the possibility to use mathematical formulas and calculations. Nexticy app allows not only to create necessary templates and documents from the scratch, send the created forms, collect data, but also to analyze the data statistically.

  9. You can easily build professional online html forms and web surveys by using Formbit built web form templates that you can customize for different purposes.

    Their Drag & Drop editor, combined with over many question types, enables you to easily design almost any type of web form or survey. Responsive forms are standard, making them look great on all devices. They host your form and store your results in their database providing you the functionality to email, analyze, share, and download your data.

    If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to personally answer them via Quora, or email (support@formbit.co)

  10. We recently published a comprehensive overview of the best form builders in 2017 -> https://paperform.co/blog/the-17

    Disclaimer: I’m a founder of Paperform (https://paperform.co), the most upvoted form service on Product Hunt! Paperform helps you easily create beautiful forms that are embeddable.

    Forms on our pro tier have no third party branding, and you can add whatever text / pictures you like to the form to make it your own. We also support you creating your own themes.

    Rather than just talk about it, you can see how easy it is to make a form ↓

  11. the best form builders are those who are able to make more money.

    simple as this.

    its a very tricky question ,and should lead to more questions…

    how do you define best ?

    are you trying to compare features?

    pricing comparison ?

    which tool has a “better” interface to build the form ?

    and so on…

    i would defintly think that 1 form builder is missing here…and if you will ask your self the above question you will find it is among the best 3.

    FormTitan is a powerful easy and free form builder

  12. Borneosoft Online Forms with Online Payment provides form editor/builder that supports 14 question types (table/spreadsheet, matrix, response scale/rating/bipolar, yes/no or checkbox, open ended, choices, constant sum, rank order, sign in account, signature, and file upload). Each question type provides a set of settings/options such as data type for open ended: text, currency, numeric, date/time/date and time, or birthday; choices: single, multi-choice, or drop down; etc. You can virtually insert any kind of fields you need in your online forms. To get started you can choose one of the Form Templates and modify it for your own use.

    Borneosoft table/spreadsheet has over 270 built-in formulas in financial, statistic, engineering, text, date, logical and general categories; so you can add auto calculation or advance data manipulation into your online forms to suit your business requirements such as calculating discounts, total payment, or even lab data analysis. Try this example of Travel Expense Report.

    Borneosoft powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Form Builder/Editor provides familiarity of a word processor and powerful features to create beautiful online forms with flexible layout. You can add backgrounds, use beautiful webfonts, insert web widget (videos, youtube embed video, interactive/searchable online map, images), etc. You can also use and modify one of its form templates. Creating online form and publishing it online is easy and takes only minutes (see the video clip in this link: Powerful WYSIWYG Form Builder/Editor, a quick and easy way to create online form in minutes). Try it by creating your FREE account.

    Finding the submitted response is easy, you can use phrases such as name, email or any search phrase. You can also export the responses into an excel file.

    Conditional Follow-Up Questions in Online Forms is also supported. You can easily select next questions to ask depending on the answer of yes/no (checkbox), single/multi-choice, response scale/rating or matrix type of question. Different follow-up questions are asked depending on user’s answers. Try this example of Preschool Registration Form with conditional follow-up questions.

    If you also need to accept online payment, Borneosoft payment gateway helps you accept credit/debit card and PayPal payment for your online forms. Your customers can choose to pay with credit/debit card or PayPal so you never lose any customer who does not have PayPal account or anyone who prefers to pay only using credit/debit card. Try this example of Conference Registration Form with credit/debit card and PayPal payment.

    You can also provide facility to your customers to pay recurring/subscription payment for your products and services. They only need to submit subscription payment form once and each and every subsequent recurring payment is processed automatically. Your customers will save time, the cost of sending a check, and they’ll have one less bill to watch for. Try this example of Magazine Subscription Formwith recurring/subscription payment.

  13. 123ContactForm is an excellent alternative to FormAssembly. It has multiple 3rd party apps that ease and make business cycles more productive. Forms can be easily customized and embedded on many platforms for a much wider audience reach. They also offer Enterprise solutions,which include fully-customization and 100% safe implementation into your system. Hope it helps: Free Online Form Builder by 123ContactForm

  14. Try Contact Form Generator . Its free and really very powerful with lots of features like database, email marketing, sms gateways and more with validation .Build your form and download code. All for Free.

  15. Try FormGet as an Online Form Builder Solution. Here are some example forms. You will surely love to use it.

    FormGet : Give a treat to your taste buds!
    FormGet : Figrate Salon & Spa The Complete Beauty Retrement
    FormGet : We provide bouquets for all occasions!

  16. We recently launched one, framestr.com. It offers workflow integration with Slack, Asana, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Zendesk as well as integrations with Google Analytics / Adwords.

    We have made it as simple as possible to use, and offer a default design and material design that can easily be customized.


  17. Some of popular form builders are out of date and no more updated. I’d like to introduce the Free online forms and templates for your free online form builder. It’s totally free and you don’t need a password or other personal information of yours. Only email is required. You just make a form with 3 steps and publish and enjoy with your colleagues and friends.

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