Which are some of the most unknown yet fascinating facts on human history?

I would say the thing that most fascinates me is wondering what sort of civilization had developed worldwide and was crippled/destroyed around the end of the ice age. The massive meltdowns of glaciers inundated the coastlines perhaps under a couple hundred years (even now, most of the world's population lives within 100 km of coastlines). New discoveries like Göbekli Tepe are proof that complex societies existed during that time.

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  1. That the Mongols were never under the rule of Han chinese. The first time the two countries were unified was in 1271 by Khubilai khan (grandson of Genghis khan). Although he established the Yuan dynasty, the Mongolians were in control.
    The second time was when the small ethnic group of Manchu came to power and took control in China in the 17th century. The Manchus were allies of the Mongols but eventually became too powerful and turned on them.

    People to this day still think that Mongolia was a state of China or that the Han China ruled Mongolia. And people in China still think Mongolia is part of China.

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