Who are the most logical and clearest liberal thinkers?

Short answer: we could never agree on a list.

Important answer: You’ve exposed, maybe inadvertently, a very important detail about how liberals and conservatives think differently.

As I often say, the better terms for the teams are hierarchy and equality. That is what we are really talking about. That is the difference. There are deep, measurable, biological reasons, that I won’t go into here, but look and you’ll find them.

Conservatives have a vertical hierarchy, from a big leader all the way down to dog catcher. Peck order. You rate writers and follow them. Conservatives follow leaders. Strength and confidence. Note how Republicans that opposed Trump finally lined up behind him.

Liberals are about equality. Horizontal social structure. A massive herd and we’re all members in good standing. So, there are no authorities on liberalism that we elevate. We don’t much elevate, that is a conserv-er-uh-hierarchy thing.

I even searched on “top liberal intellectuals” and was taken to Forbes’ list of top liberal thinkers. I know right, Forbes. Anyway, I couldn’t agree with a damn thing they said. They put Andrew Sullivan on the list for some reason. Nope, nope, nope. It was a list of what a conservative thinks liberals think, but one that doesn’t understand how liberals think at all.

I’ll read material from all kinds of sources, but I only take what I value from it. No vox populi, famous name, appeal to authority, pretty past laurels or movie star looks can sway me.

It reminds me of when a Libertarian asked what books liberal atheists get their values from, like evangelicals get from the Bible and libertarians get from Atlas Shrugged. The answer was, of course, all of the other books but those. A little here, a little there. Just the good stuff.

When someone wants to marry, why do they make the participants purchase their own clothes?

It’s common practice for attendants to purchase or rent their attire. That said, all but the most self-centered brides try to choose dresses for bridesmaids that are both affordable and reusable for other events. I’ve seen some bride choose a color, and simply allow the dresses to be the choices of the bridesmaids as to style. Rental is also an option.

For the groomsmen, a couple may choose to have rental tuxes or plain blue suits depending on the formality of the wedding. Renting a tux – or even a suit – shouldn’t be that large an investment.

If you can’t afford to participate, quietly let the bride and/or groom know. Some couples need a bit of a wake-up call to scale back the fairytale wedding to more human dimensions.

But really, nobody “makes” you do anything. You choose to participate or not, depending on finances.

For my first wedding, we actually did provide the bridesmaids dresses. I only had two attendants, and we actually found new, unused dresses in the correct size through a salvage outlet. Pretty funky and unusual, I know…but those were simpler times. (The men still needed to rent suits.)

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What are some English names that are totally unrelated to the Bible?

Matilda, William, Eleanor, Edward, Alfred, Ethel, Margaret, Bridget, Richard, Oliver, Derek, Eric, Charlotte, Amelia, Denise, Hugh, Ralph, Robert, Daisy, Edmund, Edith, Audrey, Percy, Frederick, Frank, George, Emma, Yvette, Yvonne, Geoffrey, Catherine, Anselm, Helen, Lucy, Malcolm, Ronald, Henry, Harriet, Freya, Cecily . . .

What mistakes should not be committed by me while preparing for the GATE by self-study?

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I feel proud to tell people that I cracked GATE with a reasonably good score without proper coaching, and I infact feel it is better to do self-study rather than coaching classes. However, since you will be spoon fed by teachers in coaching institutes and that will not be possible through self study, it will be extra hard. So you must be very cautious.

  1. Distractions: Not being in coaching class means studying at home/hostel with many people around (Those that aren't studying with you). They may be going to movies everyday, having fun, talking continuously but it is important to take care that you don't get distracted by these silly things. Prepare a good schedule and stick to that. No changes must be allowed. One or two outings in a month, going to functions or to a relative's place or something like that, those things you many not avoid. And in fact, such breaks are needed. So take them only when required, not in excess.
  2. Doubt Clarification: This would probably be the most dreadful problem with self study, especially when you've taken a gap year or you're working or you're studying in a college where your teachers are close to useless. You may practice tons of questions but at least 10% of them you won't be able to solve no matter how much you try. Online forums also sometimes aren't quite helpful. This is why I suggest to find yourself a group of students to study with. A WhatsApp group would do. Every doubt you guys have, you can share it and if you have an intelligent guy/girl with you (or one who goes to coaching), they may be able to help you out. Since I dropped a year and did self study, I didn't find a group to study with. So this is what I did- I enrolled myself into the online classes of GATEFORUM (Called eGate). I noted down the class schedule of those classes, and I would simultaneously study those subjects and go online for asking doubts (For tough subjects, I did watch the whole video series to be perfect with concept). Another thing to do (if you can't afford this solution) is to buy those books that have solution for each and every question. Even after all this, some questions might still be left unanswered and sometimes it so happens that you lose substantial amount of marks in GATE because of this. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a good enough solution for that. Also, you can go through video lectures series of NPTEL or enroll yourself into the Gdrive series of GATEFORUM to clear yourself with concepts. Fortunately, with your concepts perfect in hand, you will have very few problems that you do not understand.
  3. Utilise Your Time: Schedule is the key to success. For self study students, especially those who don't go to college or work, discipline may go down the drain. Waking up at 10am, sleeping at 3am, things like that. A strict no to indiscipline. Prepare a proper schedule of when to study. My schedule for preparation for GATE 2017 in EE branch is given in the link below (End of the answer). Prepare a convenient schedule for your preparation and stick to your deadlines. Don't take this lightly.
  4. Test Series/Reference Books/Practice Books- No amount of concept is enough unless until you solve as many problems as you can. I would solve at least 200–300 problems in a particular subject. And I still think that wasn't enough. Which ever practice book you're referring to (Prefer Ace/Made Easy, I took Gate Forum since it came with package), solve all the questions! ALL. Also solve previous year questions.
  5. Mistakes- Some mistakes you make during practice of questions become redundant. Silly mistakes, mistakes in a particular concept, please keep it in mind and note it down in a separate book (I call this Mistake Book). Once you know what mistakes you're making, it becomes easier to prevent it the next time. And this is not just for self study students. Basically everyone.
  6. Confidence: Not knowing how everyone else's preparation is going can make you a little tensed. You'll find no one to compete with it will be difficult to keep yourself motivated. I'd often wonder 'Is this enough? What must others be doing? Maybe I need advice from expert.’ Yes, it's painful to go through this tough part alone, without friends around you to support you and help you out. Please let that go. One thing I know is that GATE preparation not only gave me a seat at IIT, but it also made me extremely strong at dealing with stress of being alone. I ended up feeling proud of being the only one in my batch to take this decision of dropping my year and choosing the hard part, the easier thing to do would be to take a job, but I didn't. Be confident. You're on the right track, and your efforts will be paid someday. You gain nothing without losing something. Okay, yes, you're having to give up fun with your college mates/ colleagues, but so what, at the end of the day, you'll be proud of yourself. Also, don't worry about what others are doing. You're your only competition. And at the fag end, when you take national test series, you'll automatically know where you stand amongst everyone else. It will be easier for you to boost yourself then.

And like you already know, Quora is the one stop solution to find motivation/advice. Everytime I felt a little down or thought that my preparation wasn't going too well, I'd come to Quora and look for random answers and read success stories of toppers. And trust me, it helped.

Now, I wish to do the same 🙂

Anyway, good luck! 😀

Mahathi Anand's answer to What is the toughest schedule to follow in preparation for the GATE?

Why do Japanese nationalists keep denying history?

For the same reason some Americans seek to deny or minimize the bad things in our history, including (for example) the stealing of Native American land, slavery, and racism: it is painful to talk about, and goes against the noble and inspiring story we would rather believe.

It is not just Americans, nor Japanese, who do this; almost every nation has some episode or period in its history it would rather hide or gloss over.

Wayne’s rule of history as narrated by others: the more idealized it sounds, the more the likely the speaker is to be ignorant or covering up.

How to grow hair in the sides

We will need you to answer the following questions in order to understand the current state of hairloss –

1. Your current age

2. When did you first notice hair loss and how rapidly it has progressed

3. What is the current speed of your hair fall (rapid, moderate or slow)

4. Are you currently, or have you previously, taken any medicines to help

stabilize your hair fall,

5. If yes to #4, then what were the results,

6. Have you ever had any previous hair restoration surgery? If yes, the

details thereof,

7. Do you have any major medical or surgical condition/ illness that we

should know about?

If possible either email at(fusehair1@gmail.com ) or post the close-up pictures of your areas of hair loss and stating your requirements through email or this post. Our doctors will analyze the photographs and reply to your queries through return email.Please note that you must send clear digital images of your hair loss.

The pictures must include –

1. Front face image (you need not show your face but we need the image to

start from your eyebrows upwards),

2. Both profiles (side views including the eyebrows),

3. Top view,

4. Back view (especially if the area of hair loss that needs to be addressed

is the crown or vertex),

5. The donor area with the hair parted.

In case you have any hair or hairloss related query, please email us at fusehair1@gmail.com , or visit us at Dr. A’s Clinic
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Which is more addictive, Pop or Kpop?

Kpop is easily addictive. They ensemble balance of the voice and instrumental compliment each other well. The translated lyrics might seem weak, but they're meaningful in Korean. Don't judge it by the translation. English and Korean go by the passive and active voice so the translation is wonky. Not only are the songs catchy (not like the super repetitive ones Pop musicians create), but the choreography is something worth praising them for. American pop artists just sway or become surrounded by their back up dancers. Kpop idols ARE the dancers (with the occasional extra dancers to support the ).

Anyway, Pop itself is mainly about sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. That's basically it. Love making, affairs, scandals, etc. The lyrics are vulgar and distasteful. Sure, there might be a couple Kpop song about intense romance, but that genre doesn't take up 98% of Kpop like it does for Pop.

How to withdraw a PF amount from WIPRO after leaving a job

I will suggest you to transfer your PF instead of withdraw. You have to wait for 2 months after leaving Wipro. Once you join another company and your new PF account is created, you can get required PF transfer forms from current company and submit it to Wipro.

Always remember to give your current UAN to your new company to avoid multiple UAN to be created (IBM is master in that).

After receiving the form, Wipro will take 15 days to transfer your PF amount to your new PF account, tagged to your UAN. Once it’s done, forget about your old (Wipro) PF no and continue with your new PF no created by your new company.

If you want to withdraw your PF, simply write a mail to pf@wipro.com and ask for withdrawal. They will send you the PF withdraw form. Fill it and send back to them. You will get your amount in 15 days max.

How to go to Vellore from Chennai airport easily

Vellore isn't very far from Chennai. You can easily reach Vellore either by bus or by train depending upon your preference. Trains take less time as compared to bus. Most of the trains cover the distance in an hour and half while buses take 2 and a half hour for the same.

By Bus: You may book your bus tickets in advance to ensure your preferred seat. Most of the private bus operators like HEBRON travels etc. have multiple boarding venues but I would recommend boarding at KOYAMBEDU. The bus would drop you at GREEN CIRCLE near NEW BUS STAND in Vellore.

By train: Trains depart from the CHENNAI CENTRAL railway station and would drop you at KATPADI( in vellore).

From Airport you can easily get an UBER (or any other cab/taxi) that would drop you either at the railway station or the bus stop.

PS: There is a Shatabadi train in the morning from CHENNAI CENTRAL. That would definitely be the fastest and most convenient way to reach Vellore.

If money ain't an issue, you can always hire a taxi.

Hope it helps.