What does this Greek expression mean, 'Say hello to the plane tree'?

"Say ‘Hello!’ to the plane tree" is said when someone wants to express his belief that something is very unlikely to happen, at least in the near future. It denotes doubt and lack of probability. Another translation may be: “My greetings to the plane tree!” or -my favourite one- “Remember me to those sitting under the plane tree” (= my fellow villagers)

There several versions regarding the origin of this proverbial phrase.

Here are two of the most famous ones:

(1) During the Turkish occupation, near the Kyrristus Monument, called “Aerides”, below the Acropolis in Athens, there was that Muslim Teaching School, which was founded in 1721 by Mehmet Fahri. When the Turks left Greece, the building was repaired by Hans Christian Hansen’s * and, then, it served as a prison. There were imprisoned many political dissenters, among them the well-known and highly respected General Makrygiannis. In the prison courtyard there was a plane tree on which the condemned t

Is it possible to have knowledge of sociology and psychology without doing any coursework?

Sociology is the study of society. All the prominent Thinkers of Sociology like Marx, Durkheim, Merton etc. Propounded theories based on their observations and understanding. They never followed any course books but simply wrote down their observations. By reading their studies it gets easier to learn the process of observing and understanding society. But Society is dynamic and so no one theory can explain it in totality. What is relevant at one particular time may not be relevant in later period. So one can have his own observations and understanding of society without referring any Course text books. But since most of the scholars of these discipline are obsessed with one thinker or the another , they would always expect you to quote already established theories in your observation. So for formal discussions and debates your knowledge about past understanding and theories do matter. But in normal life and for personal understanding there's no need to study. More important is observation and ability to identify pattern in day to day happenings of society.

Why does TF2 have a homosexual character?

Team Fortress 2 barely elaborates on why the fuck the two different teams are fighting each other, never mind each person’s sexuality. And even in the comics where this lore is actually elaborated on, it’s still essentially a tale of two bitter old men fighting over a gravel pit because they think steam engine trains run on the stuff (and they haven’t even realized gasoline has made that technology obsolete anyway). Who get executed by a THIRD old man who has an army of robots that literally run off of greenbacks.

In a tale such as that where common sense and basic logic has no place whatsoever, I think it’s safe to say that TF2 has a homosexual character simply because Valve wanted a homosexual character.

Do you have a takeaway today?


The weather is pretty hot in Summer, a lot of people do not want to go out to eat at noon instead of choose to take out, this morning I booked a roast lobster,when coming at lunch, colleagues see lobster outside with a layer of aluminum foil wrapped acrossed with the aluminum foil lunch boxes, We said that this is very health, it is important to maintain the original taste of food .

Aluminum foil is a variety of excellent performance, more perfect packaging materials, with it in full bloom or good food can have a good good insulation effect,safety and health, the use of aluminum foil packaging is related to performance of the aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil with shiny metallic luster, decorative strong; non-toxic, tasteless, odorless; relatively light weight, the proportion is only one-third of iron, copper, rich extensibility, thin thickness, per unit area Low temperature; good light-blocking, reflective rate of up to 95%; protective strong, so that the packaging is not susceptible to bacteria, fungi and insects; high temperature and low temperature stability, temperature -73 ~ 371 ℃ when not shrink deformation; Excellent barrier, moisture, airtight, fragrant, to prevent the contents of the packaging of moisture absorption, oxidation and volatile deterioration, its resistance to moisture, oxygen resistance. Aluminum foil is easy to process, with a variety of plastic film and paper composite.

Tips:From the regular aluminum manufacturers to buy aluminum foil packaging, the quality is safe and can be heated. However, it must be noted that the use of adhesive bags sealed aluminum foil, which need attention.

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do you have a takeaway today

What intrigues you about Machine Learning? What drew you into the space and how did you get started?

I owe this to Quora!

Let me first answer the second question.

My primary background is in Civil Engineering. Initially, I considered image processing to solve only superficial problems, at least in the area that I come from. I was so intrigued by wireless sensors after my summer internship at Michigan State University; I took additional mathematical courses and also a course in Signal Processing in my senior year. I wanted to do my research in Compressive Sensing and AI (mainly genetic algorithms). I followed these topics along with regression, dimensionality reductions and few others here on Quora. Through which I stumbled upon many Machine Learning topics. Luckily, I was admitted to an interdisciplinary Master’s program and had little to no restrictions on the courses that I took. Initially, I was focusing on Applied Mathematics and Statistics that led me into Bayesian statistics and introductory machine learning. I started to learn more on Machine Learning from Kevin Murphy's book.

I was following many people working on Machine learning and somewhere around Quora session happened. Most of them were either related to AI or people working on them. This was the most turning period of my career that pulled me towards Machine Learning.

I was also facinated by the Computer Vision applications in Civil Engineering by one of the Professor Mani Golparvar-Fard’s work in Civil Engineering department of UIUC. He along with Derek Hoiem of Computer Science department have a startup (Reconstruct) on Visual Data Analytics for construction management. Their work broadened my perception on how Computer Vision could have a much larger impact on society.

Coming back to the first question, I am curious about solving many problems like better rescue operations in disasters, monitor infrastructures health, robots in construction and manufacturing industries. Lately, I am more interested in Autonomous Generative Design and Geometric Modelling. All these problems that I wish to work on can be solved or progressed upon one common thread — Machine Learning.

Along with my courses, my first Machine learning project was on prediction of Indian rail tickets. My brother has an Indian rail mobile application through which we wanted to predict how the confirmation chances varies given complex scenarios like festivals, weekends etc. This eventually turned into my Machine Learning course project.

A couple of years back, I would have never imagined I will be working towards many impactful and diverse applications. I have worked on Pedestrian Detection and Autonomous Braking on an actual car to Damage Detection using images. My Applied Mathematics and Statistics courses helped me to transition into Machine Learning with only a little extra effort than I had thought.

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In regards to original sin, why would a baby be sent to purgatory if the baby didn't do anything wrong in the first place?

Not all Christians believe in "original sin" you know. The Franciscans and the Eastern Orthodox church, for example, have never had any time for it. Even for those Christians who do believe in original sin there are weak and strong versions of it.
Perhaps there are some basics we can agree on.
The bible was written a long time ago by people seeking to understand existential questions which still nag us today. They sought explanations for the workings of the world in which they found themselves. The scrolls containing scripture are not merely historical records but contain many different types of writing, much of it symbolic and metaphorical.
Theologians have studied, contemplated and debated the bible for centuries and have come up with answers to theological problems, some of which have become doctrines in different churches or in different denominations.
Even with doctrinal standards set in different churches, people have their own beliefs and understandings of scripture often worked out over many years of trying to apply the lessons of their religion to their own lives. This leads to the appearance of quite different versions of the same religion. For example some people are only comfortable with the idea that the bible is an instruction manual giving clear and certain answers which will help them how to decide how to live their lives. Others think that the bible points beyond itself to a more profound reality which is not fully within out grasp during mortal life.
I trust that none of the foregoing is particularly controversial but it does set the scene for a discussion which doesn't seek to draw overly broad generalisations about what Christians must and must not believe.
The points you make are sound. Why don't you think about them and work out the answers for yourself? I'm willing to bet that whatever answer you arrive at, someone will already have thought of it, and it will be part of some expression of Christianity somewhere (unless you conclude there is no such thing as God. But since you can't exclude the possibility of God, that really gets you no farther in answering those existential questions mentioned earlier).
If you want my own view, Genesis 1 indicates we start from a position of original blessing not original sin.
There is no doubt with increasing awareness humans are able to form ideas which are self serving, even if harmful to others, and then put those ideas into action. The Adam and Eve story illustrates such an increasing awareness and willfulness, showing the consequences in a descriptive, though not necessarily prescriptive, way.
Purgatory is a theoretical concept. We don't know what happens to our consciousness after we die. If we believe in a God of love and justice, then we can have faith that innocent babies are not made to suffer but are welcomed back into Gods arms.
If "original sin" has any explanatory power, it is that it shows us how humans can come to believe that they are on a par with God- that they are the possessors of all knowledge including morality, setting themselves on the throne rather than acknowledging a higher authority. Whilst possibly attractive and tempting, this hubristic approach to life leads to disastrous relationships with others and creation.
 Of course if an individual human were to achieve moral "perfection" then original sin would not attach to them. Many Christians believe that Jesus was such a person. Whilst we may never achieve his levels of selflessness we can certainly follow his example and thus grow towards God in this life, confident that we will be "perfected" in the next.
At the end of the day, no one can convince you of the truth of any doctrine or theological argument. It's a matter for your own conscience. The Christian church has many expressions and is broad enough for people of many different understandings to dwell within.

Are there reputable investment advisors that can invest $15k per month for me for the next 18 years with fair returns?

Yes.  I think you’d fit most advisors investment client profile even if you don’t have the initial “minimum” they might claim they have.  $15k x 12 month = $180k in the first year.  At that kind of a savings rate, you could have a $1MM in your account in a few years.  It is my guess that most advisors would rather have a new client with a great savings discipline who is amassing money rather than somebody starting off with $1MM who might be spending down their assets.

To me, the real key to this question is the word “reputable.”  I know of many “reputable” advisors and companies, who are terrible at what they do.  In fact, most “reputable” companies are actually motivated to NOT give you superior performance.  Of course, that’s not the question you asked; you asked for “fair” returns, which is probably what you’d get, albeit underperformance.

“Why?” you might ask…  Any large bank or manager can you get market performance less their fees and some might suggest that would be “fair” returns.  However, if you want an advisor to be an asset and not a liability (outperforming the marketing), they need to do something different than the market.  The catch is that in order to outperform you must deviate from the market.

If the strategy deviates periodically in order to outperform, the 2 x 2 matrix of out/underperformance can be broken down like this:

  • The market and strategy both do well: good.
  • The market and strategy both do poorly: everybody is unhappy, but advisor is not blamed, so nothing changes.
  • The market does poorly and the strategy does well: great, the advisor has done their job.
  • The market does well and the strategy does not: the advisor is fired (especially by large pension funds who have little patience).

The large, “reputable” companies are much more of marketing machine and cannot afford the loss of assets that would result from the last situation where the advisors’ performance deviated to the downside.

So, instead of finding a “reputable” advisors, try to find a talented one who has a systematic, repeatable process that can add value (even if there are periods of underperformance).

Are scarves worn as hijab different from regular scarves?



Hijab and scarves are different things, Hijab is the clothing style meaning to cover everything except face and hand.

While scarves is a piece of clothing to use for covering the head.

Wearing Hijab means wearing scarves that’s cover not just the head, the hair, the neck and the upper body area.

As far as I am concern I am wearing hijab from the material that flowy, and soft and not going to make me sweat all day

I even wore a Russian table cloth just because it has nice pattern! I think I bought it in Brussel long time ago.

But I gave it up because the material too thick.

I am living in a country that only has 2 season : hot and wet, sunny all the time or rainy all the time.

And I am not brand minded person, I prefer wear local products!

But if you like to wear those, help yourself…and look for non see through fabric!

Does it really make a difference which way a ceiling fan rotates in the summer/winter?

The answer is yes and no..I’ll explain…It all depends on the height of your ceiling and how far you have your fan hanging down. If your fan is close to the ceiling, then putting it in reverse really does nothing but let the air kind of bounce between the ceiling and the blades kinda just trapping it there as there is not enough room for the full effect of what the reverse feature is designed for..If your fan has a downrod of 18–24+ inches then yes reverse will make a huge difference.