How can the US peacefully acquire Canada?

Depends on your goals, manifest destiny imperialist swine… 😉

But, it really is NOT a brilliant idea; REALLY (I am trying being polite, here — in fact it is a very stupid dumb-ass idea). Something that is best not done.

So why would the USA invade Canada? There are very few rational scenarios for the USA to do this, other than to acquire access to certain Canadian natural resources, e.g. oil, fresh water, Screech… That said, there are far easier ways to gain access to these resources with your largest trade partner, than to invade them. So, this would only happen for ideological reasons — say the Christian Right or the Alt-Right form the US government — i.e. irrational reasons.

Can the USA successfully invade and annex Canada? Yes, they can. They have the military power to do so. They can take the populous south of Canada along the border with the USA. The rest of the country would be problematic as it is very rural, and thinly populated. So, the USA could invade and occupy the south of Canada and annex it. They would be unable to successfully invade, occupy, and annex the entire country — though they could do so in name.

ONE: There would be a Resistance. Contrary to popular American opinion, it is not illegal to own guns in Canada. We just have more stringent gun control, we make it difficult to own a handgun, and we don’t permit ordinary citizens to own automatic weapons and anti-tank weaponry for home defence. But there are a lot of guns (rifles and shotguns) and the more rural populations have a higher rate of gun ownership than the urban areas.

In an American invasion, a significant portion of the Canadian Forces would be withdrawn to the north and then dispersed to engage in guerrilla warfare against the invaders. Also, those members of the Reserve would be called up and told to head north. Canada is an industrialised nation, not a country like Iraq; the USA cannot handle or crush the insurgents in Iraq, they would have less success against a Canadian insurgency/resistance. Oh, and the American myth that Canadians are a bunch of pacifist wimps — it is a myth. We prefer to resolve issues without violence, but will use violence if no other option is available, especially if we are the victim of an unprovoked attack (your American invasion would be an unprovoked attack). And you should ask the advice of people in your military who have served with Canadian military as to how much we are a bunch of wimps — I think that they would tell you different (they would also tell you how adaptable we are when we don’t have the fancy computer-aided weaponry, or that weaponry is inoperable, of modern warfare).

The USA may control the urban south, but there would be dissent, civil disobedience, and urban guerrilla units. All of which would make the control of the occupied south of Canada, very difficult. The usual manner of control by an occupier would be through harsh penalties for any resistance to the American authority — this would cow some of the populace, but embolden others. For the USA to effectively negate the Resistance in the urban centres, they would have to use extreme methods of repression (and so, enter into the realm of being a definite war criminal nation).

There would be support for the Canadian Resistance abroad. There would be international volunteers, and clandestine shipments of supplies and arms, and donations of money.

TWO: The USA would become a “rogue nation”, an international pariah state. You have just attacked and invaded and occupied and annexed a nation that has been your closest friend and ally. The optics on this are going to be very, very bad. Canada is also a member of NATO; if one member is attacked the rest of the alliance is supposed to come it their aid (I am unaware of there being any clause that feeds into American exceptionalism, that it is not a violation is the USA initiates an attack on a NATO member). So, this would trash NATO as far as a treaty and an alliance as the senior member has violated both. No member of NATO (okay, maybe, just maybe, the Baltic trio might) is going to support the USA and most members of NATO would quietly support the Canadian Resistance and support and recognise the Canadian government in exile (oh yes, there would be one). And if you think that Russia and China are not going to have something to say about this, or that there will not be consequences for the USA action of invading Canada — them you are in a fantasy-land.

This is just a very moronic and stupid idea that has little if no benefit to the USA. It is more idiotic than the other similar questions, “Can the US invade and conquer Mexico?” “Could the US successfully invade and occupy Australia?” “Should the US invade New Zealand?” All that will happen is that there will be tens of thousands of Canadians and Americans who lose their lives, billions of dollars will be spent on a war that the USA cannot win, the NATO alliance will fracture or be reformed with the new purpose to protect its members from aggression from any superpower (including the USA — you won’t be part of this reformed alliance), and the United States of America would lose all trust and confidence in the international community — a loss of reputation that America will never get back.

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  1. Trump: Hello everybody I have a yuuuge announcement!

    Currently seated around him is Rex Tillerson, Sean Spicer, and the Ambassador

    Trump: I countinue to win bigly, I just can't stop winning. My friend Justin whatshisface from Canada just said he wants to give me Canada. I am now the best President, despite the covfefe. I think I'll set aside Minneapolis to be the new Mar-a-Lago!

    Tillerson: No, Donald, he wants to give you a tour of Canada.

    Trump: Sad!

    He googles, why is ‘Trump so great’ and ‘Who has the biggest hands’ to make himself feel better

    Trump: Alexa, How much does a Canada cost?

    In all seriousness though the United States will never acquire Canada. Especially not peacefully. This is for many, many reasons. There is no way anyone could acquire such a large, proud, and successful country, and I honestly don't really know why the US would.

  2. Canada ceding to America is a far fetched fantasy… Why? Why would Canada want to do that? It already has the largest economy in the world within a two hour drive of something like 90 percent of its population… It also has NAFTA. Sure, sure, it's being renegotiated (it is getting a little long in the tooth after all) but while plenty of brain-numb people happily accept their spoon fed serving of main stream media TrumpHate, the fact remains that Canada and the USA will continue to have very healthy economic, military, and societal bonds.

    But… If you simply MUST have an answer (beyond “Why” or “No”), then I suggest an alternative that gets you a little closer.

    It seems to me that Canada may actually be willing to enter into an EU style Schengen Zone model with the USA (probably not Mexico, but who knows).

    This kind of economic integration would be a significant win for the 51st State, much more so than it would benefit America… after all. the pay is less, the snow is more, and they have all the beavers covered: aquatic, land, and mountain beavers! 😉 Consider that currently some 40,000 Canadians wander down to their southern big brother for very well paid (compared to Canada) salaried jobs. Far fewer Americans head north under NAFTA than the other way around.

    Note: It is ironic that Ottawa is currently “demanding” America (the Feds) pass a law banning Right To Work (state) laws during the NAFTA2.0 talks in D.F. Those RTW states actually draw a big chunk of those Canadians south for better pay (and weather).

    Will we ever SEE an American Schengen Zone for the USA and Canada? Not likely. But it would be pretty cool. Canadians are good people, Americans are good people. Why not?

    For those Canadians fearing this would cause a northern rush of all the gun toting rednecks, history has shown a rather dramatic opposite effect to be the case. The biggest flow of Americans to Canada involved the “peaceful” draft-dodgers of the 70’s, then the “peaceful” anti-Iraq war people in 2003, then again when G.W. Bush was re-elected in ’04… then (after a big drop following Obama’s election in ’08) another spike after Trump’s election last year. Overwhelmingly “tolerant” anti-war, anti-gun, progressive (aka: “peaceful”) types are the main folks racing to north… no problem, right? They love your healthcare system and will surely enjoy, I mean.. contributing to it (New immigration rules make it easier for Americans to work and stay in Canada).

    Experience has intimated to me that Canadians do indeed occasionally look "down nose” at their barbarian brethren south of the 49th Parallel, but I must say: Why shouldn’t they? We are a boisterous and proud lot! Unlike most Canadians, Americans do not trust our (or anyone’s) government, just look what is stamped on our coinage, it sure doesn’t say “In Government We Trust” nor does it declare “Elizabeth II, By the grace of God, the Queen” either!

    And while we have bailed the world out more than once, we have also bulldozed a goodly portion of the global scene to get our piece of the pie. Now don’t get me wrong, the world is a better, less dark place because America exists, and it is also true that our Canadian friends have been by our side in those endeavors more often than not (though I am personally sorry about that whole Avro Arrow thing… what a shame that bird didn’t fill BOTH our air forces!).

    All in all, I figure we are worthy of a little disdain from our calmer (except on the ice) and more peaceable compadres to the north. A little smugness now and then is a small price to pay for such an amicable partner to share the world’s longest border (5,525 miles).

    We have soooo much in common (except poutine, those gyro-like Donar tacos, and maybe some monarchs on the coinage) and really, we have very few societal differences.

    Think about it for a minute: A land mass the size of North America (sans Mexico) is larger than all of Russia, if there were a Schengen-esc pact, FREE people could wander and work across all that area (Polar Bears and Winter not withstanding).. That would be pretty cool, IMO.

  3. Really easy. I don’t advocate in any way what follows but the reality is that the only thing keeping Canada free is the benevolence of the USA. I’ll define ‘peacefully’ as the USA not initiating military action against Canada but permitting actions in defense of USA assets if necessary.

    Further, my answer assumes, for whatever reasons, that the laws and governmental action required to implement the plan are supported by significant majority USA voting citizens and governments.

    [1] Announce a ten year program to make the USA independent of Canadian economic activity. New sources of electricity for the Northeast, repatriation of USA owned economic assets and removal of Canadian financial interests in any USA based asset.

    [2] Announce that any country trading with the USA or owning assets in the USA must show that their trade, direct and indirect, with Canada does not exist or is declining at an annual 20% rate.

    [3] Announce that any ships and cargoes on ships coming to or going from Canada are NOT protected by USA military assets and that any capture of these assets will have title pass to the capturing party ( letter of marque and reprisal ) and such assets could be sold in the USA.

    [4] Offer Canadians citizens the right to come to the USA permanently with the sole requirement of permanently renouncing Canadian citizenship. Offer all Canadian provinces and territories relief from all restrictions with their petition to become a USA state or be incorporated into an existing USA state.

    These actions will economically crush Canada. High unemployment, currency weakness, limited economic activity and shortages of goods and services. And isolation from information and communication. After some period of endurance, individual Canadians will flee to the USA or other countries. Canadian provinces will also make difficult choices because the Canadian national government will not be able to maintain the current level of support for the poorer provinces.

    Once a province validly petitions to be admitted into the USA and with acceptance of this by the USA government, USA military action in defense of validly acquired territory is outside the scope of the question.

    Inevitably, Canada will fall.

    The USA, since 1943, has become an extraordinary military and economic force. There is no counterbalance (now).

    The reason I like these questions is they show the world (and to some in the USA) that the USA is a very unusual ‘super power’. There is nothing in history that allows this kind of autonomy (Canada) without some nearby counter balance power equivalent to the USA.

    The entire western hemisphere and perhaps the world has lived the last 75 years with an unexpected measure of freedom.

    And this is good. The world should be concerned about a world in which the USA feels at real risk and where the USA population and government acts more like 18th, 19th and early 20th century Europe. Very concerned.

    Don’t poke the bear.

    Finally, the word ‘acquire’ is interesting. Personally, I believe that the USA has effectively acquired Canada many decades ago. Canada’s national defence is entirely dependant on the USA. The Canadian economy is closely tied to the USA economy. Canadian finance is driven by USA institutions (governmental & private). Canadian culture is only marginally different than that of the USA (And not that different from USA subcultures, for example Texas, Louisiana and Maine all have distinct ‘cultures’ within the core USA culture). It might be worth considering what exactly the word ‘independence’ really means.

    And if you doubt this, consider what would happen if a free and independent Canada legally decided to militarily link up with China including permission for China to base equipment and millions of troops in Canada.

  4. Ever heard "Never get involved in a land war in Asia?" This advice has been attributed to Field Marshal Montgomery, US General McArthur, and of course Vizzini from The Princess Bride. Two historical figures who learned the truth of this aphorism the hard way were Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler. Asia is exceedingly large, with some very hostile climate and terrain conditions, and a lot of people who dont wish to be invaded. Canada is like that too. We're not always polite, either.

    You've been warned.

    Fortunately the intellectually impaired individuals who might consider this idea an appropriate way to get what they want (our natural resources, mostly) would be politically terrified to acquire a new voting bloc of 35 million citizens who arent afraid of universal health care, are generally (not all) supportive of rational gun control, and dont feel the need to dominate the world militarily.

    By the way, the global tendency is for countries to become smaller, not larger. Manifest destiny was never a real thing, but entropy is.

    Hope you have a nice day.

  5. The question should be "Why would the United States want to acquire Canada?" It's doing just fine where it is. We'd only muck things us for them.

    We sometimes played a game during the periods francophone separation lunacy. In it we would try and figure out how Canada would break itself up.

    Here's what I remember:

    The Maritimes are/were economic basket cases. Nobody in the US would want them. Finally they petition to affiliate with Puerto Rico.

    Newfoundlanders leave to become comics on late night television programs. The world gets tired of Newfies telling Newfie jokes, and they become unemployable and emigrate to Sydney Mines.

    Labrador misses the point, entirely and stays where it is, Goose Baying itself.

    Quebec attempts to declare independence as a French speaking republic, but gives up when it realizes that the Anglophone North has all the natural resources and those nasty Canadians won't let them have Hydro Quebec.

    Yukon and NWT give themselves back to the Eskimaux and live happily ever after.

    Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta realize that they have more in common with the US or Russia than to Quebec and the Maritimes, and petition to become states.

    British Columbia realizes that its economy is vibrant enough to mane it as its own, and declares its independence.

    Interestingly, nobody down south in the US had a good idea about how Ontario would go. My personal belief is that Ontario should give itself back to the First Nations.

    I realize that this doesn't really answer the question, but I hope it provides some food for thought.

  6. There is only one way for the US to (semi) peaceably, kinda acquire Canada.

    1. Declare war on Canada. Nothing happens at first.
    2. Get every US citizen (like Ted Cruz) who was born in Canada, have one or both parents born in Canada, or are Canadians loyal to the US, and have them flee to Canada to avoid persecution. Just ten percent of the US population would be almost as much as Canada’s total. Certainly the refugees would be mostly adult, and out number the Canadian voting population.
    3. The US shoots off a few shots in the air, says ok you win, and surrenders.
    4. The conquered US requests annexation by Canada, and it is allowed because of the overwhelming refugee support.
    5. The southern states (now provinces) of Canada, vote to rename the country: The United Provinces of North America.
    6. The word province is changed to states, and the north, in North America, is dropped.
    7. Everyone finally gets universal (affordable) health care, likes it, and considers that the whole, complicated war thing was worth it, and easier than what is going on now.
  7. The secret plan to acquire Canada is already underway.

    See this bad boy:

    No Canadian team has won that since 1993. Now, some people explain this as a function of Canadian teams being so popular that they don’t have to be good to sell seats, along with the Canadian dollar fluctuating at all the wrong times.

    But seeing this:


    after year

    after year, is going to break them sometime.

    I mean, I know the Cup spends a lot of its time at the Hockey Hall of Fame, which is in Toronto. And I know that the Canadian players get their day with the Cup too, and most of them take it North of the border. It’s not a perfect plan, but we’re working on it.

    But it might work. In 1968, a Montreal fan just picked it up from Chicago (where it was being displayed at the time), and tried to walk on out with it. When asked why, he just said “I want to take it back where it belongs, to Montreal.”

    So, with better Cup security, we’ll break them eventually. I’d guess another fifteen years and they’ll ask nicely.

  8. I think that questions like this (of which there are so many on quora) cause me to ask a greater question. Why are Canadians asking these questions? Of course people are going to jump on here and say things like, “what? Don't you mean to ask how Canada can peacefully aquire it's neighbor to the south? Don't forget we burned down the White House in the War of 1812!!!” Etc, with a litany of reasons why Canada is so much better.

    Boringly my response remains the same: there are things better in the US, things better in Canada. If you want to live in a peaceful society and not worry if you get sick, or worry about getting shot, then Canada is for you. If you want opportunity, higher earnings, greater opportunity to save, a bigger house, a bigger car, a warmer climate, then the US is for you. (But don't get sick without insurance).

    Canada is a society of acceptance. There is a feeling up here of security, that Canada is very civilised, and there are safety nets up here if you get in trouble. But those things are available too in the US. You just have to go get them.

    But I think there is an underlying sense with Canadians that they're getting ripped off with this association with the US, and in this I totally agree. This currency situation is absurd. Canada and the US are undeniably linked economically like no other two separate counties. That's not entirely accurate, because Canada is actually subjugated to the US economy. Look at all these American products? Why are Canadians ok with paying 23% more for them, just because the Loonie is low against the USD? Every Canadian family is deeply effected by this, but it is in the nature of Canadians to accept, not stand up and say WTF! The Canadian government is completely disconnected from the people in this, and really appears not to give a damn.

    I don't think Canada should become another US state, but I think closer economic ties, easier cross-border opportunity, a Canadian roller fixed to the US dollar, would all be things that would benefit Canadians. Most will argue that this will hurt Canadian exports. Really? Too bad, there are 30 million Canadians here paying the bill for their exploitation of this situation. Are Canadian exporters paying their employees higher earnings to compensate for the low Loonie? No! Canadian producers should be able to profit on an even field with US producers, not need a currency advantage to profit.

    So to more directly answer the question; how can the US peacefully take over Canada. Well, the writer of that question I believe is really trying to ask, “when can I get to have as much opportunity and spending power as an American.” (Sorry folks, don't mean to offend). The answer I believe is a European Union type situation, not a common currency, but a Loonie tied to the USD, freer and easier, more efficient cross-border opportunity, maybe the ability to move and work at will in both countries? But, would that result in Canada being de-populated as Canadians flood south to Florida? That will prove the real test to how much Canadians really appreciate what they have. So far I don't think many Canadian hockey players have decided not to move south when given the opportunity.

    Sorry to be blunt Canada, I think you're a great country getting a raw deal right now.

  9. When the USA disbands NATO and lets Russia take over Ukraine and incorporate all of Europe into the EurAsian Economic Union (EAEU), then Russia and China will allow the USA to incorporate Canada on similar terms that the Russians offer to European countries.

    That’s because expansion of territories is currently frowned on by the UN unless the inhabitants of a region vote for secession or union. But Canadians will never do this because the USA has so little to offer. However, in a future in which a small number of large continental political blocs rule the planet, Canadians would freely join the USA and Mexico, not in NAFTA but in an actual federated state.But Canadians in general do n ot approve of wars, and the current USA which wages war all over the world, is a non-starter. When the people of the USA wakes up and realizes that this emphasis on the military since 1945 has essentially destroyed the American empire that was built through economic might in the early 20th century, then the scenario of my first paragraph could unfold.

    But beware, change on a national scale, like incorporating Canada into the USA will have side effects and not all of these can be predicted. What is certain is the the USA incorporating Canada will be a very different place from the current USA. Some may not like this.

    And for those contemplating invasion remember that Canadians own more guns per capita than in the USA and we continue to holiday in wild places in large numbers. That is a recipe for a long and painful guerilla war that would last generations. So just don’t go there. Talk to us, and you may learn something, like how to provide healthcare for everyone while maintaining a strong and thriving economy.

  10. It would take an extreme political breakdown in Canada for the US to “peaceably acquire” Canada. This means an outright purchase, or a voter approved merger, would not suffice, or even be politically acceptable.

    However, there exists a political cleavage that if left unattended could require the Canadian government to request US aid—troops, tanks, etc.—to restore order, or even defeat a rebellion. Canada is a colonized settler state, that unlike its neighbor to the south, was not conquered by force, as the US fought a 300 year war to defeat the Indigenous Peoples. Thus, America was conquered and colonized, while Canada was just colonized.

    Canada signed a large number of Treaties with the Aboriginal Peoples, promising prosperity in place of war, to prevent the need for violence. After about 150 years, the vast majority of the Treaties have never been honored, and the plight of Aboriginal Canadians, is a national humiliation that few settler Canadians give much thought to. The poverty and hopelessness that afflicts the majority of the First Nations of Canada is a direct result of unfulfilled Treaty Obligations, and Canadian indifference and hostility towards the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada. The estimates of the dollar value of these empty promises range from one trillion to three trillions Canadian dollars, a figure that only grows with time.

    According to an interview with a former Chief of the Ontario Provincial Police, it is only a matter of time, and the rise of charismatic Aboriginal leader who can unite the First Nations of Canada in an organized fight to rectify the historical wrongs on the part of Canada. This official indicated that Canada lacks the military and police resources to fight an Aboriginal uprising—whether it was peaceful or violent.

    When this uprising happens, Ottawa may have no choice but to ask for American intervention, as Canada never conquered it’s landmass, it is both vulnerable internally, and dependent externally, creating the perfect political storm that would hand over Canada to the US.

  11. United States investors can acquire parts of Canada right now, but neither investors nor the U.S. government can afford the whole country. The U.S. government is $20,000,000,000,000.00 in debt right now.

    Since Canada doesn’t want to merge with the USA or be acquired, our only chance is to acquire Canada through marriage, infiltration, the capture of Snowbirds, and dual citizenship. Americans need to start marrying Canadians and if enough do over sufficient generations, and if during the same generations Americans move to Canada and take dual citizenship, and we induce Snowbirds to stay here and take exclusive U.S. citizenship, then eventually we might be able to absorb Canada through an agreement or election. They may not fall for it, and it would be more of a merger than an acquisition. Don’t let people tell you the Canadians won’t fall for it because of Trump, since this plan will take many years and President Trump will be out of office by then, since he cannot serve 3 terms — and some don’t even give him a full year on his first term.

  12. In 2004 the US Coast Guard armed eleven small cutters with machine guns and sent them to patrol Lakes Huron and Erie for smugglers and terrorists. The Canadian Government protested that this appeared to be a violation of the Rush-Bagot Treaty.* The US State Department argued that these weapons were meant to be used for law enforcement purposes rather than military. Canada ultimately accepted this interpretation, while pointedly reserving the right to arm its own vessels on the Great Lakes for the same purpose.

    Given Canada’s swift response to such an apparently small matter—but one which threatened to erode the diplomatic underpinnings of the world’s longest non-fortified border—I think we can assume that, however friendly our relationship may appear (and may in fact be), we would not catch them napping if we wanted to go full-on expansionist.

    *The Rush-Bagot Treaty establishes the Great Lakes as a demilitarized zone. It was signed between the US and UK in 1817, and signed by Canada immediately following that country’s diplomatic recognition by the US in 1867. In 1946 it was amended to permit the US and Royal Canadian Navies to operate training vessels on the Lakes provided each government gave the other advance notice of each exercise.

  13. English speaking Canada was largely born out of the deportation of Americans who sided with Britain during the Revolutionary War and were forced to flee at the conclusion. New Brunswick, Ontario (including Toronto specifically), and many others were created directly by these refugees. Many waves of Americans migrated to Canada later, by the time of the War of 1812, the British were shocked and alarmed at the divided loyalties of their population between the US and Britain. As the provinces in the west were settled, again, new waves of American migrants in huge numbers. Always with the offer of free or cheap land.

    The reality is that the US has already successfully invaded Canada. They are “ethnically” American, whatever that might mean, there is a reason they have an American accent after all (even if it is their own localized versions). In fact, many US states and Canadian provinces really have more in common with each other than with the rest of the country they’re in. The Plain States and the Prairie Provinces, the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, New England and the Maritime Provinces, the Great Lakes States and Ontario to an extent. Quebec is kind of the odd guy out.

    This isn’t meant to be patronizing to Canadians, by the way, but the reality is simply that Americans and Canadians are like Australians and New Zealanders, Germans and Austrians, and so forth. Different countries, but with an extremely close historical and cultural connection to another, where it blurs a lot of the lines that usually exist between nations.

    As for the original question, lest I be reported for not answering it, the US could easily invade Canada militarily, but for what purpose? It would do more harm than good.

  14. Your great question has attracted 35 answers. Well done. Countries don’t really acquire other countries, so the language in the question doesn’t work. Assuming Americans voted to accept Canada into the union, a vote in Canada to join the U.S. union would make it official.

    Of course no mechanism exists for Canada to hold such a vote, so amendments to the Canadian Constitution would need to be made. But how would the U.S. incentivize Canadians to vote yes?

    If the U.S. announced that in two years time, a law would be enacted stopping all trade and flow of goods and people across the border, and in addition the U.S. was abandoning the defence of Canada, that would probably be enough to get Canada’s attention. If they added that any foreign country occupying Canada would be treated as a hostile country attacking the U.S…. that would further bring things to a head.

    Canada, without U.S. assistance, does not have the military strength to defend its borders from Russian or Chinese expansion.

    Canada would have two years to think about their choice. Either join the U.S…. or face an expansionist Russia and China on its own.

    This would be a very risky move for the U.S…. since they would certainly not want Russia or China occupying the country north of their border… but Canadians would like it even less.

    Two years would not be enough time to bolster the Canadian military enough to defend Canada’s borders.

    So… how would Canadians react to a choice between joining the U.S. or being completely cut off from the U.S. in terms of trade, defence, and movement of people. Not sure that Canadians would really appreciate the gravity of the situation, and would bluster about going it alone.

    But as more analysis came out regarding the impact this U.S. decision would have on Canada, the more Canadians would appreciate the pickle they were in.

    My feeling is that a referendum on the question would yield a skinny majority vote for joining the U.S. union. The disruption of joining the U.S. union would be 1/10th the disruption of being completely cut off from the U.S.

    So Canada would join up. I don’t think Canadians would notice much difference.

  15. They can’t, really. Canada has been its own nation for 150 years and, unless that changes drastically—as it almost did with the Quebec independence movement in the 70s and the Nazi threat to Britain in the 40s—few or no people in Canada have shown any interest in dealing with American political and economic problems.

    There is also no interest in the United States in “acquiring” Canada. Canada is prosperous, peaceful, stable, a good trading partner, and no threat to the United States. American politicians and activists have plenty of their own issues to deal with and no one but a few political oddballs would ever bring a subject like this up.

  16. (laugh)

    Immediately after the Revolution, many new Americans thought that it would be just a manner of walking north with a few hundred stars and stripes flags to distribute. They got a very bad reception from both English and French citizens of British North America, as Canada was called then.

    Most of the time since, Canadians have enjoyed being next door to such a fine neighbor as the U.S. They have enjoyed *even more* not being part of that country.

    The reasons for this are many and complex, but Canadians, when polled, show very little interest in being swallowed up.

    The election of Donald J. Trump has soured most Canadians on the U.S. “According to an online survey released by Abacus Data Inc. on Thursday, a large majority of Canadians don’t want Canada to behave more like the United States.”

    “When asked whether “Canada should try to be more like the United States,” 80% of respondents said they disagree compared to 20% who said they agreed with the statement.”

    Majority of Canadians oppose Canada becoming more like the United States, poll reveals

  17. why do you think that Canadians should just lay down and allow the US to take us over? We have an economic reliance on the US because of our economy. Quite frankly many Canadians would love all the american businesses to move out of Canada and stop using us as the second market to pull the US out of debt. That way it would force and allow Canadians to be able to build Canadian companies and manufacture and recreate textiles and retail industries that have been eaten by the US companies like Hudson’s Bay.

    Canadians don’t want to be Americans. We are still a British based country. Our politics is English based. We are conservative and don’t complain or sue our doctors or sue someone over every tiny little thing. There are NO guns! We have health care for everyone because we believe in defensive care. We don’t wait for TB to become an epidemic before we do something about it. We make sure that people can afford to be inosculated. We don’t think that just because you don’t have money you don’t deserve to be healthy. That keeps our whole population in a much healthy base and state. There is no reason why Americans think that we want to be American or think that they should be able to just walk across the border and take us over. That’s just really arrogant thinking!

  18. To eat an elephant, you take one bite at a time.

    Political disunion happens when intolerable conditions accumulate. For any part of Canada to become part of America, they have to (a) want to be rid of the Canadian government, (b) be part of the American government and (c) be willing to risk war for the transition as I suspect there is much in Canadian law to defuse such uprisings.

    We saw a glimmer of this with the Canadian gun registry. When enacted (I don’t recall the year), the much more independently minded western provinces openly declined to register guns, and some politicians (as well as many citizens) openly spoke of divorce from Canada. When these words hit the U.S. press, some American citizens and I at least one politician said “Well, you are welcome here.” This did not meet with disapproval north of the border and west of the Rockies.

    The U.S. acquiring any part of Canada will start with the Canadian government acting more like King George’s parliament. The current Canadian Primeminster might just be the guy to get the ball rolling. B.C. and Yukon would be the first to trip.

  19. The USA could not afford this acquisition. Nor would Canada ever allow it. And why on earth would the USA wish to acquire Canada. We are so far apart in everything and the USA could never catch up. A republic cannot become easily a democracy, and a socially slow country cannot become socialized quickly. In the meantime the tensions would be untenable.

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