What are citation and referencing in an assignment?

Citation is basically the appearance of the referencing that is been used in a report.The information that was used to build a report could have a brief description of its published or an unpublished source.Citation is a concise alpha-numeric expression embedded in the the body of the report that has used the information or the even mathematical figures to define any part of the report.Citation is used to support the works of a prior reports that had been made or to uphold the intellectuals honesty in its work.Citation also act as an attribute to the original ideas source.Citation give the report a strength of validity and also it's used to avoid plagiarism.A Citation should supply details to identify the source uniquely.
Each citation in a text is given a unique number in square brackets.Each citation is numbered in the order in which it appears in the text.If you need to cite a reference more than once in the text,the number of its first appearance(its unique number)is used each time you cite it.
For example: ….
As previously shown[5]. or ….As shown by Martin[5].
Page numbers are always included in the in-text citation for Direct Quotations
eg.(Hiebert,2009, p.69).
A Reference list is a numbered list,each number corresponding to the unique number that each source was assigned in the report.
Example of Citations
The textbook is The Geography of Australia by L.O'Connor published by Penguin in Melbourne in1994.When facts from this source are used in the report,the information must be cited.If this is the third reference cited in your report,it is given the number 3.

Reference List at the End of the report
A Reference list mainly contains author,publication date,title,place of publication and publisher and also may include additional information depending on the type of source.
Referencing is done separately on a new page and the listing is arranged alphabetically by author's last name. (APA,2010,p.181)
References are double spaced with the second and subsequent lines of each reference in dented (APA,2010,p.37).
In the reference list single authors go before multiple authors.
For more information please refer the links below
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  1. Citation and referencing in an assignment is important to refer the sources which a user uses for essays and reports, so that the teacher/reader can follow your arguments and check your sources.

    It is essential to correctly acknowledge the author when quoting or using other people's ideas in your work.If you want to learn about formatting then click here.

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