Who will be remembered in a worse light: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Hillary won’t be remembered.

At best, people will look back and say, “What could have been?” but when asked what she would have really done, people will just say the same things they have about her for the last two years. “She would have fixed everything: war, terrorism, poverty, the environment, ugly people, the poor, redundancies… she would have solved it all.” These will really just be the same people who couldn’t tell you anything more about her qualifications other than, “I just think it’s time we had a woman as president,” which if you didn’t catch the context, is a really stupid reason unless you’re saying that the differences between a man and a woman are such that it is literally the only qualifier necessary to lead the most powerful nation on Earth.

She was just someone who pulled out the “I am woman, hear us roar!” card anytime she could get on Ellen, but the truth of the matter is that, unlike most women in politics in the US, she only got where she was because she rode the coattails of her, quite frankly, much worse for women husband than the guy who said some crude things when he didn’t know he was being taped 11 years ago.

She will be remembered as little more than the very special qualifier as one of the first women to run for the Presidency, not even the first (Victoria Woodhull beat her by nearly a century and a half). She came close to the Presidency, which will be an interesting footnote in history, which is to say, preferable to simply being recorded as a mediocre Secretary of State.

Donald Trump, however, will be remembered. He will either be remembered very well, as someone who, in spite of a toxic reception, pulled it out to do some good during his time in office, or as a person who lived up to people’s expectations and failed. Either way, he will be remembered for being controversial and standing up for people who literally weren’t even on the radar for most people. He’ll either be an epic hero or a colossal failure, but he will be remembered. Hillary, simply won’t.

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  1. Do you remember Vice-president Hubert Humphrey? Most people probably don't. He was the Democratic candidate for president in 1968. Humphrey lost to none other than Richard Milhouse Nixon. Do you remember him? Most probably do, and for good reason.

    Which of these men do you recognise?

    It wasn't as if Humphrey's time as Vice-president was unmemorable – it saw the nadir of the Vietnam war, the height of the the civil rights protests, and the general upheaval of the 1960s. But Nixon defeated Humphrey and became president. Even before we take his scandals and controversies into account, just being president means most know his name. Watergate just made him particularly (in)famous.

    Hillary Clinton is Hubert Humphrey. Decades from now she will be only known to political history students and foreign policy experts, or maybe as the woman from the Lewinsky scandal. But even then, who now remembers, for example, the Petticoat affair of Andrew Jackson's administration?

    Clinton will not be remembered in a bad light, there will simply be no light. She will not be a hero or a villain, she will be a footnote.

    As for Trump? They say it is the winners who write history, and he won the election, but it is the media who author the present, and in the words of George Orwell:

    Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

  2. Hillary Clinton will be remembered as the First Lady that turned into one of the most experienced politicians in American history.

    Donald Trump will be remembered as the corrupt President that won an election through hate, fear and anger.

    Clinton will be remembered as the star politician she was. Her scandals will be forgotten. Trump’s scandals however will always be the first thing we think of when we hear the name “Donald”.

    History is biased. Those in power will always be judged by the size of their scandals, rather than progress. Ask anyone about Tony Blair, and the first thing they think of will not be the million people he lifted from poverty, the historic low unemployment, nor the historic high amounts of students in higher education. It will be the Iraq war.

    This goes for every President and Prime Minister.

    Hillary has the advantage of never taking her many scandals into the White House and into power. Her scandals can live freely outside the Oval Office and outside of the history books, but as soon as she stepped into that office if she would’ve won those 270 electoral votes, her Presidency would forever be marinated and smothered in scandals.

  3. Fifty years from now, Hillary won’t make a line in a high school history, or government text book. In a college level text book, she might get a sentence or two.

    Donald Trump, however, will go down in infamy. He has already surpassed Nixon and Aaron Burr. Comparisons to Benedict Arnold have begun.

    “Getting Trumped,” will take on a completely new meaning from that used in bridge games, and it will go into the Webster’s unabridged, with the Brits shoving it into the Oxford.

    He has already made Ponzi and Bernie Madoff look like amateurs, because they basically used the same out house. Trump’s out side loo cannot be moved, or ever used again, because it is full to the seat.

  4. Trump, easily. Hillary will go down in history as a senator, a Secretary of State, and as a failed candidate.

    If the past five or so months are any indication, Trump will be remembered as the president who tried to fashion the presidency into a dictatorship, and hastened America’s decline.

  5. Becauses he is the President, if Russia continues to unfold in the matter it is, he will go down in history with Nixon. Because of how controversial he is, I highly doubt he will ever be remembered in a great light, but hey I never thought we'd be talking about a President Trump and yet, here we are.

    Hillary Clinton will go down as a controversial first lady, but a Senator and Secretary of State who got things done, whether you agree with the specifics or not. Oh, and the election she lost in will be a template for Pollsters for a long time to come.

  6. Trump will allways be remembered as a disaster, because in fact he was one. He brought himself to shame by acting like a spoiled child, and that considerably reduced us supremacy, which makes everyone pissed. He's a joke, and will always be remembered for being so. History likes the stupid folks.

    Now, Hillary is an interesting one. She has a considerable amount of political “dirt” on her back, yet, there she remains. No one says anything. That is so because she is clever. She has made herself necessary for the us government. She is especially important in matters of national security and terrorrism. Have you ever seen the video of her reaction when she found out about Gaddafi's death? Because you should. Also, the whole idea of funding fundamentalist groups and training them for combat against Assad was all hers. So yes, she basically created ISIS. She is deeply involved in these kind of operations, and the reason why no one knows anything or questions anything is because the government itself protects these people. So she's in for the long run.

  7. Trump; just because he’s president.

    For example,

    Can you name 3 presidents you didn’t like?

    Can you name 3 secretary of states you didn’t like?

    “I’m guessing you can only answer the first one”

    It really doesn’t matter, because all politicians have done bad things, so anyone of them can be viewed negatively. And because presidents are more well known than secretary of states and presidential candidates, it’s easier to view a president as bad.

    Therefore, Trump will be remembered worse because he will be more well known.

  8. People rarely remember opposition candidates at all, really.

    45* will be remembered, all right…unless either he kicks off WWIII and wipes us all out, or he somehow doesn’t serve as a wake-up call about this nation’s slide into right-authoritarian oligarchy. And it won’t be fondly; he’ll be remembered as the dèbâcle that it’s already so abundantly clear that he is. (Unless, of course, his successor is even more of one…but unless one of his little neoreactionary fanboys were to somehow wrangle the position—in which case, that right-authoritarian oligarchy would have become an unequivocal reality—that’s difficult to imagine.)

  9. The Russians actually dug up nothing on Hillary.  I don’t think that woman has a confidential issue left in her life.  All the Podesta emails proved is that he ran a good campaign and others felt comfortable enough to disagree with him.

    All the DNC emails showed was that Democrats wanted a lifelong Democrat to win.  Not a breathtaking concept.

    Trump, going in had a real life worse reputation and now he’s dust.  He’s going down as our worst president in history,  He’s so bad that I find myself wondering if the Bush family put him  up so George Bush wouldn’t take the number one worst president spot.

  10. Donald Trump will be remembered in a negative light, but not Hillary. The man is a danger to our democracy. He wants the free press to disappear, which is the cornerstone of self government.

    My fear is that he will lead us into a crisis and then request and get emergency power from the Congress to deal with the crisis. Once granted, he will not relinquish the power, and, voila! We lose our democracy to authoritarian rule.

    All of you Trump supporters, please think about this. I am not writing as a Liberal or a Conservative, but as an American who is a student of history and politics.

    Semper Fi,

    Jim Evans, PhD

  11. It depends on who is doing the remembering; there are still people who disagree over who's to blame for the US civil war.

    At the moment, I suspect Clinton will have a more positive reputation than Trump in the short to medium term, but in the long run people don't remember cabinet secretaries or losing candidates. Trump will have a much longer legacy, which will be shaped by what happens while he is in office.

  12. A contrary opinion to Jon Davis’s opinion that Trump will be remembered in a better light than Hillary Clinton

    Trump will be remembered in a worse light.

    Hillary will be a footnote in the War on Terror as being SecState when Osama was killed, along with being First Lady under Clinton.

    Trump will be regarded as Nixon light, a President who was both paranoid like Nixon but stupid about it, always worrying that he got into his lofty position due to others stupidity. He won’t be remember as standing up for those without a voice, because the people who write the histories won’t be those without a voice, it will be by academics who will be wondering for decades why such a travesty of a human being got to such a position. He’ll always be remembered as a piece of shit of a human being with his crude remarks that a decent human being wouldn’t fucking say whether they werew being recorded or not.

    He’ll be remembered as a bizarro Gerald Ford- not only a bad President but an awful human being who showcases almost every negative sterotype of the American white male Baby Boomer.

  13. For God’s sake what has Hillary ever done, so seriously that she should NOT be remembered for being a hard working public servant, she was. Why would anyone purse power, fame and or money when she already had all three plus public recognition for work through out the world on issues effecting women and children. I having watched her time and again stand up to overwhelming ridicule from the right because she represented forward movement for women in every public format Polities and parties.

    thank you Hillary for you fierce dedication and hard work!

  14. Clinton has done nothing to be remembered in a negative light. Yes, she was investigated – and nothing was found. That sounds more like senseless partisan persecution than some negative act on her part. And on the plus side, she was Senator and Secretary of State and got a couple of things done. On the (real) negative she did vote for the Iraq invasion.

    I have yet to see one positive thing Trump might put on his CV when he leaves office and there’s a whole lot of bad blood he’s done his best to foment.

  15. Quick – who is remembered in a worse light – Warren Harding or James Cox? Fifty years from now Hillary Clinton will be little remembered. If things continue going the way they are now, Trump will very much be remembered as being the worst president since Warren Harding or, God help us, James Buchanan.

  16. Nothing on Hillary Clinton was actually revealed at that meeting. It was offered as bait, and DJT Jr. snapped at it.

    I don’t think there is any “dirt” other than what eventually came out in the campaign—mostly puffed-up nothing. This agrees with the Steele “dossier” also. There must be more from the Trumps, if only because of the disclosed email revelation that the Russian preference for DJT had been clarified outside of this email trail.

    So definitely: Trump will be remembered worse by history.

  17. I would say Donald Trump. He is already under investigation for possibly colluding with a foreign power, he has undone regulations protecting the water (allowing coal companies to dump trash into our waterways—who asked for that?) Insulting women’s looks, getting into to Twitter wars with people, “grabbing women by the pussy”) . This is just 6 months into his Presidency, and now he is trying to get the names and SS numbers of the people who voted against him in his crazy voter fraud commission….

  18. 100 Years from now you will be lucky if anyone even remembers who HRC was. Bill Clinton will be remembered as the 42nd President of the US and because he has an (I) next to his name people will probably remember that he was impeached.

    Donald Trump will be remembered as the 45th President of the US but the jury is largely still out on what, other than that, he will be remembered for.

    Ultimatly to give your question a finite answer, only President Trump will be remembered at all, so by default he would be the one who was remembered worst by some.

  19. I try not to favor individuals because everyone is supposedly going through changes and being able to diversify themselves with positive action. Unfortunately we as citizens of the US are given choices for president and the choices are very poor…. I'm glad that Hilary is not the president because I've done so much research on her that I could write a book . I'm glad the Clinton dynasty and the Bush dynasty are slowly fading because of all the negativity behind not only their campaigning but their background is nothing but family elitists and even though they express they are for the people they're NOT! Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings but you should invest time in research on your candidate and read everything good and bad about them Because if somebody is of a scandalous nature , running for a political party will not improve their persona. Truthfully I voted for Trump because he's a business man , when your in business you run on credability, integrity and truth.

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