How can non-owners use renewable energy at home?

Your question is not clear. You are asking about renewable energy in rentals, then asking how to use renewable with non-hard-wired? Those are separate questions.

Normally a rental tenant would not install a renewable energy system as it costs a lot up front at installation, and nearly all such systems are permanently installed and hard-wired. So a tenant, unless he has a very long-term lease, would not recover his costs. I’d say at least 20 years is needed to amortize most such systems.

He could possibly negotiate with the property owner to get repaid for the un-amortized portion of his system cost if he vacates earlier.

He could also perhaps buy into a local community renewable system for a shorter-term, if one is available. This is usually a larger renewable system with multiple (usually) local property owners that band together to install a larger remote system, maybe on the larger roof of a local school. They may not have good solar exposure on their own house, or apartment dwellers where the land-lord is not cooperative.

A tenant could also build a portable, removable system, especially if he is off-grid. This reduces the hook-up complexity. He should have his installer connect everything with “plugs”, not hard-wiring. He ould then “unplug” the renewable energy system and take the portable system with him when he moves out. But he’d need to return the roof and other building systems to their original condition to not be penalized by a landlord if he couldn’t do that fully. Not suggested.

Klaus in Seattle (wish we had more winter sun here).

What is the difference between the Mosul campaign and the indiscriminate Kremlin bombing of civilians in Aleppo, and how did one take a lot longer?

Be sure civilian death in Mosul exist. But since it's approved by USA you won't see any media outlet cry.

Big difference!. Half of Aleppo were under state control. The western part. Universities, schools and all city facilities were in business.

Jubhat alnusra with many opposition factions were occupying the eastern part make it impossible to the city to survive as they were in war with the state to control the city.

Though every day life was a challenge to survive mortors shells and hell cannon. Grad rockets!.

Eventually the state were able to retake the eastern part and unite Aleppo again.

Huge casualties from both sides. Huge devastating destruction. That what is war about. And that exactly what made the citizens of Aleppo to refuse the war. but after one year and half exactly July 2012. the opposition forced itself and brought war to the city.

After they were given the choice to leave the city safely! And that what happened at 22–12–2016. Yet opposition still shelling the western part from rashideen countryside. As they did yesterday and killed two citizens and more 17 injured in south halab al-jadida.

How loud would an object be up close if it registered a loudness of 172 decibels from 100 miles away?

I don’t think that is possible, the 172 was probably either calculated or measured near the volcano, not 100 miles away. (though i did see where that is stated.)

194dBSPL is the limit – the lowest pressure would be a vacuum!

anyway by inverse square law, the pressure goes as the square of distance.

at 1 mile, you are is 100x closer, so the pressure would be 10,000 times as much.

which is 80 dB more, or 252 dB, impossible.

My boyfriend told me that he lost his virginity to his cousin. How can I get over this new detail when it's consuming my every thought about him?

It may be taboo for you, but it’s perfectly legal in a lot of places. Check your state’s laws to see.

If the state says it’s OK, maybe you need to loosen up your ideas on this.

Besides, you note it was 20some years ago or so. Give it a pass already. What he did was not the end of the world, merely something that skeezes you out. You can get over that, if you want to.

Do you want to or do you like the fact it bothers you?

So he did something once that you wouldn’t. No one was harmed, both parties agreed, it’s decades old, they were kids (assuming the cousin was also about 18). No one got pregnant – I expect you’d have mentioned that – and he still turned out into a nice enough dude you fell for him. You won that jackpot.

What do you have to point to TODAY that makes you feel icky about it? What actual, concrete problem is present NOW that you can point to? If the answer is none, then that’s that.

Yeah, he did something YOU don’t feel is right a lifetime ago. And yet, he’s still the guy you love (assuming here) and feel good enough about to have moved in together. You now have a tiny nugget of info about the distant past. This is gonna make everything you two have wrong? If so, you’re much too easily bothered and maybe you should let the guy go, let him find someone not so easily put off by minor, ancient history things.

Or just say “OK, well, that was something. But he’s still the great guy I love” and just move on and stop obsessing.

If Rand Paul won the libertarian nomination, how many more votes would he have gotten than Gary Johnson?

He’s better known than Johnson was, even though Johnson was a two-term Governor. If he had been the Libertarian Party’s candidate in 2016 instead of Gary Johnson, he would have gotten more votes, but not a lot more, and not nearly enough.

Anytime either one of the Pauls had ever wanted to run on the Libertarian ticket, that party would have welcomed them. Ron actually did run as their candidate once, 29 years ago. The Libertarian Party would love for Rand to stand as their candidate for POTUS in 2020.

He won’t do it, though. Rand Paul has influence within the GOP that his father didn’t have in 1988. At the time Ron ran for President with the LP, he was a four-term Representative who decided to run for the Senate in 1984 and lost the primary. He wouldn’t hold elected office again for a dozen years, and when he did return to the House and ran for President again, it was as a Republican. Ron Paul didn’t stop masquerading as a Republican and return to the Libertarians until after he retired from public life.

If Rand broke with the party ranks and ran for President as a Libertarian, he wouldn’t receive any support from the GOP from that point forward, especially since he could very well decide the election by siphoning off the otherwise Republican votes of like-minded voters. I know if he ran on a LP platform, I would certainly vote for him, and I would vote for him as a Republican, as long as he ran as Rand Paul and didn’t pander to the party establishment.

But there’s no way he could win on a Libertarian ticket, as things stand right now. If it were as easy as just being better than the major-party candidates, we’d be referring to our POTUS as “Johnson 45” today.

Is a military conflict the only way to defeat or stabilize North Korea?

North Korea is stable.

There’s no notable threats to the Kim Jong dynasty. They’re 3 generations in right now. In addition, North Korea is self-contained. It’s biggest ally is China, and they’re really in it just so we (America) doesn’t get a unified Korea and a proxy military at their border. Additionally, North Korea is poor and doesn’t have the resources to expand. They funnel all their money into their military which is why it looks like this at night:

But maybe you’re not worried about the stability of the Kims more-so than the recent missile test, and that’s why you think they’re ripe for regime change?

Well, hold your horses. Trust me, more powerful people have already considered that option. So why haven’t we introduced them to good ol’ American-brand Freedom™?

The first reason I highlighted in another answer, but North Korea actually has a hostage in the form of South Korea. You see, North Korea is already a nuclear power. The problem they have is developing a delivery system that would allow them to get a missile from North Korea to America. However, Seoul, South Korea, is literally right there. It would be nothing for Kim Jong-Un to nuke Seoul and kill 10 million people. We’d basically be trading 10 million people for one despot. Not a good trade.

Another reason is the fact that North Korea is home to multiple generations of people who have lived their entire lives in the Kim Jong bubble. Who would take his place? I’m not saying that everyone who lives in North Korea actually believes their Dear Leader is a deity, but expecting a functioning democracy to form out of that would be a tall order.

Finally, Kim Jong-Un isn’t stupid. He may be crazy, but even if he did manage to find a way to create a nuke that could bomb Chicago, even he knows the annihilation that would ensue if he pushed that button. In fact, he knows he’s part of the Axis of Evil (North Korea, Iran, Iraq), and he’s seen what happened to one of the members when we thought they had WMDs but didn’t. What Kim Jong-Un wants is security, and the only surefire way to get that security is to become a nuclear power.

And that’s why the North Korea situation is a clusterfuck.

Could we upgrade MS Office 2005 with Calibri font?

As Rachel said: as long as you’ve legally obtained the Calibri typeface, you can use it in any application you have installed on your computer, including MS Office 2005.

If you want to have Calibri Regular as your default font when you open a new blank document, you have to update the Normal.dotm file with this font setting. This file resides in your User Templates directory. You can access this directory via the ‘Save as Template…’ menu item in Word or directly via a file search in the Windows Explorer or in MacOS. From Word, you’re not allowed to overwrite the file so you use a simple work-around: save it under a different name and quit Word. Now navigate to the directory where both dotm files reside, delete the old Normal.dotm file and rename the new dotm file you just created to Normal.dotm. The next time you start up Word and open a new blank document, the selected typeface will be Calibri and you can immediately start typing in Calibri.

What if the soul is made of photons?

What if? I’ve been pondering something similar myself.

Not so much the soul being made of photons as our consciousness being photons.

If this were the case, that would be interesting, but ultimately unsatisfying from what we know about matter and the laws of physics. Unsatisfying if an eternal soul or existence was the desire. Being that our universe and even photons are believed to be headed for a long cold nap after a few hundred trillion years or more. Eventually, even the photon soul will be extinguished.

If our soul, the essence of us, is made of photons, we would be beings of pure energy. Photons, particles of the electromagnetic field are Bosons and are essentially force carriers for the electric field. These fields are part of Quantum Field Theory. Quantum Fields being the source of fundamental particles, and all matter.

It would mean that we are emitting bits of our soul into the surrounding environment at all times. Infrared light streaming from our cells as heat.

It would mean that we can absorb bits of other’s soul, and give them bits of our own. There’d be nothing anyone could do to stop that happening.

The sun would be an enhancer of the soul as it would add heat/photons to our body and increase the soul reserves.

It may mean that we are capable of communicating non physically.

It would also mean that upon death of the body, our soul begins to leak out into the environment at a rapid rate if we are allowed to decompose. If we are mummified or embalmed, our soul would be trapped.

This is all assuming that we possess something like a soul. I tend to think in non-secular terms so I look at consciousness as the best hope for an immaterial soul like self.

What should I wear to the Melbourne Cup?

What you wear will depend on whether you have a General Admission ticket, or are going as the guest of a member. There is no dress code for General Admission, but the rules for members are enforced.

There are also the unofficial rules. For example, ladies don’t have to wear hats (for General Admission or in the Members’ areas) but most do wear a hat or a fascinator – it’s just part of dressing up for the occasion. Likewise men don’t have to wear a suit and tie, but if you do the race day flower is a yellow rose so you can grab one for your buttonhole.

Melbourne is also pretty unpredictable weather-wise, especially in Spring, so make sure you look at the weather forecast and wear something you’ll feel comfortable in all day. Think classic and smart casual to formal. Avoid anything that looks like evening wear. Remember this is a spring day (hopefully) spent out in the sunshine.

You don’t have to buy something new. Just make sure your outfit looks like you planned it for the races, and not what you would wear to work. Melbournians tend to wear very conservative colours for work, but Cup Day outfits are generally bright and fun. If you want some style inspiration, or to know more about the Members’ dress codes you can have a look at this article: IGI ADVICE SERIES: Melbourne Cup Dress Code.

How to deal with depression without support from friends

You don’t give us a lot to go on so you force us to make a few assumptions about you from what you have asked and said about yourself. So, if my guesses are right try this pro bono 7 Steps in 7 Days self help pick me up I advise my Energime Students to cram before starting their Energime course. Don’t worry that it addresses an extreme case, as it’s where you’ll be if we don’t nip your problems in the bud right now, using the extreme case solution.

The 7 steps –

  1. Crush churning thoughts that say suicide may be the easy escape route
  2. Fix short, medium, and long-term finance problems to stop you worrying
  3. Raise your happiness floor a bit higher above your depression threshold
  4. Broaden your outlook to capture betterment chances the universe sends
  5. Kill that spiteful voice that calls you fat, ugly, lazy, stupid and worthless
  6. Prepare the secret invisible saint and hero inside to create you a miracle
  7. Make you do something so epic awesome people will call you amazing!

Step 1 will make you a lot happier and braver in yourself and less suicidal inside an hour of signing up to the email autoresponder. Many of my clients don’t go on to do Steps 2–7 as Step 1 fulfils their need. But their suicidal thoughts come back so they have to do it again and again, whereas, if they did all 7 Steps they wouldn’t have to keep doing Step 1.

If the 7 Steps in 7 Days course works, then, pump up the volume with this pro bono 7 Steps in 98 Days consolidator. This sends you the emails a fortnight apart, instead of a day apart, so you do each step again every day for fourteen days before going on to the next, which gives your brain’s natural healing powers an opportunity to prune away pathways which, habitually convey negative thoughts around inside your head and replace them with ones that habitually carry wholesome and positive thoughts.

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