What is your favorite scent? Why?

I have to cast a second vote for pikake (Jasminum sambac also known as Arabian Jasmine), which is my favorite smell in the whole world. If your nose could have an orgasm, this is what would cause it.

Inasmuch as I also love the smell of my favorite foods, they are a distant second.

In Hawaii, this sweetly fragrant flower is usually used to make flower leis.

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  1. How many fragrances and fragrances in the world Someone fills the mind. Such as fragrance of flowers. Again, some of them stopped breathing. Like the Dustbin of the city or the Burunda arrow of the Buriganga. But there are some who do not know any of these smells. Yes, it is a disease. Because the sense of hearing or hearing power is also a special power or consciousness of man. It is associated with complex neurological and physiological events.

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  2. The smell of ocean air. Salty, tangy, vaguely fishy. It smells like life. Just going to the beach or close to the ocean instantly raises my spirits and invigorates me, even in the winter time.

    If you like science, and it won't spoil how you feel about the ocean, check this out:

    Cloning The Smell Of The Seaside

  3. Tobacco – not the smell of burning tobacco and not the ashes.  But I love the smell of loose tobacco.  30-40 years ago, tobacconist shops were wonderful places to walk through.  Now, everything is plastic-wrapped – I guess because smoking is down and there's less turnover.  Good for the world and I can still buy loose tobacco & keep it in a jar to smell when I want.

    My current favorite cologne is Armani Attitude, which has a distinct tobacco note.

  4. It's been such fun reading through all of the scents everyone has written about! I've traveled all through my memory as each different scent I read about conjured a new image for me. So many of us love so many of the same scents, yet some of us love them for such different reasons. It's fascinating!

    I couldn't possibly name a favorite scent, there are too many, and I think they tend to change with my mood. Some of the things that stand out in my mind as things I love the smell of are things that inextricably link me to a place or person.

    • The smell of a garage – all the grease, steel, and solvents remind me forever of my father, and the countless hours I spent quietly watching him work on motorcycles, cars, and his dreams.
    • The first few raindrops hitting dry dirt, when the little clouds of earth pouf up and expand to meet the rain – will always bring me back to my childhood home. There was a farm field across the street from our house, and nothing smelled better or cleaner to me then than when the rain hit those fields after they'd been tilled and had a chance to dry out after a few days.
    • A warm bowl of oatmeal, dressed with butter, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla – always reminds me of my older sister, who used to fix this for me when I was small. Every time I pour the capful of vanilla extract into the bowl to complete the concoction, I am reminded of all the loving care my sister showed me growing up. Thirteen years my senior, she was like a second mother to me.

    Some other scents that I happen to love are ones that I find extremely calming. One that I haven't seen mentioned is the smell of a sleeping cat, all cuddled up in your arms.

  5. I love the smell of a Lemon Scented Gum's leaves on a hot day, especially after rain.


    Common name: Lemon-scented gum

    Botanic name: Eucalyptus citriodora

    Description: Fast growing tree, 20-30m (60-90') tall. It has a smooth, straight white trunk, an open crown and lance-shaped, narrow leaves. The leaves have a strong, citronella aroma. The pale green buds open to creamy white flowers in winter.

    Lemon Scented Gum Pannacotta

  6. Vanilla seems like the obvious one.  Ditto bacon.  Orange and lemon almost as much.  So I'll go with something just a tiny bit less common.

    That, of course, is ginger.  There's no particular reason for any of these, in my case.  They're just pleasant scents to me.  If I had to name a scent that's pleasant specifically because of its associations, the only one I can think of is . . . well . . . blush . . . let's just say it's a scent that only women produce, and leave it at that, OK?

  7. I love the baby's scent…
    I really don't use perfume like Victoria's secret or any expensive perfume, I'm only satisfied to Johnson's baby powder hehehe… it's really affordable.  I usually apply it on my back, chest and face.. and I really like the smell of it.

    I also love the smell of sampaguita (Jasminum Sambac) and Ilang-ilang (Cananga Odorata)

    Jasminum sambac

    Ilang Ilang
    Cananga odorata

    I also love the smell of Barako Coffee or Kapeng Barako
    Kapeng barako

  8. I guess my favorite scent should be the scent of bergamot and bitter orange…I love fruity scent, and the fresh smell always enhance my mood when I’m feeling down…there’re many perfumes that were lead by the scent of citrus fruits, for example:

    “Composition of Bergamote Soleil opens with Calabrian bergamot combined with bitter orange from Ivory Coast and ambrette from Ecuador. The heart of the composition accentuates Egyptian jasmine, Provencal lavender and Guatemalan cardamom, while the base consists of Haitian vetiver, Slovenia oak moss and white amber.” from https://www.fragrantica.com/perf

    I seldom buy big bottles of perfumes but I own a 100ml one of this. It’s actually one of the most zesty/refreshing colognes I’ve ever seen… BTW Atelier Cologne is truly good at making citrus colognes, their Cedrat Enivrant and Orange Sanguine also Trefle Pur are worth trying too.

    And for citrus perfumes I also have this one:

    Nio perfume from the Shooting Stars Collection is a refreshing stroll through the southern Italian countryside. Rich and tasty Calabria bergamot and neroli are mixed with mysterious spicy notes of cardamom, nutmeg and pink pepper. This unique combination is blended with a dry woody base of cedar and Guaiac wood, Haiti vetiver, amber and Indian patchouli to create a timeless blend of romantic memories. ” from https://www.fragrantica.com/perf

    I personally have a 50ml bottle of Nio (unfortunately this style of bottle is discontinued) and I gotta say that the green scent in it is a highlight. It also contains some soapy neroli scent in it which made it smell quite clean.

    If you like the pulp of citrus fruit as much as I do I strongly recommend this one:

    Palermo, from Byredo fragrance collection created by Ben Gorham, is launched in 2010. Palermo is a scent of Sicily and its orange and lemon trees. Top notes: bergamot and bigarde. Heart: fresh musk and rose. Base: skin musk and ambrette flower.” from ttps://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Byredo/Palermo-12488.html

    Trust me it is unmistakably the smell of the pulp of mandarine orange. Even though it doesn’t really last long but it’s super realistic. Byredo has a fragrance named Pulp too but that scent is lead by fig and apple etc, so remember don’t get them wrong…

    At last I want to add that…I have a love for fragrant pear too but in perfume’s note pyramid you can only find normal pear note but not the fragrant pear, however there’s a fragrance…

    Passiflora by Keiko Mecheri is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Passiflora was launched in 2003. The nose behind this fragrance is Yann Vasnier. The fragrance features passion flower, tropical fruits, passionfruit, litchi, mango, green notes, flowers and white musk.” from https://www.fragrantica.com/perf

    It smells exactly like fragrant pear to me. Even though it says passionfruit and passion flower on the note pyramid and the title. It’s fresh and mild and a little bit powdery, very very soft, just like the aroma of fragrant pear.

    Alright I guess I’ll end my answer here…

  9. A freshly peeled orange

    Kaffir lime leaves still growing on the tree

    Photo credits:
    Marmalade 01 by L. Marie (Creative Commons 2.0)
    Kaffir Lime Blossom by mrpbps (Creative Commons 2.0)

  10. Firstly, the smell of 'Thaalithal' (Chaunk).  Usually its done at the end of any Indian cooking and just before  serving any dish. So, that means your meal is ready to be served. Basically, the smell of 'Thaalithal', irrespective of wherever I am, induces hunger in me, right from my childhood.
    Ingredients  may vary, but its usually made by frying minced onion and ginger, cumin  seeds, curry leaves, black mustards and fennugreek seeds with red  chillies in oil.

    Secondly the scent of the fruit called Musk Melon, I think that this fruit has got a peculiar aroma. And this what compels me to order this fruit juice every other time during summer. You smell it and drink it.

    Thirdly, the smell of Toluene, if you've been to any Plastic or Polymer industry. Its actually a polymer solvent and it can dissolve any objects made of plastic. It makes me  nostalgic and takes me to the days, where I have been working as an apprentice in a Polymer factory.
    I can still smell traces of Toluene in any Paints, Nail polishes, Varnishes and Whiteners.

  11. All these scents remind of my of my childhood.

    Old Books: My Grandma is a serious book reader.

    Gasoline (only Chevron Plus): This is the type of gas we have always put in our cars in my family. Everyone uses Chevron and as long as I can remember.

    New Car Smell: Who doesn't like this smell! Someone in my family always got a new car. what can I say my family is made up of gear heads.

    New Leather: Lea-ther! I just love the word! Leather has always been in my life. Leather purses, leather shoes, leather coats (can't be a family of gear heads without leather coats), leather seats, and leather couches. This is an All-American smell for me!

    Fresh Linen: My Grandma has a crazy passion for new and fresh bed linens. She changes the bed linen at lease three times a week. So when I was young, I always remember crawling into a neatly made bed with fresh sheets. 

    That smell after it rains: Just love it! That smell meant I was having a hearty meal for dinner of baked chicken with Red Beans and Rice…Mmmmm!

    Fresh cut grass: Warm summer mornings in Golden Gate Park!

    That salty smell of the Pacific Ocean (Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Ca): A hot day in San Fransisco, BEACH DAY! Playing in the waves and building sand castles. Daddy sleep, snoring, and music blasting from the boombox.

    Newport Cigarettes (I don't smoke): Everybody and anybody that I know during my childhood, smoked these cigs.

  12. Erasers. I don't know if it's weird, but smelling them was so much fun, specially the ones in different shapes and colors, they were amazing.

    I wanted to add this answer to What's a smell that you love but others hate? But I don't think too many people hate the smell of erasers, and also getting upvoted there is a bit ironic.

  13. Well,to be very precise i like smell of food,and maybe early morning's fog which has very low visibility and not too dense in which the smell of flowers name any even fucking grass smells so relived and moreover if you are alone in such a mist which you consider to last forever and everlasting essence of such smell and peace is what you unconditionally desired for is the best smell and environment one can wish for,well its not finished yet what if you are standing in such a mysterious land where everything is sweeter and fresh,with no fight and no pain where one respect each other and live peacefully but still its not complete

    you know the best smell is the smell of JOINT,burnt slowly and slowly with the lil music and chocolates and ice cream.


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  17. I grew up with the scent of pakalana. My father planted it on the northeast side of the house, so that when the trade winds blew, the pakalana would perfume the whole house.

    Pakalana (Telosma cordata)

    Pakalana can be made into lei as well:

    Because it can be hard to find, you don't see very many pakalana lei. But if I'm somewhere that many people are wearing lei (eg a graduation), I'll pick it out from a distance by its fragrance.

    I'm sure lots of people could say things like pizza or a barbecue. But sometimes specific scents grab me – even when subtle.




  18. Gasoline, petrichor, and old library books.

    Gasoline because there's nothing quite like it. The idea that something so toxic can possibly smell good also intrigues me.

    Petrichor because the world always seems more calm and collected after a rain.

    Old library books because I was a nerdy kid. Also, because the smell somehow gives tangible value to the knowledge within.

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