What are your 3 top lessons on building startup company?

It's hard to narrow down to three, but here are the ones that first came to mind:

  • Think big with everything you do – big goals, big milestones, big rewards!
  • Unless you are very lucky, you won't get it right on the first or second or maybe the third try – keep trying and you'll eventually get there
  • Surround yourself with passionate, hard-working people whose skills complement each other and will work with you – get rid of anyone who is considered a negative force quickly and decisively

8 Replies to “What are your 3 top lessons on building startup company?”

  1. 1. Don't spend too long on a product no one wants
    2. Learn what MVP truly means (You can test an idea with a splash page, pretending like the products built and seeing if people sign up)
    3. Keep your vision strong. When working with a team, it's easy to be nice and let everyone have there say in what direction to go. If it's your idea, follow your vision. Listen to their ideas but, stick to your guns.

  2. 1) 2-3 Core team members with guts to support company irrespective of company financial status,project failures.
    2)Your plans can go for toss any moment , just move on with new plans without getting demotivated and encouraging other colleagues.
    3) Your company may not break even for 2-3 years, employees may leave jobs just when you start thinking they are assets of your company, your personal finance & Life may hit rock bottom, still you have to maintain peace of mind and think "I will succeed".

  3. 1. Begin your sales plan at the same time you start product development.
    2. Be teachable and accept criticism.

    3. Look for the hidden opportunities that occur once you start.I recently started MusicalConversations where I use music to engage the elderly in conversation and improve their wellbeing. My seniors have given me others ideas and I've learned a lot about the other, non-music services, that the elderly want.

    1. Market validations of the core ideas by talking to multiple people in the field
    2. Choose team members who are absolutely convinced about the idea
    3. and then go to market quickly
  4. top 3 lessons

    1. Its extremely important to chose the right number of members in your core team. From my experience 2-3 people are perfect. Any more people will only lead slower processes

    2. Get an advisor from the similar industry who has at least 10 years more experience than you do.

    3. Focus on one model at a time. Don't try too many things at the same time

  5. #1 – Remain Flexible – Your vision will change.
    #2 – Don't give up too much equity.
    #3 – Pick Cofounders/Advisors who have more experience than you.

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