Which remix artists are similar to Goldroom, Jupiter, or Shook?

Matt’s answer is really complete, I would add these ones:

JackLNDN, Tobtok, Pat Lok, Jean Tonique, Roisto, Pastel, Oliver Nelson, Disco Despair, Classixx, PurpleDiscoMachine, Mattanoll, Robotaki

If you enjoy these artists, you can find new ones on my music blog too!

One Reply to “Which remix artists are similar to Goldroom, Jupiter, or Shook?”

  1. from a brief perusal of my collection:

    Amtrac, Hemingway, RAC, Aeroplane, Breakbot, Pelifics, Tensnake, Plastic Plates, Grum, Russ Chimes, Bottin, Cut Copy, Joakim, Cherokee, C90's, Gigamesh, Cyclist, Lifelike, Moullinex, Xinobi, Fred Falke, The Magician, Sare Havlicek, Clock Opera, Bag Raiders, Lorenz Rhode, Shazam, Ilija Rudman, Penguin Prison, FM Attack, Datassette, In Flagranti, Vanguard, Munk

    happy hunting.

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