What is the difference between a pun and a double entendre?


A guy walks into the psychiatrist's office wearing only Glad Wrap shorts. The shrink says, "Well, I can clearly see you're nuts."

Double entendre:

In the Southern US, there's a chain of fast-food delis named Wagner's Meat, with the old slogan "You Can't Beat Wagner's Meat!" These are usually situated next door to a Chicken Box take-out restaurant with the slogan "Tastes Like Ya Mama's!"

Why do so many people dislike the rain?

I come from Mumbai, India.

1. First, my light colored jeans get brown polka dots and then later they get an ombre effect. I should probably a DIY ombre jeans.

2. It's not even rain water. It's dog piss, dog shit, cow shit, human tobacco spit, all nicely mixed together that you get splashed with.

3. I pity all the kids who play in the puddles. And I hate walking in the huge puddles. I can't wear most of my shoes. I am stuck wearing neon rubber boots. Sew not prittay.

4. Pot holes. Lots of them. I hate traveling in the rain, pot holes make the ride bumpy and my boobs feel like they're on a trampoline.

5. I catch a rickshaw, the seats are wet. Next thing I know when I get out of the Rick, a bunch of punks laughing at me. Yeah, my mom taught me how to use a toilet.

6. You gots to carry a wet umbrella that adds 103747 kgs to your bag unnecessarily, for the whole day. Damn, I work so hard, but nope, I ain't getting any thin.

7. I have to wrap my books in a plastic bag, my phone in a plastic bag, my lunch box, in a plastic bag, my wallet everything!

8. The rainy season is so depressing. A. I don't have a bf to romance with under an umbrella. B. There's no sunshine. I love my sun.

9. Traffic, honking, noise pollution, air pollution, water diseases, mosquitoes, flies.

10. It'd be flooded, you be walking down the street and whoop the devil pulls you down that man hole.

11. In the bus, everyone pulls the windows down. I'm breathing frigging Co2. It's like global warming taking place in the bus. What's worse? Somebody farts.

12. Some random lady brings in her basket of smelly fish and sits right next to you. I'd rather get wet and pull up my windows. Nope, can't do dat , everyone's going to tell you to pull the windows down.

13. I wake up it's raining. I have to go to school. Shower in that cold weather. And then wear brown jeans, brown shirt, I look like a tree without any branches.

14. I come home, and I want to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate sitting by my Window sinking away in my beautiful thoughts, but no, the sun comes out and it stops raining.

15. I can't carry my Louis Vuitton OR my gucci. Do you know how depressing that is?

Yep, those are all the reasons why I absolutely hate the rain.

Is it time to take your life leap? What is preventing you from or pushing you to following that dream?

Fear and loss are real barriers to break through when taking a life leap.  In my personal leap, I experienced both at a very deep level. Having said that I am a life long leaper and have a newfound perspective on life and what I how I can be of service to others. Be courageous and push through the fear and allow yourself to experience loss. There is so much benefit and a
sense of contentment that comes from pursuing your own personal life leap.
Thanks for the discussion!

What are some good vegan places to eat near Times Square in New York?

Unforntunately, Midtown is something of a vegan deadzone.  I don't know of any strictly vegan restaurants north of Franchia (Korean/Asian fusion at 34th and Park) until you get up to around 79th street (Blossom on the UWS and Candle Cafe, Candle 79, Gobo and V-Note on the UES).

One option is the Dig Inn (formerly 'Pump Energy Foods') on Broadway, between 39th and 40th.  It's not even a vegetarian restaurant but they usually have a lot of vegan options.  It's one of these places where you start with a base (brown rice, cooked greens, salad greens or a wrap) and add protein (tofu is one of the options) then choose from a number of vegetables and other things like bean chili, lentil soup, and then a sauce or dressing (romesco, hummus, basalmic viniagrette). They have a wicked good peanut butter-banana shake that can be made vegan if you ask them to leave out the whey powder, and use soy milk.

There is a Chipotle on 7th Ave at 37th, and a Subway on 44th between 6th and 7th, if you get desperate.

Will outgoing calls made via Google Voice be charged as long distance on my phone bill, since they are routed through a long distance number?

With all respect, doesn't the answer depend on what you mean by "made via Google Voice?" If you make an outgoing call by typing it into the Google Voice webpage and ringing back your phone, as far as your carrier (and the recipient's too) is concerned, the call is an incoming call, so there are no long distance charges.

Of course, if you are on a cell phone that is charged for minutes of use, you will be charged regardless.