Is it time to take your life leap? What is preventing you from or pushing you to following that dream?

Fear and loss are real barriers to break through when taking a life leap.  In my personal leap, I experienced both at a very deep level. Having said that I am a life long leaper and have a newfound perspective on life and what I how I can be of service to others. Be courageous and push through the fear and allow yourself to experience loss. There is so much benefit and a
sense of contentment that comes from pursuing your own personal life leap.
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2 Replies to “Is it time to take your life leap? What is preventing you from or pushing you to following that dream?”

  1. Because we are told via continual reinforcement that fear of failure, loss etc prevents us from pushing forward, fear of failure etc, takes a much greater hold the necessary. In a way where in the midst of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    It's also interesting how fine the line is between a dream and a nightmare. The dreams that often turn into nightmares the ones which takers farthest away from being realistic. The bigger the gap between the dream and reality the greater the unlikelihood of achievement and greater the associated fear of failure etc.

    If you forget about taking a life leap, following a dream and just do it, things get less intellectually challenging though no less challenging in living of life.

    Just a thought.

  2. In my personal perspective the only things that keep a person from achieving his/her dreams is Fear and Loss.

    Many people fear the future and they always think that luck will never turn to their side.

    And there's people who afraid to lose something or someone they care when they take big decision that can change their life. 

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