Why do so many people dislike the rain?

I come from Mumbai, India.

1. First, my light colored jeans get brown polka dots and then later they get an ombre effect. I should probably a DIY ombre jeans.

2. It's not even rain water. It's dog piss, dog shit, cow shit, human tobacco spit, all nicely mixed together that you get splashed with.

3. I pity all the kids who play in the puddles. And I hate walking in the huge puddles. I can't wear most of my shoes. I am stuck wearing neon rubber boots. Sew not prittay.

4. Pot holes. Lots of them. I hate traveling in the rain, pot holes make the ride bumpy and my boobs feel like they're on a trampoline.

5. I catch a rickshaw, the seats are wet. Next thing I know when I get out of the Rick, a bunch of punks laughing at me. Yeah, my mom taught me how to use a toilet.

6. You gots to carry a wet umbrella that adds 103747 kgs to your bag unnecessarily, for the whole day. Damn, I work so hard, but nope, I ain't getting any thin.

7. I have to wrap my books in a plastic bag, my phone in a plastic bag, my lunch box, in a plastic bag, my wallet everything!

8. The rainy season is so depressing. A. I don't have a bf to romance with under an umbrella. B. There's no sunshine. I love my sun.

9. Traffic, honking, noise pollution, air pollution, water diseases, mosquitoes, flies.

10. It'd be flooded, you be walking down the street and whoop the devil pulls you down that man hole.

11. In the bus, everyone pulls the windows down. I'm breathing frigging Co2. It's like global warming taking place in the bus. What's worse? Somebody farts.

12. Some random lady brings in her basket of smelly fish and sits right next to you. I'd rather get wet and pull up my windows. Nope, can't do dat , everyone's going to tell you to pull the windows down.

13. I wake up it's raining. I have to go to school. Shower in that cold weather. And then wear brown jeans, brown shirt, I look like a tree without any branches.

14. I come home, and I want to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate sitting by my Window sinking away in my beautiful thoughts, but no, the sun comes out and it stops raining.

15. I can't carry my Louis Vuitton OR my gucci. Do you know how depressing that is?

Yep, those are all the reasons why I absolutely hate the rain.

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  1. 1. It gets me wet, and I don't like being wet.
    1a. In particular, it gets my shoes and socks wet.
    2. It makes it difficult for me to go biking.
    3. Driving is more difficult in the rain (decreased visibility, a need for wipers, etc).

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