What problems do regular cats face?

Some risks to cats:

1. Inadequate veterinary care;
2. Being allowed outside;
3. Being allowed to free-feed (if overweight);
4. Being given milk or other foods inappropriate for cats;
5. Having his or her litter box scooped and cleaned too infrequently;
6. Having additional pets introduced to the home without following proper protocols for such additions;
7. Having inadequate daily play time;
8. Having inadequate vertical space.

To learn more about cats and their needs, please see Pamela Johnson Bennett's books.  Think Like a Cat is a good book of hers with which to start.  See http://www.catbehaviorassociates… for her articles and descriptions of her books.

Is there any way to protect your phishing site from getting detected by antivirus and anti-malware softwares?

Remove the phishing part and submit your site for review:

If you keep doing bad stuff, you will keep getting reported and therefore blacklisted. Most of these lists are part automated and part user submitted. Even if you would manage to fool machine and wo/men after the first fraud you would be reported again.

Which language after English has the most downloadable number of utility iPad apps?

This question is going to be affected by many factors. Content, countries of distribution, actual localization. Many apps tend to ignore Asia/Pac which is a massively growing sector.

The best solution is to release your 1.0 in English (since you're looking for 2ndary language) in as many countries as you can. Then track which countries have heavy downloads and cater to those nation's strong languages.

US in general is going to Spanish and French. Europe is going to see German as I high iOS consumption. But your audience should drive the feature set.

Remember, you can also put in a user poll into your app to ask for features (what languages would you like to see this in) as well as checking the feedback on the store.

What are some interesting intersections between entertainment and philanthropy?

I am not sure if I need to be "giving" more money. I work honestly and contribute to the economy, I vote and pay my taxes. Shouldn't that be enough? Since when did it become my responsibility to help eradicate poverty?

Plus, how do I know where my money is being spent. In fact, from what I hear, a large chunk of the money raised gets earmarked for more fund-raising, so I rather just go volunteer somewhere when I have the chance. At least I know of the contribution I made.

How do I create a keyboard shortcut to Mac Safari?

You should use an excellent application called "Spark" – http://www.shadowlab.org/Softwar…

This app lets you create your own shortcuts to do things like launch/switch to applications or even launch a particular document (useful if you reuse document templates often when starting new projects, for example). I've applied keyboard shortcuts to almost all of the applications I use frequently, including Safari, Mail, and even Finder.

I personally recommend using the following general convention for naming your keyboard shortcuts – Command + Option + First letter of the application (in my case the keyboard shortcut to Safari is Command + Option + S). This keyboard combo is easy to remember, does not override very many important shortcuts used by other applications, and is easy to execute even if you have only one hand on the keyboard.

Once you get this system set up you will be flying on your Mac, and you'll only need to use Command + Tab to access applications that you don't use frequently.

How is liabilities handled in medical tourism?

LIability would be handled under whatever appropriate malpractice laws there may (or may not be) in the country in which the operation took place.  This is a fairly significant risk, as most countries do not have the same malpractice protections that exist in the United States (which, not coincidentally, is part of the reason that operations and other procedures are cheaper in these countries).  It's unlikely that an agent would be exposed to legal liability, unless there was some sort of fraud or negligence involved, though if you were considering becoming such an agent, I would highly recommend that you become very well-versed in all of the possible laws regarding such a service, and retain lawyers in both the United States and any other jurisdiction(s) in which your clients are travelling for such a purpose.

How much money is spent on roads in India, and why are they still crappy?

My answer can be generalized to any public property, scheme or service and not just roads. Let us first understand who are all the stakeholders in this case and see what they did wrong and can do right.

Contractors and Public Servants: Contracts are given to those who apply first or who ever quoted the lowest. Usually contractors form a ring to finalize who should take the deal. So the one taking the deal almost always quotes very high. He is either a relative of a ruling party leader or some strong business man who funded the election for the ruling party or a benami for a ruling party leader. The sole aim of getting a public contract is to loot money. The looted money is distributed to all the public servants starting from Assistant Engineers to the local revenue officers.

Politicians: The primary source through which politicians make money is contracts. It is the safest and easiest way for them as the nexus is seldom exposed. Politicians are almost always  not directly involved and they bring their benami out of the trouble due to our inefficient judiciary.

Citizens: Citizens never complain in the right way about any damage to the public property. Do you know that you can take a picture of the road at a particular location, collect some sample mud and send to the R&B department and your plea must be answered by them in 30 days ? This is the power of Right to Information Act. Nobody bothers to use it. According to me, citizens have no right to question any public service until they actively and exhaustively use all the feedback mechanisms provided by the system. Two of them are voting right and RTI. Netas and Babus collude openly because except a few people nobody really cares about anybody.

Now, you might question, is it not the duty of politicians and public servants to serve the citizens. I will say that no servant will serve until the master makes him serve and ensures that he is serving.