How soon will we be able to cryonically suspend and reanimate people clinically and safely?

The short answer is that with less than USD 10 mln in research funding, we or another research company could realistically modify the Extended Suspended Animation trauma surgery protocol (human trials should start this October at 10 degrees C for 1.5 hrs of total arrest) to reversibly vitrify a human brain within its cephalon in under 6 years' time.  Check out the research sections of or for a discussion of the science. 

The idea is that biostasis temperatures would remain above – 130 C which should provide many decades of safe ageless storage.  A few initiatives are being started to legally allow medical biostasis procedures in cases where disease is destroying the patient's identity and memories.  The reanimated brain would need an as-yet-to-be developed normothermic reperfusion system to stably come back online and connect to an in-world or virtual world body.  Work on normothermic organ preservation systems for pre-transplant diagnostics are getting us closer to these artificial "bodies" for returning biostasis patients.