How is as an email application platform? Specifically, how are the analytics? Is it reliable, robust, etc?

Sendy is very useful email marketing application platform. You get detailed report on clicks, bounce, opens, complaints, email opened from which country and so, so many, useful for many email marketers.
You can discover a comparison of Mailchip and Sendy here: Mailchimp vs Sendy – A Detailed and Genuine Comparison.

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  1. Sendy – php Email application is really good when it comes to handling bulk emails, recently we sent around a Million mail using Sendy over Amazon SES.

    Have a read through our experience from here: Sending 1 Million Marketing Emails per Day at $100 with Amazon SES

    You can use service like EasySendy; who will help you with hosting Sendy and take care for integration of Amaozn SES with your Sendy installation the right way. When the integration done properly, you get very accurate report of email opens, clicks, bounce and complaints, which enables you to take right decision from each campaign.

    Other than Amazon SES, you can also use other transactional email service providers like, Sendgrid, Madrill and others with Sendy.

  2. I reviewed this tool, seems an awesome tool. But found an issue. I could not find an option of list segmentation. It is one of the very basic option needed for email marketing.

  3. We have been using Sendy for a long time now. It is the most cost effective email sending platform that works with Amazon SES. Very robust in terms of technology, delivery.

    However, the only & actually the major concern with Sendy is List segmentation and analytics. They don’t have list segmentation option and this is something they need to work upon.

  4. I think it is great. I am currently saving tons of money using Sendy vs Mailchimp vs etc. The platform is rock solid now as for sending email. I have a list of about 20k emails and growing rapidly. So far Sendy has handled it quite nicely. Sendy is also being constantly updated and improved. See a more detailed review by me at: Cheaper, Affordable Mailchimp Alternative. For hosting you'll see I am relying on Sendy Hosting | Hosthese that takes care of all the headaches associated with setting up my own system. The Hosthese guys also update Sendy automatically whenever a new version is out so it's really painless hosting and set-up. Required no technical expertise to set up using my method.

    The analytics are good and for my needs sufficient. This is pretty much what the analytics screen looks like:

    Yes, for many people that will be insufficient though I have not a found a need for any more stats.

    Conclusion: Reliable, yes. Robust, yes. Analytics, you decide.

    Any more questions? Feel free to ask and I will try to respond the best I can.

  5. I didn't use Sendy but have a close look at their analytics. Doesn't seem to separate the active subscribers (those that open your emails) and those that don't. Mailchimp has a star rating for active opens for you to filter such subscribers. To me, that is important so I can focus different message for different subscribers or even drop inactive subscribers.

    I do like Sendy that the cost is much lower and you may even create your own email marketing service from the script. I hope they can improve the analytics.

  6. Its an amazing tool .
    1.The analytics are accurate . Bounce handling ,read unread ,this stats give you idea of the success of you campaign.
    2.Its 100% reliable ,given that the installation and integration is proper.
    3. Its highly robust

    To see detailed stats ..see the image below .

    good for email campaigning ..:)

  7. As an email platform sendy is great. But it required hosting service and not has bounce handling system.

    You can use, they provides many features which sendy not has.

    1. Bounce detection
    2. Spam checker
    3. Sender score
    4. Blacklist checking
    5. …etc
  8. Love Sendy. Saved lots, Analytics are good enough. Would be nice to get a few email templates and drag and drop design, but that is just a bonus. Well done!

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