Who are your favorite female singers?

I am a person who loves carnatic musics. My pick will be mostly from that genre only.

  1. M.S.Subbulakshmi Amma – She has no replacement, one thing I regret ever is not be able to watch her singing live. Considered to be the reincarnation of the Goddess saraswati herself. For more info: M. S. Subbulakshmi, She referred as one of the Female trinity of Carnatic Music.
  2. "Queen of the Indian stage." K.B. Sunderambal – A voice so brave and valiant, her voice makes people to get goosebumps, irreplaceable. Anyone who have listened to her rendition of “Thanithirundhu Vaazhum” song, will know what I am talking about. That song can only be rendered wonderfully by this great person. First women playback singer to get 1 lakh rupees as a payment in Indian film industry. For more info: K. B. Sundarambal – Her song collections: Popular Videos – K. B. Sundarambal
  3. D.K. Pattammal – Another wonderful carnatic singer, who’s voice is irresitble. One of the Female trinity of Carnatic Music. For more info: D. K. Pattammal
  4. M.L. Vasanthakumari – The guru of the current era’s greatest singers, Sudha Ragunathan, etc. She is also one of person in the list of Female trinity of Carnatic Music. For More info: M. L. Vasanthakumari
  5. P.Suseela amma – The voice which still echoes all over South India, her voice gained her a nickname of ‘paadum kooyil’(Singing koel / Cuckoo), she sang in over 40,000 films in South India. One of her favourite rendition I like the most is the song “Tamizhukkum Amudhendru Peyr” for the ‘Panchavarna kili’ Tamil movie will be out of this world, both the lyrics and the song is inexplicable experiecne. For more info: P. Susheela
  1. L.R. Easwari – Another verstaile singer with an unique voice. For more info: L. R. Eswari
  2. Pillavalu Gajapathi Krishnaveni AKA ‘Jikki’ – Her unique voice earned so many fans during that era. She sang over 1,00,000 songs in South Indian languages and few songs in Sinhalese. For more info: Jikki

These are my all time favourite female singers.

Cheers 🙂

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  1. I've professed my love for Suzanne Vega more than once on Quora, so today, I'm going in a different direction: behind the Iron Curtain, i.e. back to the USSR:

    Anna German was a Polish singer immensely popular in the Soviet Union in 1960s-1970s (as Анна Герман). I found three very cute videos for my favorite songs.

    "Надежда" (Hope)

    "Белая черёмуха" (White Cherries)

    "Письмо солдату" (Letter to a Soldier)

  2. I cannot name a single it’s too hard please 🙁

    • She is the real Queen in the Music industry not those with fake butts . Her videos are pretty awesome . Her name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (born June 21, 1985) Stage name LANA DEL RAY . Her music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture, particularly that of 1950s and 1960s . She wanted to become a poet . oh i forgot to tell you she is song writer too .

      So why she is my most favorite one out of thousands . Her Voice is addictive & Incredible .


    • I am a super fan of her music videos & Voice

    • Other Albums
      Lust for life is also out .

    You would be like are you answering or promoting But Believe me She is worth it

    My Favorite song of Lana del Ray is : YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL .

    2 – I just couldn’t stop myself
    Her stage name is Halsey . I think she doesn’t need much intro etc etc
    Her voice is so powerful Just Lovely


    3 – Then Melanie Martinez . She is different totally . She is cute . She is a cry Baby . Her music is very dark & Honest . if you have not listened to her you need to check out .

    – Tove lo
    – Kyler England
    – Elliphant
    or maybe i need to shut up

  3. The first person that Came to my mind Is K S Chitra.

    She is an Indian singer from Kerala. But many thinks that she's a TamiIan or Kannadite. She also sings classical, devotional, and popular music. She has sung in a number of a number Indian languages as well as in Latin, Arabic, Sinhalese and English. She has recorded more than 25,000 Songs for various films and albums. She is a recipient of six National Film Awards, six Filmfare Awards South and 31 different state film awards. She has won all the four south Indian state film awards. She was honored with India's civilian honor Padma Shri n 2005. Her song "Kannalane/Kehna Hi Kya" from the film Bombay(1995) was included in The Guardian's "1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear" list. Chithra is referred to as Keralathinte Vanambadi (English: Nightingale of Kerala) or Nightingale of South India.

    She's my all time favorite.

  4. Among my personal preferrences are:

    1. The Italian singer-songwriter Alice
      Alice (singer) – Wikipedia
      her voice is remarkable to say the least
    2. The Scottish Pop singer Maggie Reilly
      Maggie Reilly – Wikipedia
    3. The American singer Karen Ann Carpenter
      Karen Carpenter – Wikipedia
    4. The English Folk-Rock singer Maddy Prior
      Maddy Prior – Wikipedia
    5. The German Pop singer Nena
      Nena – Wikipedia
  5. My favourite female singers are as follows, in no particular order:

    Karen Carpenter – Her warm contralto voice is perfect in every way, both technically and musically, and not to mention her natural phrasing and storytelling abilities are some of the best and most distinctive I have ever heard. To me, she is the greatest female singer ever, and I have always used her as the bar or standard for my vocal improvement.

    Ann Wilson – She is called the female Robert Plant for a reason; her lung power is incredible, while at the same time there is so much urgency and edge in her voice that I really, really enjoy and love – the ultimate female rock vocalist for sure.

    Adele – For a more current entry, my pick would definitely have to be her. Even though her lyrical themes are often centred around the subject of heartbreak and pain over and over, she has a ton of depth and soul in her voice, as if she has really gone through a lot in her life. Certainly, she is one of the best working singers today, and all the plaudits and hype that she is getting is well-deserved for me.

    At the same time, I would also suggest a pick from my country, Indonesia:

    Anggun Cipta Sasmi – Well-known in Indonesia for her highly successful international career in Europe, Anggun has one of the best contralto voices I have ever heard – it is warm, thick, and rich throughout her entire range.

    Attached is a video of her performance of one of her most well-known Indonesian songs, Mimpi (‘Dream’ in English):

  6. The first name that came to my mind after reading this question is:

    Shreya Ghoshal.

    Image source: Shreya Ghoshal

    Listening to her voice = bliss.

    There are many other female singers (voice) I personally like:

    Kelly Clarkson,

    Bombay Jayashree,

    K.S Chitra,

    Avril Lavigne,

    Lata Mangeshkar,

    Celine Dion,

    Chinmayi Sripada,

    Christina Aguilera,

    Taylor Swift,

    Geeta Madhuri,

    Sunidhi Chauhan etc.

    In no specific order. (List starts with Shreya though)

    Thanks for asking Meet.

  7. Who are your favorite female singers?

    • Norah Jones – with her subtle and sexy voice, how can anyone not love her voice?
    • Madeleine Peyroux – the jazz singer with that distinct voice. Listen to this and I’ll assure you, you’ll be walking in the sunny streets of France ( in your mind).
    • Carole King – damn! Her voice is just so crystal clear like crystal waters.
    • Lolita Carbon – she’s a local artist in a band called Asin (salt) in our country (Philippines). She’s got that husky voice typically heard in folk songs.
  8. From among the current crop of pop stars, it has to be Adele. She is one of those rare voices that define a generation, or a new stage in musical evolution. Decades from now, most of the ones that burn brightly now shall fade away. But not her. Adele has a magical voice. And songs that complement it perfectly. She will go down as one of the greatest of all times.

    While I do concede that Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga are all incredible singers and musical talent, I don’t find their songs appealing.

    Another favorite would be Ellie Goulding. Both her voice and she are breathtaking. Then there’s Sia, who is an exceptional singer as well as songwriter.

    Going back an era or two, Amy Lee (Evanescence), Ann Wilson, Joan Jett, and Janis Joplin, were the face of the the female rock scene. Amy Winehouse and Etta James on the country/R&B side. There’s Mary Travers (from Peter, Paul, and Mary) on the folk front, and Nancy Sinatra right on the border between rock, pop, and country.

    From Bollywood, my favorite has to be Shreya Ghoshal. Hers is, hands down, the most beautiful voice on the planet. (The only one that comes close is Enya, and that is the only thing common between them. Their genres and musical styles couldn’t have been more more different.) Lata Mangeshkar and Chitra are evergreen. I’m also enamored by the distinctly intoxicating quality of Rekha Bhardwaj’s voice.

  9. Some of my favourites , in that order-

    1. Taylor Swift from her country albums, right from Tim McGraw to Treacherous and all the unreleased rare songs in between, she is a terrific songwriter and performer
    2. Adele ,with her soulful genre defining voice and great lyrics(though she is not the songwriter I believe)
    3. Amy Lee (Evanescence), Hillary Scott(Lady antebellum) and Tracy Chapman all at no.3 spot for their mesmerizing voices

    Taylor swift is a notch above all because she is one of the the youngest Grammy award winners, always contributes most on her albums(90%+) as far as music arrangement, songwriting and performing is concerned and is also a great live entertainer overall.

    We need music the most when we are feeling things really intensely and falling in love or losing it are one of the most intense times in your life. That’s why I write songs about love. – Taylor Swift

  10. Joni Mitchell for her unique, eerie, jazzy, folksy, laid-back but insistent vocals; and her simply complicated melodies and piercing sweet lyrics.

  11. In terms of classical music, I worship at the altar of Emma Kirkby.

    However, I'm not immune to popular-ish music. So, here goes, in no particular order:
    – Natalie Merchant
    – Regina Spektor
    – Anna Nalick
    – Kate Havnevik
    – Agnes Obel
    – Brandi Carlile

    I'm sure there are more, but these are the favorites.

  12. I should make it known that I am a die hard metal head, so when it comes to pop music in particular, I don't get out much. With that said, I do love many styles of music, and certain female vocalists that have sent shivers down my spine would have to include:

    Aretha Franklin
    The first time I heard the Queen of Soul as a kid, I was in awe. I didn't know much about music, really, I didn't care about music yet, but when I heard Aretha… I'll tell you, the love affair has never stopped. I still get chills when I listen to this beautiful woman sing.

    Jumping into the here and now, Adele is primed to stay at the top of my list. Her voice just melts over me as her soul sings harmonies in my heart. When I'm having a bad day, her voice can pick me up by my bootstraps and give me confidence. I am Woman! Hear me Roar! (or something like that)

    Sass Jordan
    Never very popular, but full of attitude, Sass Jordan's voice gives grit and gravel something to live for. Her voice doesn't soothe you with fictitious lullabies, it punches you in the face and tells you to get living. Sass Jordan's voice is the epitome of sliding into the pearly gates, head first, with road rash and razor burns.

    Diana Krall
    Sometimes I'm not sure if it's just her voice or the knowledge of how effortless she makes playing piano look, but I can listen to Diana all day long. So smooth and sultry, her voice had me at "hello", anything after that and I'm just putty in her hands.

    Honorable Mention:

    Joss Stone
    I am not generally a fan of Miss Stone's original music, but her voice… Sexy, sultry, powerful, soulful… She's got it all. Anytime I hear her do a cover, I get goosebumps.

  13. None other than Tarja Turunen.

    Turunen is a Soprano and has a vocal range of 3 octaves 1 not and a seminote.

    Turunen's voice has a duality to it that has been created by her classical training and her time in a rock band. Thus,she can create a sound that is operatic, but equally adapt to sing in a more contemporary tone.

    Turunen was previously in Nightwish, and then went on to pursue solo career after leaving the band in 2005.

    Here are some stuffs by Tarja Turunen, both during her tenure in Nightwish and as solo.

    The Kinslayer

    Wish I Had An Angel

    Over the Hills and Far Away


    Until My Last Breath

    Die Alive

    Phantom of the Opera

  14. My favourite female singer is Palak Muchhal.

    She has an amazing voice no doubt about it but what makes her special is her charity shows for the needy people which she started before entering into bollywood. She and her younger brother Palaash Muchhal perform stage shows across India and abroad to raise funds for poor children who need financial assistance for the medical treatment of heart disease. Her decision to use her voice to help others triggered when she saw poor children using their clothes to clean train compartments.

    She has travelled extensively in India and abroad for her charity show named “Dil Se Dil Tak” in Hindi and “Save Little Hearts” in English. She can sing in 17 different languages. Even though she made her bollywood debut in the year 2011, she has continued her efforts to help heart patients. As of August 2015, she has raised funds through her charity shows which have helped to save over 800 children suffering from heart ailments. She has made her entry into Guiness Book of World Records and Limka Book of World Records for great achievements in social work. Doctors allow her to be present in the operating theatre and when the operation takes place she chants from the Bhagavad Gita. She do not receive any financial benefits from the charity shows but receives a doll for every child whose life she helps make better through her efforts.

    A Genuine, Extra Ordinary, Kind Heart Beating for the Needy”

    Source: Wikipedia

    Image source: google

  15. Thanks for the A2A

    Carnatic Music:

    • M.S Subbulakshmi – Her voice just melts my heart and is so divine and soothing.

    • Bombay Jayashri – She has a riveting and mesmerising voice. A unique one too.

    • Sudha Raghunathan – A bold, deep and resounding voice. Very devotional too.

    Film Music :

    • Shreya Ghoshal : She is my all-time favourite. Such feminine, mellifluous voice. Her songs are a bliss to listen to.

    • Sunidhi Chauhan : A bold and rocking voice she has. Her songs are full of energy and are vibrant.

    • Neeti Mohan : A budding singer, her voice is so good to listen to. She has created her own mark.

    • Shalmali Kholgade : Yet another talented singer of this time. She has a sweet voice, and I like her songs although they are few in number.

    Images taken using Google Images.

    Thank you!

  16. As I'm a huge Bollywood music lover, my choice would be obviously the vocalists from the Hindi film industry :

    Sunidhi Chauhan :

    Although she's known for fast beat and dance numbers like Kamli, Crazy Kiya Re, Desi Girl, Dance Pe Chance etc, she can even sing soft melodies like Mere Haath Mein, Bin Tere, Gun Gun Gunare etc with quite ease.

    Started giving stage performances at her tender age of 4, this 33 year old won the television singing reality show Meri Awaz Suno ( in which Annu Kapoor was the host ), when she was just 13.

    A couple of years ago, she appeared as a guest in the popular comedy show CNWK, and had fun with Kapil and his team!

    She judged or mentored some reality shows like Indian Idol, The Voice etc. She has won many awards and accolades for her mind blowing performances!

    Shreya Ghoshal :

    This is another awesome singer, that India has produced, who has given powerful performances in Sun Raha Hai, Pinga, Barso Re, Mohe Rang Do Laal ( My favourite ) etc!

    This 32 year old who has many awards ( National Awards, Filmfare Awards and others) to her credit, also judged many singing reality shows Indian Idol and others!

    Neeti Mohan :

    There's something unique about her voice. Oldest of the four siblings ( sisters ), this 36 year old has sung some beautiful numbers like Jiya Re, Ishq Wala Love, Har Kisi Ko etc. Currently she's judging ( mentoring ) the popular show The Voice India Kids on &TV, who has some amazing singers in her team!

    Monali Thakur :

    This 30 year old vocalist, who came into limelight with the reality show Indian Idol 2, has given some award winning works in Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, Sawaar Loon etc, for which she earned National and Filmfare awards!

    Thank you!

    Image : http://www.google.com

  17. Who else than Shreya Ghoshal? As bards preached the symphony of God to the ancient Indian maltitude, she brought the magic of her divine voice that touches one’s soul. She is a Bengali by birth but sings in almost every Indian language eloquently. She is considered to be the Most popular female singer in India lately.

    Some of my favorite songs sung by her:

    Bahara I Hate Love Story

    O Bekhabar-action replay Full song

    Teri Ore – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (720p Full Wide Screen)

    Shreya ghoshal live Best performances 2016 Compilation Songs-2016

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