Who is the best faculty at CSED, NIT Calicut?

I know many have pointed out these names already, I have spent hours discussing with/about these faculty from the beginning of my first year. As I see it, I call the following faculty the three gems of our department:

  1. Vineeth Paleri
  2. Muralikrishnan K
  3. Vinod P

Let me tell about each a little.

Dr Vineeth Paleri: As Ayush Jaiswal pointed out, there is a consensus about Paleri sir being the best. I have no different view. I have spent probably hundreds of hours (and e-mails) discussing with Vineeth sir when I developed the official website of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering earlier and currently while doing my BTech Project (btp-gvn) under his guidance. The vision, the ideals, the clarity of thought, the professionalism, the attention to the minutest details, the perfection will leave you inspired and motivated for life. I have learnt so much from him both during these discussions and during the two courses (CSU312 Principles of Programming Languages and CS6102 Compiler Design) with him that I believe my journey through my BTech life at NIT Calicut will have a lasting effect over my life ahead.

Dr Muralikrishnan K: This is one faculty I have never been able to impress much with my grades (never got anything other than a B from him). But total respect lingers in me for him, for I have been in touch with him from my first year – as the Faculty-in-charge of FOSSCell and FOSSMeet 2010 and 2011; as the Faculty-in-charge of Software Systems Laboratory during my first three years (what it means to me); for being one faculty who really never cared about attendance (any prudent student wouldn't miss his classes); for being the most passionate teacher I have ever seen; as the course faculty for Computational Complexity (http://athena.nitc.ac.in/~kmural…)  (and now for Combinatorial Algorithms); for being a faculty whose classes I really missed when for the first time I didn't take his course (I tried to audit it, but couldn't keep up with the hectic schedule). What is different about his classes – he gives you a completely different view of CS from a theory perspective, once you do a full course with him, you will be at a different level of understanding of any theoretical concept in CS. I can say this because Complexity was perhaps the most difficult course I did in college, and the most revealing when I look back.

Dr Vinod Pathari: Perhaps I am not best suited for writing about Vinod sir, as I did just one course under him – Computer Security. Most of my understanding of him is from seniors or him as the current Faculty-in-Charge of Software Systems Laboratory (I am one of the student admins). But I can say this – he is the most practical faculty I know in our dept. He tends to research his course well in the beginning and keeps on incrementally improving them over the years through feedback from students. As Arunanand TA points out his delivery in class is unparalleled. The best part of Security course were the projects that the whole class was made to do, and how they turned out so well in the end.

One thing that is common about all three and that came as the biggest surprise to me in the beginning is the trust they show in the students – in our capability and integrity. I can point out specific instances if somebody wants to know (please leave comments), but owing to length of this answer I leave them out.

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  1. Let me pour in my opinions on 'em, based on not only academia, but also other aspects of being a 'teacher'.

    From my experience, Dr. Vineeth Paleri and Dr. Vinod Pathari are the best teachers in NITC CSE Dept. I am a big fan of Dr. Paleri (yea, there are people who do not like my saying this; but for me, he was too good). A model by himself. Even if he says that sun rises in the west, I have a tendency to believe. That's the level of inspiration and faith I have in him. Trust me, he has never given me a chance to sleep even a wink in his class. What a control over voice! The energy level! Awesome! 🙂

    Pathari sir is the best strategical teacher I have ever seen. I have always envied him for his wonderful introduction and journey to the topic under discussion. Lucid style of explanation and the warmth he keeps in the class are unparalleled. It is him that I would treat as a model if at all I am to become a teacher in future.

    Personally, I have had more interactions with Dr. Abdul Nazeer sir, as he is my thesis guide. He reinforces my belief that CSED is so cool just because of how well and humbly the faculty interact with the students.

    One more. That is our current HoD Dr. S D Madhukumar. I always wonder how a man can be this modest!

    I have not attended the lectures of Ms. Seleena Ma'am, which I heard is good. And I have personally seen, I being her TA, how ardently she prepares for her classes. Classes of Dr. Murali Krishnan is indeed unparalleled, but my IQ levels were not so up to digest and appreciate such a higher order class. He's a genius.

  2. I am a non-CS student (I'm from EC) of NITC. I think myself as a non-CS student answering this question would seem pointless. But what I would like to say is that Dr. K Muralikrishnan is one of the best professors, I've seen at NITC.  I really feel what Ayush Sengupta and Kartik Singhal have said about him clearly substantiates my point.

    Let me explain first how come I know Muralikrishnan Sir and why I vote him as the best. In our Seventh Semester, we had to opt for a Global elective (An elective course from any another department other than our department). Grades are very important in final year and most of the time, we will be busy with placements and cannot attend classes, so choosing an easy elective was considered to be the best option by almost all (in fact 99%) of us. But one of my friends ( again from ECE), whom I would like to call as "mad", told me that there is an elective from the CSE Department called Coding Theory taken by Muralikrishnan Sir and we can opt for that. We then inquired about the faculty with our CS friends. They were like "Are you mad??", "Are u fed up with your life??", "Are you nuts to opt for Coding Theory??" etc. We were afraid at first but some of our very close friends told us to take that elective as it would give us a totally new view of the subject and Murali Sir is an awesome faculty. We had learnt some portion of the subject in S6 in one of our core courses which they told would make us more comfortable. We finally opted for Coding Theory by Dr Muralikrishnan.

    The class was in H slot which is 5:00 – 6:00 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. I saw 8 people in my class which included 4 from S7 ECE, 1 from S7 CSE, 2 from S6 CSE and 1 from MCA. I thought that most of them might not have known about the class. But to my surprise, Murali sir told that only 8 had opted for his course. I understood why my CSE friends advised me not to take this course. Since, I had learnt some portion of the subject earlier, I was cool.

    But, once the class started, I understood that this was not an easy task. In fact, we had learnt a lot of formulas and algorithms in our course and we never bothered to ask how those came. Murali Sir was building up all the formulations we learnt, from the very basics so that we all (ECE people) were able to understand it very clearly. In fact, he created a totally different view of the subject. His classes were legendary. It clearly reflected his inner thoughts and his intense research in the subject. He tried his level best to make his points clear to each and every one of us.

    His question papers were more focused on concepts rather than formulas. He wanted our ideas to each questions not exact answers we byheart from text books. He gave more marks to those with good ideas than those with perfect answers.

    Adding to all these, he is the rarest of the rarest professors, who updates the students with the latest news happening in the subject. He used to discuss with us the latest IEEE papers published on the topic which none else used to do.

    I conclude here saying that Muralikrishnan Sir is really a great professor in all aspects. He is really a gem in our CSE Department. I was really lucky to attend his course. If I had missed that course, I would have missed the best course I had ever attended in NITC.

  3. Thinkers are rare to find, and somebody who makes YOU think?? Rarer….  Vinod P sir is one such person. If I remember, his classes consisted more questions than answers. He is one person who patrons free-thinking and helps inculcate confidence in his students. As Kartik pointed out, the trust they show in the students is indeed amazing. This is one thing that helps the students to put in their best, in turn. Pathari sir certainly knows how to serve the most boring subjects in the most interesting fashion. As per my opinion, he is the best in the department.

    Muralikrishnan K sir deserves a special mention. The discipline, the dedication, the knowledge, everything is just so perfect. Did just one course under him, but that was sufficient to get a glimpse of this extremely talented professor and to place him in a position of utmost regard in my heart.

    Without the mention of S D Madhu Kumar sir, this post would have remained incomplete. He is the epitome of modesty. He is an example of how to keep your feet on the ground, while being in the topmost position. He was the faculty-in-charge of Nakshatra '12. Being the Convener, I got to spend a considerable amount of time with him discussing, drafting, planning and occasionally debating about things related to the same. And later on in the CSEA meetings and discussions, the modesty and inspirational nature further unfolded. Well, I really am unable to express my opinions about him as a "teacher" only(did just one course under him, and missed most of my classes :p). But, as a human being, he is second to none.

  4. Kartik Singhal's answer almost entirely covers what I was going to say. If the question were 'who are the best three faculties at CSED?', I would probably have given the exact same answer( albeit with probably a different set of experiences)… But if I absolutely have to choose between the three( say all three of them are drowning and I just have one rope ) I would probably say Prof Muralikrishnan.

    The reason is simple. Lets go through a few of my experiences with him:

    1) Third Year, Compiler Lab :: I am tired and bored debugging a near one thousand line code which would finally complete the SIL(simple integer language) compiler. So our group decides that we should just take another code and show it( what the hell, we already know how compilers work!!). So we start explaining the copied code to an anon prof and soon we realize that this prof has no idea that the code is copied( all of us were so excited that we would get an 'S' ). Suddenly Murali Sir comes and figures out in record time(probably less than two minutes) that the code is copied and we dont know anything. Its funny, he actually said… "What you guys are saying makes no sense at all!! " … Now thats something, because Murali sir specializes in theory…

    2) Final Year, Murali Sir's Cabin :: We were discussing about the Immerman-Szelepcsenyi theorem in his cabin. And then we start talking about higher studies and stuff. Then a thought comes to my mind and I ask him… "sir, you have a masters from IITK, why didnt you do your PhD abroad"… To this question he replied… "Many people have asked me this question, and perhaps the real answer is that because this makes me happy.."  ( he was referring to the fact that he was happy working in NIT Calicut as a prof )…. Another very important thing he said during that conversation was "It takes a lot of courage to do what you want, because then you(and you alone) would be responsible for your own actions"….

    3) Third year, Murali Sir's Cabin :: During the 'internship season', I had gone to his cabin for getting a recommendation. I just wanted to get to the best possible place and would probably have compromised my area of interest to just get an internship. He suggested that I should concentrate "more on learning and less on making a good CV"… Maybe now, almost two years later, I truly realize the importance of what he said. I mean, if you know things you would probably have a good CV, but a good CV doesnt really imply that you have learnt things. And now I know that irrespective of whether you go to the industry, academia or start a freaking company of your own, YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. (I am just talking about computer science, I am sure the marketing guys can earn a living by fooling people)…

    Now add all these to the fact that Murali sir is an excellent teacher. Now many people might want to contradict me by pointing out that most of his classes were 'very hard to understand'. Well, they are very hard to understand cause u 'dont try hard enough'. I mean, I have seen people who are not inherently as good at maths do pretty well in his classes. Lets face it, learning is NOT a one sided thing. If you dont want to think about it, you probably dont deserve understanding it( you are just lucky if you are inherently mathematically sound ).
    Secondly, its really very difficult to 'simplify' something like complexity theory without losing the accuracy and the strength of the statements. The concept is in itself complicated, so dont blame the messenger. Personally, I found Murali sir's thought process clear, coherent, logical and his explanations were always complete( it was comparable to some of the researchers I had seen in IMSc ). And he taught in a good enough speed( probably a little slow cause I remember Chetan and I used to joke that you can attend alternate classes of murali sir and still understand everything )

    So, I think you get the picture. Awesome knowledge, clear thought process complimented with wisdom. Now thats something which is not very easy to achieve.

    Thats the reason I would call him the best.

  5. I have not done any course under Madhu kumar sir but during CSEA committee meetings i got to know little about him. He is such a "down to earth person", really it's unbelievable that a person can be so calm and cool while being at the top.

    Then comes to Muralikrishnan sir, we had got one course under him known as "DAA", but you can say it was bad luck for us that he took only two classes. And truly saying we have been waiting for the whole semester for his class. His class might be too high level for some students but he teaches in the way, it should be..!!! He tries his best to make everyone understand. I remember when we were in 2nd yr, we used to make comment by seeing him that "Is he professor?" because of his appearance. But after attending few classes I got to know that "Outer looks doesn't matter if you have something ineradicable called "Knowledge" inside you".

    Might be Best quote for Pathari sir- "Things to be done in the simplest way"….He is quite impressive person by his simplicity of explaining the things. Nothing more to say as attended few classes under him.

    Last but not the least, the one and only Vineeth Paleri Sir, never expected that i will meet such a person in my life. Full of passion, energy, happiness and more. Not only as a professor but as a human being, he is so disciplined, hard- working and quite impressive. About his communication skills "no words to say". Whenever you go to his cabin, you will find a note residing on his table containing the list of works he has to do. He explains the things in a way that you won't end up without believing it. Such an Excellent professor of our department…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Priya Chandran ma'am. Because of the quality she delivers in her lectures. Though she seems strict in the classes but in person she will help you in any area, also she teaches the most important DSA course with such a simplicity that it becomes easy to grasp the topics.

  7. I feel good teachers have this essential quality of sparking interest in the subject in even the weakest students of the class.This goes beyond just having a good knowledge of the subject and includes other qualities like effective communication,making sure that majority of class is able to follow the subject,designing good assignments & exam papers to reinforce concepts taught in class etc .

    With all these matrices in mind I would rate Vineeth Paleri as the best CSE faculty that I have seen. I still remember the kind the attention he used to get from the whole class in the compilers course, his communication skills are excellent and his voice is very audible even to the last bench . He used to make sure that each and every concept is well ingrained through his assignments and examination paper.

    I have taken a couple of courses under Murli sir. I am really impressed by his domain knowledge and the way he used to help and guide the students for internships and projects.Having said that, I still feel that Paleri sir was much better in communicating ,igniting the interest for the subject and making sure that majority of class is able to follow the course as compared to Murli Sir.

    Pathari sir was not there in my time, he was out for PHD .

  8. There is a clear consensus that Professor Vineeth Paleri is the best in our branch. We worship him. He even has a Facebook fan page[1].

    [1] Prof. (Dr.) Vineeth Paleri Fan Club

  9. My vote for Mr. Vinod Pathari. Prof. Vineeth Paleri is often too academic. There is no question that he is a great teacher. His lambda calculus class was my favorite in college. Other notable teachers are Associate Professor Murali Krishnan and Assistant Professor Sudeep K S.

  10. Vineeth Paleri Sir, without a doubt. His aura, the perfectionism, the intensity, the strict discipline, seeing all with an equal eye are just some of the qualities which make him stand miles apart from others. Or in other words, its not fair to compare him with others, for he is above all this petty comparisons.

    Second would be Murali Sir, the coolest of the professors. And certainly one of the most innovative minds I have come acrross. I still remember how coolly he told me the way to reverse a linked list writing just 2-3 lines of code…Respect !!

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