Jewelry: What are carats?

Word ‘Carat’, a weight measuring unit came from ‘Carob’.

(Image: The Australian Carob ; Gemological Institute of America )

Carob Seeds, found on Carob Trees are seeds full of Sugar. African people up until 17th century used to eat them to gain sugar in the blood. One carob seed is 0.2 grams and each seed is almost of same weight. So, somebody decided to use them against measuring diamond’s weight as 200 milligram as 1 carat.

Today, instead of using Carob seeds, we use equivalent weight of slab to measure the weight of a diamond.

Source: What Does the Word Carat Have to Do with Carob Seeds?

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  1. Karat: In gold carat means purity of Gold e.g. 24 karat, 18 Karat and so on.

    24 Karat = 99.9 % Gold

    18 means = 75.0% Gold and so on.

    Carat: In Diamond and Gemstones – Carat is the weight of the stone. 1 Carat = 0.200 gm. It also depicts the size of the Gemstone in layman jewelry terms.

  2. When it comes to jewelry, the weight of a stone is described by the term carat. 200 milligrams or one fifth of a gram is the international standard. When it comes to a piece such as a ring or earring that has more than one diamond, it is described as total carat weight for the carats. The price of a single 2 carat diamond will be a lot more than two 1 carat diamonds; the price increases according to weight.

  3. carat is a unit of weight, equivalent to 200 milligrams. gemstones are described in terms of carats and points, where there are 100 points in a carat.

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