Investing for cashflow, what would you do with $100k?

Here are a few different investments that provide cash flow:

  1. High Yield Dividend Stocks – Here is a list of high yield stocks. You could also consider an ETF. Potential ROI 4–6% in cash flow but higher with capital appreciation.
  2. High Yield Bonds – Check out these high yield bond ETF’s or Funds. Potential ROI 4–6%.
  3. Real Estate – If you have real estate experience leveraging real estate properties can create double digit returns. If you want less work you can try a high yield REIT. Potential ROI 4–7% and higher with capital appreciation.
  4. Peer to Peer Lending – Peer to Peer lending is a new option for high yield seekers. Check out Lending Club or Prosper. Potential ROI 5–12%.

I hope this helps!


Bob Parker

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2 Replies to “Investing for cashflow, what would you do with $100k?”

  1. Buy AGNC or NLY.  They're agency mortgage REITs… that is, they invest in mortgage-backed securities guaranteed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae.  Their dividend yields are 19% and 15% respectively.  Both funds are levered ~8x, and they hedge their interest rate exposure.  Mortgage rates are going up, decreasing prepayment risk, so I'd expect them to continue to pay a high dividend.

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