Does jewelery retain its value or even appreciate?

From my experience most jewelry is like a car. Once you walk out the door with it it drops in value and no one will give you close to what you paid in retail.

Collectors, antiques and famously once owned can go to auction but even then not an inflation adjusted proper return.

Precious metals can follow cycles of value but are vary volital.

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  1. Absolutely, but usually through indirect processes other than just the price of gold going up.

    For example, it helps greatly to be owned by a monarch (king, queen) or a celebrity, be the reason for a war, be written up in a book/movie/etc.

    In general, if you can buy some jewelry, become a king and sit on it for a few hundred years, you should see some lift in your investment.

    Diamond rings, on the other hand, lose most of their value the moment they are purchased – unless, of course, they become a backstory for some reality TV show.

  2. The answer is – maybe. I think I have a unique perspective on this because I sell diamonds to the public at wholesale trading prices. Diamonds have gone up in price steadily over the last decade and I dont see a decline in that. Also if the rest of the developing world begins to appreciate the value of diamonds a diamond today bought at wholesale prices of the current market could certainly rise. Just look at the prices of rounds – they are nearly 35-50% more – why? Because China's demand for Rounds are very very very high. Further, Rounds are the most purchased, coveted diamonds but over time as the developing world begins to look at other shapes of high quality gems I think you could clearly see your gems go up in value – IF YOU BUY WHOLESALE – and fine goods.

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