Who has the best burger in Austin, TX?

Cover 3 and Old School Grill.  Cover 3 was one of the Austin places in Texas Monthly's Top 50 burgers and Old School Grill is a local place that has a similar style burger, but it just tastes a little more "homemade". 

OSG is probably preferable to those who want a simple burger whereas the Cover 3 "Hickory" has the cheese/bacon/bbq that some people prefer.

Edit: after trying Casino El Camino last week I'd have to put that on top of the list.  Very flavorful meat, unique sweet/grilled bun, good variety of toppings.

Edit #2:  P Terry's is a very solid option for a <$5 burger – way better than anything else in that category.

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  1. Chiming in here with Your Mom's over on Cesar Chavez.  Amazing stuffed burgers.  There's a lot of talk of Hopdoddy's as well.  I've had both now and can say they're different things.  Both are gourmet burgers, with Your Mom's being stuffed (cheese and such).  Both are excellent, just different flavors.

    Since the question is for best, I'll have to go with Your Mom's though.

  2. Not unique to Austin, but Elevation Burger is pretty darn good. Great beef, nice choice of toppings, delicious bun. French fries fried in olive oil are a hit as well.
    For old school burger charm I like Dan's.

  3. Whataburger!

    Just kidding. My personal favorites are Casino El Camino and Hat Creek. I haven't tried any of the really high-end burger places in town (I try to keep things under $10). If you're willing to venture out into burger-ish type food, I recommend Burger Tex on Guadalupe. They have a bulgogi burger that is excellent.P Terry's is pretty nice for a good, cheap burger as well ($2).

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