For what dishes does kimchi make the best side?

I find that cabbage kimchi goes very well with any savory meat-based food.  It goes well with eggs.  I prefer daikon radish kimchi, which is usually slightly sweeter and perhaps crunchier, with milder flavors like chicken or fish.  I enjoy leek or scallion kimchi with anything.

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  1. Kimchi really goes with anything savory in Korean cuisine. I've also had it on hamburgers, where it was quite nice. Kimchi can also make a nice substitute for sauerkraut or pickles for the adventurous and those willing to try fusion foods. Kimchi can even work in garden salads.

  2. shin ramen. no question. and curry rice. or for the adventurous:

    most people don't know this unless they've lived in korea… while your making grilled pork, cook some kimchi right next to the pork so that the fatty oils from the pork cook the kimchi with a flavor like no other. yeah it's bad for you. but it's good.

  3. My Korean in-laws and I feel that Kimchi is absolutely most perfect compliment to Thanksgiving turkey. It may sound strange but you have to try it.

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