How do I find/meet tech and startup people in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis is an extraordinary city to build and launch a startup. The community is large, strong, and oriented toward community and support. If you were so inclined, you could literally attend a different startup activity every day and often there are several events a day. Throw in the informal events and meet ups and your dance card will be full for the next year. There are literally dozens of smaller communities within the Indy startup scene, that are open and welcoming to newcomers. I’m admittedly biased, but I’d recommend that (as a first step) you join the Speak Easy (

Below is an abridged list of meet ups, events, co-working spaces, online communities, support organizations, and accelerators that cater to the Indianapolis startup community. I know that I'm leaving a ton of great organizations out of this list – but this is a good starter list.

Indy Social Media
Lean Startup Circle
Build Indy
Women and Hi Tech
Linking Indy Women
Venture Club of Indianapolis
Cocoa Heads
Central Indiana Linux Users Group
Club Cyberia
Indy Python Meetup
Agile Indy
Indy UX Salon
Indy Ruby Brigade
Indy Code & Coffee
InstaMeet Indy
Indy CoderDojo
Smartups Indy
Indy PHP Meetup
Indy.js Meetup
Indy Software Artisans
Indy Startup Lab
Indy Django Meetup
Indy Node.js Meetup
Lambda Lounge Indy
Indy Startup Grind

Conferences / Events:
Indy Startup Weekend
ExactTarget Connections

Co-working Spaces:
The Speak Easy
Launch Fishers
Hinge Bureau
Indy CoZ
Jelly Indy
The Platform

Online Communities:
Marketing TechBlog
Indy Startup Spectator

Support Organizations:

RunUpLabs / SproutBox

In addition to the formal meet-ups, support organizations, etc., there is also a vibrant community of successful entrepreneurs, companies, and investors that are extremely accessible. If you live in Indy, you are probably no more than one connection away from most of these folks. The best advice I can give you on how to get involved, is to “show up” and be ready to contribute to the scene. If you give more than you take, you’ll find that you can connect with almost anyone in Indianapolis.

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  1. The Hackers & Founders meetup is the best place in Indianapolis to meet tech and startup:…  There's a rapidly growing startup scene in Indy and H&F is at the center.  There were 150 founders, developers and investors at the most recent event.

  2. Alternatively you can look for online, live video tech-events.

    Askapeer provides forums for entrepreneurs and technologists to meet online, speak one-on-one on live video and gain industry insights.

    See more here:

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