How do you stop dandruff?

From my experience which has been extensive since I deal with 70% of my clients having eczema, psoriasis or mild cases of dandruff, Aestelance makes hands down the best shampoo for dandruff. The shampoo is called FI (flakey and irritated). Its a liquid based shampoo, so instead of using a cream there is a spout that you press directly on the scalp. This allows a much easier and more efficient way of getting the nutrients directly on the scalp. After application massage into the scalp, rinse, then condition. Make sure to condition with Mud Mask (also made by Aestelance) as it's also very nurturing for the dry scalp. This should clear the problem right up and if it's a bad case you'll need to do one more step. After you shampoo and condition some people need to use a product called Balance ( also by Aestelance). The hair should be towel dried. Just apply balance using the spout directly on the scalp all over, rub it in and don't wash it out. Hopefully this helps!

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  1. Dandruff: Easy Home Remedies & Medical Treatment For Dandruff Free Scalp

    First to fight any enemy you need to know about them very precisely, so as with any of your health related issues. Now talking about Dandruff we need to clear the basic fundamentals about why.

    Dandruff is a scalp condition that is marked by the flakes of skin on the scalp. It could be due to the dryness of the scalp or due to the excessive production of oil on the scalp. Dandruff varies from a mild and patchy scaling to thick, adherent crusts.

    What causes dandruff?

    There are many causes of dandruff. Most common causes of dandruff are –

    • Dry skin: To many experts, this is the most common cause of dandruff. The dandruff flakes from dry skin are smaller in size.
    • Missing shampoo: Not doing shampoo at frequent intervals can let dandruff gather on your scalp.
    • Some skin conditions: Some conditions of the skin such as eczema , psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis lead to dry, dead skin cells that form thick scales like dandruff .
    • Contact dermatitis: Sensitivity to hair products is also a possible cause of dandruff.
    • Improper diet.
    • Stress
    • Male hormones: Some experts believe that because of certain male hormones, men are more at the risk of dandruff than women.

    Prevention Of Dandruff:

    By following some steps, you can always prevent dandruff if it is mild. Stubborn dandruff needs expert advice and treatment. The following should be considered to prevent dandruff from appearing.

    Diet & Lifestyle Advice:

    • Wash hair regularly 2-3 times a week with a mild shampoo.
    • Massage your hair with oil every time before washing the head and hair.
    • Avoid spicy, greasy, hot and penetrating foods, junk food, and aerated drinks.
    • Have food with good nutritive value; include fiber-rich foods, salads, fruits, and lentils.
    • Do regular yoga and exercises to minimize stress levels.
    • Avoid scratching the scalp with hands or any other objects.

    Some Home Remedies Are Here, Don’t Forget To Check It Out Now.

    • Mix 2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil with 1 teaspoon of Indian gooseberry (amla) juice. Gently massage the scalp with this everyday.
    • Add 10 drops of lemon juice to 1 egg white and beat well. Apply to the scalp and hair once a week.Apply on the scalp
    • Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon mustard oil, and 1 cup yogurt. Apply this to the hair 30 minutes to 1 hour before washing the head and hair.
    • Soak 50 gm methi dana in 2 cups of water overnight, next day in the morning make the paste and apply on scalp for 15 minutes.
    • Chew 10 holy basil leaves (tulsi), 10 margosa leaves (neem), and 10 bael leaves (belpatra) on an empty stomach early in the morning.

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  2. Avoiding Dandruff – The Best Solutions!

    Dandruff is a common hair problem in chilly winters. But here we bring you the best solutions. Check these top remedies to combat dandruff completely as well as to have shiny, smooth, and silky hair even in this drying weather condition.

    • Using a natural and gentle moisturizer is the very first step towards taking care of your dry hair. It is imperative to maintain a proper moisturizer level on the scalp so that it does not become itchy and dry.

    There are various herbs like as well as fruits that can be applied on the scalp to alleviate the redness and itchiness of the scalp.

    There are few herbs that might cause an allergic reaction to you. So, it is essential to check these herbs beforehand before you apply them.

    • Tea Tree Oil is an excellent hair care product for dry hair. You can prepare a mask from tea tree oil to restore the moisture of your scalp.

    If your scalp is always moisturized and hydrated, then this will ensure that your scalp is prevented from dandruff.

    You can prepare a yogurt and tea tree oil mask, or can even massage tea tree oil and coconut oil on your scalp before every wash.

    • Using an excellent humidifier is a way to control the level of moisture in the air.

    With a humidifier, you can always control the humidity in the air around so that your hair and your skin always stay hydrated. It is essential to keep the humidifier clean so that it does not get infected with bacteria and other mildews.

    So, if you don’t want to get into the fuss of apply hair masks, then you can use a humidifier to control the levels of humidity in the air.

    • Zinc and Vitamin B are two important ingredients that one must include in the diet on a daily basis.

    These two ingredients are great to maintain the health of the scalp. Also, you must include Omega 3 Fatty acids in your diet. Walnuts, leafy vegetables, and eggs are great sources of fatty acids that can be consumed in order to boost the scalp and skin health.

    If you are not able to include green leafy vegetables in your diet on a regular basis then you can prepare a salad with mayonnaise and consume it on a regular basis.

    • Washing your hair often and too many times a week can deprive your hair of natural moisturizers.

    Soon this results in drying of the scalp and leads to the problem of dandruff. Also, large numbers of individuals have a habit of washing their hair with hot water in the winters. This is again a major reason for increased dandruff and dry scalp in such weather.

    You must always wash your hair with lukewarm water in the winters. This will make your sure that the natural moisturizers are retained in the scalp and your hair appears smooth and shiny always.

    • A warm oil massage is another excellent remedy to treat the problem of dry hair.

    Both olive oil and coconut oil are great to massage the scalp. You can use the two oils individually or can mix them together to prepare a rich mixture for your scalp.

    Heat the oil on low flame and allow it to cool. Once it is lukewarm, massage the oil into your scalp. You may then wash your hair well in the morning with shampoo and conditioner.

    This is one of the finest ways to not just get rid of dandruff, but also to keep your scalp nourished and hydrated.

    • Dandruff can occur due to excessive use of hair styling products.

    It is because, during winter the hair and scalp are already dry and if they are treated further with hair styling products, then they will tend to become drier.

    Also, they can get affected by chemicals and may lead to itchy scalp resulting in dandruff. So make sure you don’t use any harsh styling products on your hair if you seriously wish to combat the problem of dandruff.

    • Dandruff also occurs when you do not take proper care of your hair and scalp. Also, it can result from excess stress.

    Hence, it is essential that you take proper care of your hair. You need to take enough rest and consume healthy food in order to avoid experiencing dandruff. Also, make sure that you rinse shampoo and other indian hair care products well off from your hair so that there is no chemical residue left in your hair.

    A great way is to rinse your hair well with lemon water in order to cleanse your hair. This is an excellent way to keep your hair clean and to keep them free from dandruff.

    These tips are great to combat dandruff completely. So, try them out this winter to enjoy gorgeous, shiny, and strong hair that looks flawless and free from dandruff.

  3. This advice worked wonders for me (pretty much stopped dandruff), so hopefully they'll help other sufferers out there as well:

    • Use dandruff shampoo regularly
    • Cycle amongst at least 2 or more (I would recommend 3) dandruff shampoos
    • The cycle period should be between 5 – 8 days.
    • Keep hair care product types and brands separated between cycles.

    For example, next Monday, I'll start using Neutrogena T-Gel (a more "heavy duty" pure tar based product). [1]

    I'll apply that during every shower until the following Monday, when I'll switch to another brand, like Head & Shoulder's Dandruff Shampoo, and use that for another week.

    Then I'll go to perhaps Neutrogena's combined 2-in-1 product for the next week [3], before cycling back to a Head & Shoulder's product after that.

    I'll always keep the Neutrogena-branded product cycles separated by another brand cycle.

    Also, don't be afraid to try "random" shampoos every now and then, like when you travel, using hotel shampoos and conditioners. That's fine.

    That sort of randomness will introduce "confusion" to the skin, and that's ultimately what this whole strategy is about: preventing your flaky skin from ever getting used to one treatment.

    Can it get used to the whole treatment strategy of multiple shampoo cycles with interspersed randoms? Possibly, but in the three years I've been doing this, I am yet to witness that happening.

    Following this plan, I've seen great results. I hope it works for you, too!

    [1 ]



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