How many UX experts does it take to screw in a light bulb?

What you are looking for is a unicorn. If you can find that person make sure to compensate them well.
I do question the end quality of your product and user experience if you rely on one person to do all the research, design, testing _AND_ actual hardware implementation of this solution.

3 Replies to “How many UX experts does it take to screw in a light bulb?”

  1. Why are we assuming screwing in the light bulb is the right answer? Let's do some studies to see if we can redefine the process of changing light bulbs, or of gathering light altogether.

  2. I think you need at least:

    1 person to conduct an ethnographic study how people currently change light bulbs
    1 person to conduct a card-sorting exercise around the different types of light bulbs
    1 person to draw a storyboard of the light bulb user journey
    2 persons to moderate & take notes for a usability test of changing light bulbs
    1 user test participant to actually change the lightbulb

    and we could go on like that … 🙂

  3. Two. One to write the up the testing plan and another to assist in the research and writing up the findings. Only to find out that marketing decided they'd rather have a torch.

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