What are the best songs for when you feel lonely?

There are many songs I like to listen to when I feel lonely. I will list few of my favourites for you:

  • Holy Mother-Eric Clapton: Clapton wrote this song when he was under the influence of drug and agony in his personal life was gasping him. The lyrics is very beautiful. A depressed soul is praying to the Holy Mother for the peace of mind
  • The Eagles- Lying Eyes: The Eagles are famous for their evergreen Hotel California but this song indeed is one of their best. If you follow the lyrics carefully you will find that it is a complete poetry. The ambience of the song is really soul touching. Highly recommended from my side. Glenn Frey is a genius!
  • Let it be- The Beatles: “And when the broken hearted people, living in the world agree/ There will be an answer, Let it be.” Don't think this song needs much introduction, very famous song from the fab four. I really listen to this in a loop whenever I feel quite alone:

Thanks for the A2A!

If you like these songs then you can comment below or message me, I would suggest quite a few more of my liking. Cheers!

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  1. ~ Many of the songs may not be the ones you're looking for when you fell lonely but the beat will make you feel good

    Personally at lonely times I highly recommend people to hear Drake(most of the songs) , Taylor swift & Adele because there songs sound emotional; Taylor’s most of the time but artist likes

    Gnash, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Sia, Imagine dragons, Coldplay are also good . Songs which I recommend have high lyrical meaning to it which most of the listeners like

    • Love yourself
    • My side
    • Come and see me
    • Keep the family close
    • i hate u, i love u
    • The outside
    • Cry me a river
    • Say you wont let go
    • Stay
    • Habits
    • Hello
    • Here
    • Gold
    • All by myself
    • The scientist
    • Magic
    • Faded(remix)
    • Cancer(twenty one pilots cover)
    • Don’t leave
    • Same drugs
    • All things lost
    • let it go

    I do recommend to hear the artist I have mentioned above.

  2. Allison Krauss – Tonight I'll be lonely
    Pearl Jam – Last Kiss
    Dave Matthews Band – Satellite
    Bob Marley – No Woman, No Cry
    Radiohead – House of Cards
    Pink Floyd – Momentary Lapse of Reason
    Peter Gabriel – I Grieve
    311 – Amber
    Allison Krauss and Natalie McMaster – Get Me Through December

    What's that?  Cliché?  Yes, it is.

  3. That depends entirely on what your next course of action will be: do you want to

    (a) listen to trigger-lyrics that heighten your loneliness and make you cry? Or

    (b) listen to something uplifting that will give you hope and help you get over it? In case one would choose (a) my suggestions would include:

    In Loving Memory – by Alter Bridge

    Need You Now – by Lady Antebellum

    November Rain – by Guns n Roses

    Save Me – by Queen

    Let me warn you that these songs might make you cry. But sometimes, crying it out will make you feel better. On the other hand, if you just need a dash of hope and optimism:

    Welcome To Wherever You Are – by Bon Jovi

    Firework – by Katy Perry

    Don't You Worry Child – by Swedish House Mafia

    We Are The Champions – by Queen

    Superheroes – by The Script

    Either way, I think powerful music conplemented by the right lyrics resonates deeply with the mind and it is definitely a good resort to ameliorate negative feelings.

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