What do promotions look like at Facebook?

Online promotions are an effective way for our company to achieve different and interesting marketing objectives. For example:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Attract new followers to our social networks
  • Increase fan loyalty
  • Increase the “engagement” of our brand with our fans
  • Promote increased conversions and sales

In this post, we will look at the various considerations we should keep in mind to make our promotions a success.
Creating the promotion
There are basically two ways to create a promotion:

  • Hire a programmer/designer to create the promotion for us. This  option has the advantage of being adaptable to match 100% of our needs.  However, this option also has some major downsides:
  • Increased costs
  • Long implementation time
  • Unproven solutions, error-prone
  • Less features
  • It can’t be adapted to new requirements
  • It can’t be adapted to changes in the social network rules and regulations
  • Use of an external tool. It is true that this type of platform does  not offer solutions for specific needs, but it does have the benefit of  solving the problems outlined above. HiSocial offers a white-label  solution that enables you, at the design-level, to fully tailor the  “look & feel” of the promotions to be consistent with your online  and corporate identity. This is achieved through personalized CSS  access, where you can configure all aspects of the promotions graphics.

Setting targets and time frames
It is important to establish a timetable governing how we will  implement and disseminate our promotion before launching it. Better yet,  the ideal is to design an annual plan that can be rolled out over the  following year and that includes: the types of promotions we are going  to make, what form they are going to take and how they will be  organized. Another post talks about creating a road map for a social media strategy.  I refer you to this post, so that you can see how it can be applied  specifically to online promotions. To summarize the main idea of that  post: you need to set clear goals (you can see more about here)

The scope of the online promotion
We should be clear that, when we talk about online promotions, we  should not restrict ourselves to social media promotions, since we can  use the promotions directly on our own website. There is no doubt that  the social networks are very important, but as I always say, our own  website is equally important if not more so. In fact, the ideal solution  would be cross-platform, and would distribute our promotion through  various channels.

Types of online promotion
There are many types of promotion, but the most common are:
Competitions: A competition is a form of promotion characterized by  the winner being chosen on “merit”. The following link will lay out some  of the things to keep in mind when organizing a competition, how to create an online competition. Alternatively, we also have a guide to creating online contests with HiSocial.
Sweepstakes: In contrast to competitions, in a sweepstake the winner  is chosen randomly. Here at HiSocial, we are currently working on the  sweepstake module, which will be available shortly.
Coupons and offers: This type of promotion is particularly attractive  as it can have a great impact on possible future sales. We must clearly  distinguish between printable coupons (for “physical”shops) and  electronic coupons (for e-commerce). At HiSocial, we offer specific  solutions for each. To learn more about this topic I recommend you read  this post: online coupons.
Digital downloads: Under this heading we include all those promotions  that offer a gift to the user in digital format (white papers,  pictures, wallpapers, songs, demos etc) These promotions, while often  neglected, are very effective. We encourage you to read this instructive  post: virtual gifts.
There should be little need to stress the importance of this issue.  Generally, every country establishes its own set of rules that we must  follow. Obviously, it is impossible to study each piece of existing  legislation in detail here, so we will limit ourselves to giving some  general recommendations, and advise you to consult your lawyer about any  specifics that may be applicable to you:

  • Be transparent: State exactly what you are offering and all the  requirements needed to enter the promotion. For example, if you organize  a contest or sweepstake, lay out in great detail the terms and  conditions.
  • Identify yourself: Provide all the relevant data surrounding your  company, so that users know exactly who is offering the promotion.
  • Personal information: If you collect any personal data during your  promotion, you should be aware that there are many laws that lay out  what standards need to be met. For example, explain what you will do  with the information collected, so users can properly exercise their  rights. This should be set out in a document detailing your companies  online privacy policy.
  • Carry out to the letter everything promised in your promotion,  otherwise the image of your company will be severely tarnished, and  obviously, there could be legal consequences for noncompliance.

Social media rules and regulations
Along with the points made in the previous section, if your promotion  is spread over a range of social networks, you must consider the  different regulations for each of them in turn. In these links you can  find information for some of the most popular networks:
Terms of Service
Policies & Principles
It is outside the scope of this post to go over the specifics of each  network.: We will instead discuss one common mistake on Facebook.  Facebook clearly states that “Promotions on Facebook must be  Administered Within Apps on Facebook.com,  Either on a Canvas Page or a Page App”, which means that we can not  make promotions directly on our Facebook page, but must instead use an  external application. There are many companies around today that  completely ignore this fact, and are in danger of being “banned” from  the network.
Distribution and virality
A promotion that nobody can sees is useless Thats why we must strive  to properly disseminate all of our online promotions. A good idea is to  carry out some kind of advertising campaign to help spread the  promotion. To compliment this, we must ensure that our promotion creates  Virality, as this will greatly contribute to the dissemination. At  HiSocial, we do a lot of work specifically on this issue, as we feel it  is of special importance.

2 Replies to “What do promotions look like at Facebook?”

  1. Wishpond has great social promotion apps for Facebook, and Twitter. We offer social contests, such as vote contests, photo contests, photo caption contests, essay contests, video contests and more.

    Our Social Marketing Suite also lets you easily run sweepstakes, and group coupons. And, according to our customers, we have some of the best analytics of the social promotion apps.  Check us out:  Easy marketing apps

    Here are a few screenshots of what our contests look like on Facebook:

    Vote Contest:

    Photo Contest:

    Video Contest:

  2. There are a variety of promotions that can be run in Facebook.  The most common promotions found on Facebook are sweepstakes where brands are asking users to fill out an entry form for a chance to win.  Your promotion would be as simple as asking a trivia question reaching out to fans in exchange for a like.

    Here's a great example of a Facebook contest built on Strutta.com contest application.  Strutta offers both contests and sweepstakes that allows anyone to easily create an online promotion using their self serve do-it-yourself builder.

    It looks like Kiehl's used Strutta's Pro Contest builder for their promotion.

    Screen shot of tab:

    Once you click on the tab image to enter the contest you are directed to Facebook's canvas page where the application sits.  This is what the contest looks like home page looks like:
    I may be bias but I work for Strutta. Feel free to contact us at 1-877-477-5717 and someone will be happy to help!

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