What is it like to use shoeboxed.com?

I hear that Shoeboxed is a good service. I believe typical turnaround times vary with the plan purchased.

As mentioned above Keebo is a similar service but, I believe, is UK only.

My company Receipt Bank (http://www.receipt-bank.com) also offers this solution.

This type service is very powerful and worth investigating if you are looking for ways to reduce the time spent on data entry and expenses!

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  1. Hi,

    If you mostly process receipt pictures taken by camera phone, it is best to use Shoeboxed or Receipt-Bank, they employ human verificators to retype where OCR failed.

    Datamolino is a new entrant into this market. We approach this from an automation perspective. If you give us electronic PDFs or good quality scans, Datamolino learns the layouts and the next time someone upload a similarly laid out invoice, the processing takes only a moment.

    It works with Xero and Sage One. Go ahead and start a trial at http://www.datamolino.com

    (disclosure: I am one of Datamolino co-founders)

  2. Been using Shoeboxed since I found them at South by Southwest 2009. I was beyond thrilled to find a solution for my business cards after an event.  I used to use Neat Receipts to scan them which would then do to my take  my assistant to correct errors.  So you can imagine when I discovered Shoeboxed I did backflips. Ha.  But really, all I do is after an event stick all my business cards in a blue envelope. Send them to Shoeboxed. They entered them into a really slick Shoeboxed database (it's really freakin cool) and then send the cards back to me in a blue envelope.  And no I don't work for the company at all. The service just solved a huge pain in my business.  🙂

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