What is the best POS system for grocery stores?

In the US, there are three big grocery POS companies. IBM, NCR, and Retalix (update: NCR has since purchased Retalix). They all have strengths: IBM's 4690 platform uses a purpose-built operating system that helps with stability and avoids some security problems. Retalix is hardware agnostic and uses modern APIs and a .NET backend. NCR is generally considered to have the most powerful loyalty platform.

With 55,000 different SKUs in the typical grocery store, complex laws around which products are taxed, which can be discounted, manufacturer's coupons, loyalty card programs, supply chain management, cash management, and the necessity of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…grocery POS tends to be much more complex than any other retail vertical. And, unfortunately, probably too complex for Square on an iPad, Rex Dixon. 🙂

There are a number of less-significant players; these are companies that may have begun in other retail verticals and are gradually adding features required by grocery (loyalty, manufacturers coupons, variable tax rates, HIPAA compliance on pharmacy, limitations on alcohol or tobacco, etc.). Baris Alyanak mentions Microsoft's Retail Management system, while not installed at any Top 100 grocery chains, does have a presence with some niche grocery retailers.

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  1. A grocery store is a retail store that primarily sell food . A grocery is a bulk seller of foods. They offer non-perishable food which are packed in cans , bottle ,and in boxes too .They also selling fresh food product in butchers, delis. Nowadays this type of stores are in supermarkets and ecommerce stores.

    POS system for grocery store

    Most of the super markets and grocery stores use the pos system that make the thair work easier for small and large scale business. The pos system can be used anywhere in the world by using the internet, the pos system helps owner to know the work details check sales numbers, customer analytics, employee time cards, purchase orders, and inventory management from home on your tablet or the computer . Nowadays in big box stores they are started using POS system and in online stores it is very use full for them to get bulk orders for different persons to delivery in a easy way.

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  2. I would say make sure that whatever system you go with make sure that they know and have experience with the grocery industry and managing an extensive inventory with multiple departments: deli, liquor, produce etc.

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