What is the best tool to filter RSS Feeds?

NewsBlur is a RSS feed reader like Google Reader, but it hides stories you don't want to read based on tags, keywords, authors, etc, and highlights stories you want to read, based on the same criteria.

It's a very original take on RSS feed reading. It's also being built by a sole indie developer as open-source software: http://github.com/samuelclay/New… It's also freemium, with premium accounts costing $12/year for unlimited feeds, faster updates, and access to future features like the iPhone app.

NewsBlur is at: http://www.newsblur.com

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  1. Zapier can be a powerful way to filter your RSS feeds since you can add as many filters as you need to get just posts on your favorite topics, by your favorite author, and more. Essentially, you’ll make a new Zap—or a workflow in Zapier—and select the RSS app, then enter your RSS feed. You’ll then add a Filter step, and typically have Zapier watch the title for a keyword (or the author, date, body, or other RSS fields for anything you want). Finally, you’ll add an RSS step to turn the filtered items into a new RSS feed.

    Here’s more detailed steps: How to Filter and Customize RSS Feeds in Zapier.

  2. http://www.Shyftr.com has a powerful filtering tool that lets you filter articles by source, by title, by author or keywords in the story. You can use negative keywords to remove authors and subjects from your stream, or watch a specific topic in detail from multiple sources.

    For example, a combined feed from TechCrunch and Engadget with stories that have Android (operating system) in the title is here: http://www.shyftr.com/f/c5yn5t/

    Similarly, a feed from VentureBeat that only contains items written by an author with the name "Owen" is here: http://www.shyftr.com/f/vlzvfv/

    If there are authors you tire of reading, or topics you want to avoid, Shyftr is very easy to customize.

    The filtering page is here: http://www.shyftr.com/filter/def

  3. SiftRSS is a simple tool I whipped up a while back to do just this.

    You simply enter a link to the RSS feed you want to filter, add the filter, and press “Feed Me!” It’ll give you a link to a new RSS feed which you can subscribe to with your favorite RSS reader. That new feed will contain everything your original feed contained minus the things you chose to filter out.

    In short, here are the pros:

    • Free
    • Simple
    • No Ads
    • No Limitations
    • No Registration
    • Set-and-Forget
    • Use any RSS Reader

    Simplicity—the principle SiftRSS was built around—is currently also its greatest weakness. It’s not as powerful as it could be, but it fits most people’s needs for now.

    UPDATE: SiftRSS now supports regular expressions!

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