What makes a man change?

If it's a Man desiring to change himself:

  1. He needs to renew his thoughts
  2. Read books
  3. Change his routine
  4. Choose the the type of reward that ignites him to keep doing what he does.
  5. Associate with like minded people who inspire him about his passion. So if he is wanting working towards a business then he needs people who are not job mentality but people who believe in him, who inspire him, who support his dream by words, encouragement.
  6. Be bold enough to let anyone else who try to tell him anything else to keep their opinions and their job mentality to themselves. Not everyone is wanting a job. Some have a dream for something else and a positive environment that isn't about "money…money" but more on helping him develop himself to move it with his business is the key. Most of time, if not all time, it's not money he wants but encouragement from his enviroment.

If It's Some Else Trying To Change him.

If you met this man when he was..

  1. Not in a job
  2. He's shy
  3. He's introvert
  4. Or had a passion for something and it's a struggle for him but he's trying to do it
  5. He's this or thatIf the desire for the pleasure is greater than the pain, or the pain is greater than the comfort zone, he will change.

Don't try and change him. Don't put your agenda on him. Find someone else if you want a man who has other qualities.

But also, some consideration that he maybe a man of vision, dream and is working on his what he likes to do while other people try to change him.

It be due to his thoughts, attitude towards life, who he associates with and the people around him inspires rather than keep reminding and nagging him.

It is very frustrating when people try to do that.

It's why people don't ever ask help ever again because when a man asks for help, people seem to think it's their permission to keep nagging him to do it. Not realising he probably is doing it but in his own time and quietly. See comment under this answer for more on this.

People see success differently and it maybe success for him is different to material, riches and jobs but rather achieving something like a business which takes time or learning a skill. Like a legacy.

What won't change him is the ongoing nagging from a woman, man or friends.

That's something most just can't help themselves doing but they'll soon realise, that it's best to leave the man alone to change.

Or encourage him by stop giving snidey comments or encouragements about something else he's not into to fulfill some agenda.

3 Replies to “What makes a man change?”

  1. Love but not in the way she thinks you should

    Marriage again not always in the way one would think

    Birth of children

    War (actualy taking part in combat)

    Near death experience


    Job loss

    Income change

    Age (reduction in testosterone production)

    Major illness

  2. Men marry women, hoping they'll never change…and they always do
    Women marry men, hoping they'll change…and they never do

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