What´s the best feed reader and why?

It's a fast, beautiful and fun way to read news and share with your friends.

Built with a remarkably light, clean and simple design, Feedspot transforms the entire news reading experience.

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  1. Yahoo Pipes.  http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/ Watch a tutorial and you'll be able to do a bunch of clever things; merging feeds is easy. Other features of Pipes let you sort, filter, and so on. 

    Another similar service to check out is Tarpipe. http://tarpipe.com/ They recently added the ability to input RSS feeds.

    You could also try building a custom slashtag on Blekko from your list of sites; each slashtag has its own RSS and that RSS is made up of each site in your slashtag; I'm curious to see if this really merges the complete feeds.  If so it is a nice feature of their search engine.  http://www.blekko.com

  2. I have been researching a visual RSS feed viewer / feeder on the web for  almost a year. Each month I find myself spending several hours Googling  and hope to find something. What I am after is very much like the RSS  screensaver found on Mac OS X installations. Recently I learned there is  a hack to re-enable the RSS screensaver option but this is not the  solution I am after, it is not open enough.

    What  would be best is to have a service that I can have on my large screens  around the house or running full screen in a browser. Think of  businesses and coffee shops. Each article can would get 30 minutes to  display, this could be a variable. I don't want to take time out of my  day to read articles I want them to be presented to me in a random  fashion. All the feeds I follow are important and I wish to end my night  and begin my morning reading various posts from the feeds on follow  around the world.

    I have reviewed a long long list of RSS readers and they are  all basically doing the same thing. I want something different. With  Google Reader going away there is going to be a large space to fill.  Someone in this game will step up. What I am looking for is to expand of  feeds of useful data into a visual presentation.

    List of News Aggregators
    The Ultimate RSS Toolbox – 120+ RSS Resources

    This need and desire is getting so strong I might start developing a solution if nobody has yet.

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