Can defected Cubans enter Cuba as visitors?

For a great deal of cases NO..!!! Defectors such as doctors, sport coaches, Athletes or anybody of 'interest' to the "revolution" will be considered traitors to the cause and not allowed to return. However, some 'celebrities' (for unjust this might be) have been allowed to return (e.g. Manolin 'El medico de la Sala', Issac Delgado y Jose Contreras), but of course no official apology or statement has been made for the treatment and harassment these people and their families suffered. On the other hand, doctors (just a regular doctor) who have defected in countries like Venezuela and Ecuador (cases I know) have to wait 5-10 years for their Cuban passports to be authorized to travel back to Cuba.

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  1. Freedom of expression and human rights are unknown and violated for the government in Cuba. The government can make the decision of not allowing a Cuban Citizen to enter the country at their own discretion. As it happened to me.

    Si te expresas libremente en contra de las arbitrariedades del gobierno, probablemente no te dejen entrar más al país, como en mi caso.

  2. Depends: If they deserted -as the government says- during a work related trip they can only visit Cuba for periods of 28 or so days. If the work trip was a "mission" like for instance Doctors in Venezuela, or Teachers, etc. Then they can be banned for live and can't enter the country anymore.

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